Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 32, Issue 1, 2012





Monitoring and predicting natural hazards in the environment
Robert Bogue
Article type: Technical paper

IMTS Highlights How the Quest for Quality Drives Sensing Innovation
Richard Bloss
Article type: General review

A review of in situ methods and sensors for monitoring the marine environment
Graham Andrew Mills, Gary Fones
Article type: General review

DEPLOY: A Long term Deployment of a Water Quality Sensor Monitoring System
Fiona Regan, Antoin Lawlor
Article type: Research paper

Automated Tongue Area Detection for Computer-aided Diagnosis Based on ASM and GA
Zhi Liu, Hongjun Wang, Wei Jiang
Article type: Research paper

Fire detection in coal mines based on semiconductor gas sensors
Peter Reimann, Andreas Schütze
Article type: Research paper

FEM simulation of platinum-based microhotplate using different dielectric membranes for gas sensing applications
Mahanth Prasad
Article type: Research paper

Technological Assessment of High Temperature Sensing Systems under Extreme Environment
Anindya Ghoshal, Dy D. Le, HeungSoo Kim
Article type: Research paper

A low-power integrated electronic nose system
Mercedes Crego-Calama, Sywert Brongersma, Devrez M Karabacak, Mieke Van Bavel
Article type: Research paper





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