Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 22, 8



Date: 15-March 2007


Applications of ultrasound streaming and radiation force in biosensors
Pages 1567-1577
Larisa A. Kuznetsova and W. Terence Coakley
Fabrication of a bio-MEMS based cell-chip for toxicity monitoring
Pages 1586-1592
Sung Keun Yoo, Jin Hyung Lee, Sung-Sik Yun, Man Bock Gu and Jong Hyun Lee
High-sensitivity detection for model organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide with quartz crystal microbalance-precipitation sensor
Pages 1593-1599
Namsoo Kim, In-Seon Park and Dong-Kyung Kim
Electrochemical study of the effect of nano-zinc oxide on microperoxidase and its application to more sensitive hydrogen peroxide biosensor preparation
Pages 1600-1604
Xiaoli Zhu, Ishida Yuri, Xin Gan, Iwao Suzuki and Genxi Li
Amphotericin B channels in phospholipid membrane-coated nanoporous silicon surfaces: Implications for photovoltaic driving of ions across membranes
Pages 1605-1611
Solomon Yilma, Nangou Liu, Alexander Samoylov, Ting Lo, C. Jeffrey Brinker and Vitaly Vodyanoy
Development of amperometric biosensor for glucose based on a novel attractive enzyme immobilization matrix: Calcium carbonate nanoparticles
Pages 1612-1617
Dan Shan, Mingjuan Zhu, Huaiguo Xue and Serge Cosnier
Direct electron transfer and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin adsorbed on mesoporous carbon through layer-by-layer assembly
Pages 1618-1624
Jiu-Ju Feng, Jing-Juan Xu and Hong-Yuan Chen
Minimizing tissue–material interaction in microsensor for subcutaneous glucose monitoring
Pages 1625-1632
Farook Ahmad, Andreas Christenson, Martina Bainbridge, Ahmad Pauzi Mohd Yusof and Sulaiman Ab Ghani
Transient simulation of kinetics of electric-sensitive hydrogels
Pages 1633-1641
Hua Li, Jun Chen and K.Y. Lam
DNA single-base mismatch study with an electrochemical enzymatic genosensor
Pages 1642-1650
Patricia Abad-Valle, M.Teresa Fernández-Abedul and Agustín Costa-García
QCM detection of DNA targets with single-base mutation based on DNA ligase reaction and biocatalyzed deposition amplification
Pages 1651-1657
Kejun Feng, Jishan Li, Jian-Hui Jiang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Effect of oxazaborolidines on immobilized fructosyltransferase analyzed by surface plasmon resonance
Pages 1658-1663
Adel Jabbour, Moshe Shemesh, Morris Srebnik, Batia Zaks and Doron Steinberg
Optical forward-scattering for detection of Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species
Pages 1664-1671
Padmapriya P. Banada, Songling Guo, Bulent Bayraktar, Euiwon Bae, Bartek Rajwa, J. Paul Robinson, E. Daniel Hirleman and Arun K. Bhunia
A biofilm enhanced miniature microbial fuel cell using Shewanella oneidensis DSP10 and oxygen reduction cathodes
Pages 1672-1679
Justin C. Biffinger, Jeremy Pietron, Ricky Ray, Brenda Little and Bradley R. Ringeisen
Simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid and dopamine in the presence of uric acid on ruthenium oxide modified electrode
Pages 1680-1687
Piraman Shakkthivel and Shen-Ming Chen
A novel microfluidic impedance assay for monitoring endothelin-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Pages 1688-1693
Mo Yang, Chee Chew Lim, Ronglih Liao and Xin Zhang
A portable potentiostat for the bilirubin-specific sensor prepared from molecular imprinting
Pages 1694-1699
Chun-Yueh Huang, Mei-Jywan Syu, Yong-Shuen Chang, Chih-Hung Chang, Tse-Chuan Chou and Bin-Da Liu
Layer-by-layer hydroxymethyl ferrocene modified sensor for one-step flow/stop-flow injection amperometric immunoassay of α-fetoprotein
Pages 1700-1706
Zong Dai, Simona Serban, Huangxian Ju and Nabil El Murr
Electrochemical biosensing of pesticide residues based on affinity biocomposite platforms
Pages 1707-1715
E. Zacco, R. Galve, M.P. Marco, S. Alegret and M.I. Pividori
Electrochemical impedance detection of DNA hybridization based on dendrimer modified electrode
Pages 1716-1722
Aixue Li, Fan Yang, Ying Ma and Xiurong Yang
Self-assembled monolayers of polythiophene conductive polymers improve biocompatibility and electrical impedance of neural electrodes
Pages 1723-1732
Alik S. Widge, Malika Jeffries-El, Xinyan Cui, Carl F. Lagenaur and Yoky Matsuoka
Laccase immobilization in redox active layered double hydroxides: A reagentless amperometric biosensor
Pages 1733-1738
Christine Mousty, Laetitia Vieille and Serge Cosnier
Integrated reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction systems for virus detection
Pages 1739-1748
Kang-Yi Lien, Wan-Chi Lee, Huan-Yao Lei and Gwo-Bin Lee
Electrochemical biosensing utilizing synergic action of carbon nanotubes and platinum nanowires prepared by template synthesis
Pages 1749-1755
Fengli Qu, Minghui Yang, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
A recombinant Fab fragment-based electrochemical immunosensor for the determination of testosterone in bovine urine
Pages 1756-1763
Huihui Lu, Mark P. Kreuzer, Kristiina Takkinen and George G. Guilbault
Micro hole-based cell chip with impedance spectroscopy
Pages 1764-1768
Sungbo Cho and Hagen Thielecke
Prospects for applications of lanthanide-based upconverting surfaces to bioassay and detection
Pages 1769-1775
C.G. Morgan and A.C. Mitchell
Reagentless biosensor for hydrogen peroxide based on immobilization of protein in zirconia nanoparticles enhanced grafted collagen matrix
Pages 1776-1782
Shuizhen Zong, Yong Cao, Yuming Zhou and Huangxian Ju
Flexible polyimide microelectrode array for in vivo recordings and current source density analysis
Pages 1783-1790
Karen C. Cheung, Philippe Renaud, Heikki Tanila and Kaj Djupsund
Development and analytical application of an uric acid biosensor using an uricase-immobilized eggshell membrane
Pages 1791-1797
Yan Zhang, Guangming Wen, Yehong Zhou, Shaomin Shuang, Chuan Dong and Martin M.F. Choi
Esterase 2-oligodeoxynucleotide conjugates as sensitive reporter for electrochemical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Pages 1798-1806
Yiran Wang, Manfred Stanzel, Walter Gumbrecht, Martin Humenik and Mathias Sprinzl
A third-generation H2O2 biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase-labeled Au nanoparticles self-assembled to hollow porous polymeric nanopheres
Pages 1807-1810
Shiyi Xu, Bo Peng and Xiaozu Han
Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of horseradish peroxidase immobilized in sol–gel-derived ceramic–carbon nanotube nanocomposite film
Pages 1811-1815
Hongjun Chen and Shaojun Dong
Detection of single-base mismatch at distal end of DNA duplex by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 1816-1819
Toshiyuki Ito, Kazuo Hosokawa and Mizuo Maeda
The use of single walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in a chitosan matrix for preparation of a galactose biosensor
Pages 1820-1824
Jan Tkac, James W. Whittaker and Tautgirdas Ruzgas
Electrochemical studies on horseradish peroxidase covalently coupled with redox dyes
Pages 1825-1829
B.S.B. Salomi and Chanchal K. Mitra
Highly sensitive gold nanoparticles biosensor chips modified with a self-assembled bilayer for detection of Con A
Pages 1830-1834
Caixin Guo, Paul Boullanger, Long Jiang and Tao Liu
A highly sensitive system for urea detection by using CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots
Pages 1835-1838
Chin-Ping Huang, Yaw-Kuen Li and Teng-Ming Chen







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