Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 28, Issue 1, 2008. Special issue: Nanosensors


Printed sensors: enabling new applications
Klaus Schroeter (pp. 6-11)
Keywords: Printed circuits, Semiconductor devices, Sensors, Silicon
ArticleType: Research paper
Nanosensors: a review of recent progress
Robert Bogue (pp. 12-17)
Keywords: Carbon, Markets, Materials handling, Sensors
ArticleType: Technical paper
Nanosensor developments in some European universities
Christine Connolly (pp. 18-21)
Keywords: Crystals, Flow measurement, Industrial performance, Optical instruments
ArticleType: Research paper
Accordion fringe interferometry: a revolutionary new digital shape-scanning technology
Richard Bloss (pp. 22-26)
Keywords: Digital circuits, Lasers
ArticleType: Research paper
Laser sensors maximize gains and minimize losses
Walter Pastorius, Mike Snow (pp. 27-32)
Keywords: Data handling, Lasers, Manufacturing systems, Sensors
ArticleType: Research paper
Enhanced fluorescence-based bio-detection through selective integration of reflectors in microfluidic lab-on-a-chip
Arvind Chandrasekaran, Muthukumaran Packirisamy (pp. 33-38)
Keywords: Biotechnology, Fluidics, Reflection
ArticleType: Research paper
New-generation nano-engineered biosensors, enabling nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
Vinod Kumar Khanna (pp. 39-45)
Keywords: Particle size measurement, Sensors
ArticleType: Technical paper
Novel X-ray imaging and segmentation of root structures
David Page, Andreas Koschan, Mongi Abidi, Ron Michaels, Dan McDonald (pp. 46-51)
Keywords: Algorithmic languages, Plants, X-ray apparatus
ArticleType: Research paper
Spectral evaluation of vegetation features using multi-satellite sensor system (Terra ASTER, Landsat ETM+ and IRS 1D LISS III) in man-made and natural landscape
P.K. Joshi, B. Gupta, P.S. Roy (pp. 52-61)
Keywords: Computers, Plants, Satellite, Spectra
ArticleType: Research paper
In-process gap detection in friction stir welding
Paul Fleming, David Lammlein, D. Wilkes, Katherine Fleming, Thomas Bloodworth, George Cook, Al Strauss, David DeLapp, Thomas Lienert, Matthew Bement, Tracie Prater (pp. 62-67)
Keywords: Feedback, Friction welding, Robotics, Spectra
ArticleType: Research paper

Solid state acoustic wave sensors for real-time in-line measurement of oil viscosity
Kerem Durdag (pp. 68-73)
Keywords: Acoustic waves, Oils, Sensors, Viscosity measurement
ArticleType: Research paper



The big benefits of going small
Author: Clive Loughlin



Nanosensors: when can I buy one ?
Author: Neil White



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