Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 22, 9-10



Selected Papers from the 9th World Congress on Biosensors, Toronto, Canada 10 - 12 May 2006, Alice X. J . Tang
Edited by G. M. Rosen and B. C. Frueh


Date: 15 April 2007


Integrated nanoparticle–biomolecule systems for biosensing and bioelectronics
Pages 1841-1852
Itamar Willner, Ronan Baron and Bilha Willner
CombiMatrix oligonucleotide arrays: Genotyping and gene expression assays employing electrochemical detection
Pages 1853-1860
Andrey L. Ghindilis, Maria W. Smith, Kevin R. Schwarzkopf, Kristian M. Roth, Kia Peyvan, Sandra B. Munro, Michael J. Lodes, Axel G. Stöver, Karen Bernards, Kilian Dill, et al.
Entrapment of horseradish peroxidase in sugar-modified silica monoliths: Toward the development of a biocatalytic sensor
Pages 1861-1867
Tsai-Yin Lin, Chien-Hou Wu and John D. Brennan
Label-free detection of DNA hybridization based on a novel functionalized conducting polymer
Pages 1868-1873
Hui Peng, Christian Soeller, Nicholas A. Vigar, Vittorio Caprio and Jadranka Travas-Sejdic
Signal enhancement of surface plasmon resonance immunoassay using enzyme precipitation-functionalized gold nanoparticles: A femto molar level measurement of anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody
Pages 1874-1880
Cuong Cao and Sang Jun Sim
2D aggregation and selective desorption of nanoparticle probes: A new method to probe DNA mismatches and damages
Pages 1881-1886
Anne Charrier, Nadine Candoni, Natalia Liachenko and Franck Thibaudau
SECM visualization of spatial variability of enzyme–polymer spots: 1. Discretisation and interference elimination using artificial neural networks
Pages 1887-1895
Dominik Schäfer, Monika Maciejewska and Wolfgang Schuhmann
Adhesion of eukaryotic cell lines on the gold surface modified with extracellular matrix proteins monitored by the piezoelectric sensor
Pages 1896-1901
Zdenka Fohlerová, Petr Skládal and Jaroslav Turánek
A disposable on-chip phosphate sensor with planar cobalt microelectrodes on polymer substrate
Pages 1902-1907
Zhiwei Zou, Jungyoup Han, Am Jang, Paul L. Bishop and Chong H. Ahn
Spreeta-based biosensor assays for endocrine disruptors
Pages 1908-1915
G.R. Marchesini, K. Koopal, E. Meulenberg, W. Haasnoot and H. Irth
Rapid direct determination using combined separation by prepared immunomagnetic and flow cytometry of Flavobacterium psychrophilum
Pages 1916-1919
Kyoko Hibi, Kohji Mitsubayashi, Hideo Fukuda, Hideki Ushio, Tetsuhito Hayashi, Huifeng Ren and Hideaki Endo
Development of a self-sterilizing lancet coated with a titanium dioxide photocatalytic nano-layer for self-monitoring of blood glucose
Pages 1920-1925
Hideaki Nakamura, Masanori Tanaka, Shouji Shinohara, Masao Gotoh and Isao Karube
A DNA biosensor based on peptide nucleic acids on gold surfaces
Pages 1926-1932
E. Mateo-Martí, C. Briones, C.M. Pradier and J.A. Martín-Gago
Novel fluorescent sensing system for α-fructosyl amino acids based on engineered fructosyl amino acid binding protein
Pages 1933-1938
Akane Sakaguchi, Stefano Ferri, Wakako Tsugawa and Koji Sode
Computational selection of nucleic acid biosensors via a slip structure model
Pages 1939-1947
Bradley Hall, Jay R. Hesselberth and Andrew D. Ellington
Virtual imprinting as a tool to design efficient MIPs for photosynthesis-inhibiting herbicides
Pages 1948-1954
Florent Breton, Regis Rouillon, Elena V. Piletska, Kal Karim, Antonio Guerreiro, Iva Chianella and Sergey A. Piletsky
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for study of amyloid β-peptide interactions with (−) nicotine ditartrate and (−) cotinine
Pages 1955-1960
Iwona Szymańska, Hanna Radecka, Jerzy Radecki and Roman Kaliszan
Electrochemical genosensors for biomedical applications based on gold nanoparticles
Pages 1961-1967
M.T. Castañeda, A. Merkoçi, M. Pumera and S. Alegret
Flexible manipulation of microfluids using optically regulated adsorption/desorption of hydrophobic materials
Pages 1968-1973
Hidenori Nagai, Takashi Irie, Junko Takahashi and Shin-ichi Wakida
DNA detection system using molecularly imprinted polymer as the gel matrix in electrophoresis
Pages 1974-1981
Masayo Ogiso, Norihiko Minoura, Toshio Shinbo and Toshimi Shimizu
Bioluminescence-based bioassays for rapid detection of nisin in food
Pages 1982-1987
Nina Immonen and Matti Karp
A biomolecule friendly photolithographic process for fabrication of protein microarrays on polymeric films coated on silicon chips
Pages 1994-2002
Panagiota S. Petrou, Margarita Chatzichristidi, Antonios M. Douvas, Panagiotis Argitis, Konstantinos Misiakos and Sotirios E. Kakabakos
Investigation of biotin–streptavidin binding interactions using microcantilever sensors
Pages 2003-2009
Wenmiao Shu, Ernest D. Laue and Ashwin A. Seshia
In situ DNA amplification with magnetic primers for the electrochemical detection of food pathogens
Pages 2010-2017
A. Lermo, S. Campoy, J. Barbé, S. Hernández, S. Alegret and M.I. Pividori
Microbial imprinted polypyrrole/poly(3-methylthiophene) composite films for the detection of Bacillus endospores
Pages 2018-2024
Azadeh Namvar and Keith Warriner
Detection and modelling of DNA hybridization by EIS measurements: Mention of a polythiophene matrix suitable for electrochemically controlled gene delivery
Pages 2025-2031
Christelle Gautier, Charles Cougnon, Jean-François Pilard, Nathalie Casse, Benoît Chénais and Marc Laulier
Toward continuous glucose monitoring with planar modified biosensors and microdialysis: Study of temperature, oxygen dependence and in vivo experiment
Pages 2032-2039
Francesco Ricci, Felice Caprio, Alessandro Poscia, Francesco Valgimigli, Dimitri Messeri, Elena Lepori, Giorgio Dall’Oglio, Giuseppe Palleschi and Danila Moscone
Rapid method for detection of Salmonella in milk by surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
Pages 2040-2046
Saikat Datta Mazumdar, Markus Hartmann, Peter Kämpfer and Michael Keusgen
Electrochemical detection of HbA1c, a maker for diabetes, using a flow immunoassay system
Pages 2051-2056
Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Shoko Tsukube, Kojiro Izawa, Mina Okochi, Tae-Kyu Lim, Shugo Watanabe, Manabu Harada and Tadashi Matsunaga
Voltammetric behaviour of DNA bases at a screen-printed carbon electrode and its application to a simple and rapid voltammetric method for the determination of oxidative damage in double stranded DNA
Pages 2057-2064
Kevin C. Honeychurch, Michael R. O’Donovan and John P. Hart
Towards the silicon nanowire-based sensor for intracellular biochemical detection
Pages 2065-2070
Inkyu Park, Zhiyong Li, Xuema Li, Albert P. Pisano and R. Stanley Williams
Design and development of a highly stable hydrogen peroxide biosensor on screen printed carbon electrode based on horseradish peroxidase bound with gold nanoparticles in the matrix of chitosan
Pages 2071-2078
Tanin Tangkuaram, Chatchai Ponchio, Thippayawadee Kangkasomboon, Panadda Katikawong and Waret Veerasai
Development of a micro-planar amperometric bile acid biosensor for urinalysis
Pages 2079-2085
S. Koide, N. Ito and I. Karube
DNA microarrays on silicon nanostructures: Optimization of the multilayer stack for fluorescence detection
Pages 2086-2092
C. Oillic, P. Mur, E. Blanquet, G. Delapierre, F. Vinet and T. Billon
Field-effect sensors with charged macromolecules: Characterisation by capacitance–voltage, constant-capacitance, impedance spectroscopy and atomic-force microscopy methods
Pages 2100-2107
A. Poghossian, M.H. Abouzar, F. Amberger, D. Mayer, Y. Han, S. Ingebrandt, A. Offenhäusser and M.J. Schöning
A fully electronic sensor for the measurement of cDNA hybridization kinetics
Pages 2108-2114
L. Bandiera, G. Cellere, S. Cagnin, A. De Toni, E. Zanoni, G. Lanfranchi and L. Lorenzelli
High efficiency Hall effect micro-biosensor platform for detection of magnetically labeled biomolecules
Pages 2115-2120
Adarsh Sandhu, Yoshimichi Kumagai, Adam Lapicki, Satoshi Sakamoto, Masanori Abe and Hiroshi Handa
A hydroquinone biosensor using modified core–shell magnetic nanoparticles supported on carbon paste electrode
Pages 2121-2126
Yi Zhang, Guang-Ming Zeng, Lin Tang, Dan-Lian Huang, Xiao-Yun Jiang and Yao-Ning Chen
Uncoated quartz resonator as a universal biosensor
Pages 2127-2131
T. Yakhno, A. Sanin, A. Pelyushenko, V. Kazakov, O. Shaposhnikova, A. Chernov, V. Yakhno, C. Vacca, F. Falcione and B. Johnson
DNA microdevice for electrochemical detection of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 molecular markers
Pages 2132-2137
J. Berganza, G. Olabarria, R. García, D. Verdoy, A. Rebollo and S. Arana
Ultrasensitive detection of cortisol with enzyme fragment complementation technology using functionalized nanowire
Pages 2138-2144
Arun Kumar, Shyam Aravamudhan, Milorad Gordic, Shekhar Bhansali and Shyam S. Mohapatra
A Love wave immunosensor for whole E. coli bacteria detection using an innovative two-step immobilisation approach
Pages 2145-2150
Nicolas Moll, Emilie Pascal, Duy Haï Dinh, Jean-Paul Pillot, Bernard Bennetau, Dominique Rebière, Daniel Moynet, Yan Mas, Djavad Mossalayi, Jacques Pistré, et al.
Improvement of yeast biochip sensitivity using multilayer inorganic sol–gel substrates
Pages 2151-2157
B. Fouqué, A.G. Brachet, S. Gétin, P. Pégon, P. Obeïd, G. Delapierre and F. Chatelain
Preserved enzymatic activity of glucose oxidase immobilized on unmodified electrodes for glucose detection
Pages 2158-2164
Gang Wang, Ngee Mei Thai and Siu-Tung Yau
Novel voltammetric biosensor for determining acrylamide in food samples
Pages 2165-2170
Agata Stobiecka, Hanna Radecka and Jerzy Radecki
Potentiometric bioelectronic tongue for the analysis of urea and alkaline ions in clinical samples
Pages 2171-2178
Manuel Gutiérrez, Salvador Alegret and Manel del Valle
Sum-frequency generation spectroscopy of DNA monolayers
Pages 2179-2183
Yannick Sartenaer, Gérard Tourillon, Laurent Dreesen, Dan Lis, Alaa A. Mani, Paul A. Thiry and André Peremans
Electrochemical magneto immunosensing of antibiotic residues in milk
Pages 2184-2191
E. Zacco, J. Adrian, R. Galve, M.-P. Marco, S. Alegret and M.I. Pividori
Convective flow effects on DNA biosensors
Pages 2192-2198
J. Bishop, S. Blair and A. Chagovetz
Electrical detection of DNA hybridization: Three extraction techniques based on interdigitated Al/Al2O3 capacitors
Pages 2199-2207
L. Moreno-Hagelsieb, B. Foultier, G. Laurent, R. Pampin, J. Remacle, J.-P. Raskin and D. Flandre
Compact, high performance surface plasmon resonance imaging system
Pages 2208-2215
Timothy M. Chinowsky, Michael S. Grow, Kyle S. Johnston, Kjell Nelson, Thayne Edwards, Elain Fu and Paul Yager
Latex immunoagglutination assay for a vasculitis marker in a microfluidic device using static light scattering detection
Pages 2216-2222
Lonnie J. Lucas, Jin-Hee Han, Jennine Chesler and Jeong-Yeol Yoon
An oxidative stress-specific bacterial cell array chip for toxicity analysis
Pages 2223-2229
Jin Hyung Lee, Chul Hee Youn, Byoung Chan Kim and Man Bock Gu
Electrogenerated indium tin oxide-coated glass surface with photosensitive interfaces: Surface analysis
Pages 2230-2236
Tania Konry, Mounir Bouhifd, Serge Cosnier, Maurice Whelan, Andrea Valsesia, Francois Rossi and Robert S. Marks
Electrochemical DNA hybridization detection using peptide nucleic acids and [Ru(NH3)6]3+ on gold electrodes
Pages 2237-2243
M. Steichen, Y. Decrem, E. Godfroid and C. Buess-Herman
Analysis of cholinesterase binding to a carnitine-modified EQCM sensor
Pages 2244-2249
Jiri Zeravik, Carsten Teller and Frieder W. Scheller
A novel wireless glucose sensor employing direct electron transfer principle based enzyme fuel cell
Pages 2250-2255
Noriko Kakehi, Tomohiko Yamazaki, Wakako Tsugawa and Koji Sode
Real time monitoring of the effects of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan (HSPG) and surface charge on the cell adhesion process using thickness shear mode (TSM) sensor
Pages 2256-2260
E. Ergezen, S. Hong, K.A. Barbee and R. Lec
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Amplification of fluorescence with packed beads to enhance the sensitivity of miniaturized detection in microfluidic chip
Pages 2261-2267
Kyeong-Sik Shin, Sung Woo Lee, Ki-Cheol Han, Sang Kyung Kim, Eun Kyung Yang, Jung Ho Park, Byeong-Kwon Ju, Ji Yoon Kang and Tae Song Kim
Portable 24-analyte surface plasmon resonance instruments for rapid, versatile biodetection
Pages 2268-2275
Timothy M. Chinowsky, Scott D. Soelberg, Paul Baker, Nathaneal R. Swanson, Peter Kauffman, Anthony Mactutis, Michael S. Grow, Robert Atmar, Sinclair S. Yee and Clement E. Furlong
Determination of microsatellite repeats in the human thyroid peroxidase (TPOX) gene using an automated gene analysis system with nanoscale engineered biomagnetite
Pages 2276-2281
Takahito Nakagawa, Kohei Maruyama, Haruko Takeyama and Tadashi Matsunaga
Detection of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using a fully automated system with a nano-scale engineered biomagnetite
Pages 2282-2288
Kohei Maruyama, Haruko Takeyama, Tetsushi Mori, Keiichi Ohshima, Shun-Ichiro Ogura, Toru Mochizuki and Tadashi Matsunaga
Sensitive estimation of total cholesterol in blood using Au nanowires based micro-fluidic platform
Pages 2289-2294
Shyam Aravamudhan, Arun Kumar, Shyam Mohapatra and Shekhar Bhansali
Development of a TIRF-based biosensor for sensitive detection of progesterone in bovine milk
Pages 2295-2300
Nina D. Käppel, Florian Pröll and Guenter Gauglitz
Analysis of recombinant protein expression using localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR)
Pages 2301-2307
Yong-Beom Shin, Jeong-Min Lee, Mi-Ra Park, Min-Gon Kim, Bong Hyun Chung, Hyeon-Bong Pyo and Sunglyul Maeng
Enzymatic nanolithography of FRET peptide layer using V8 protease-immobilized AFM probe
Pages 2308-2314
Chikashi Nakamura, Chie Miyamoto, Ikuo Obataya, Seiji Takeda, Masayuki Yabuta and Jun Miyake
High-throughput SNP detection using nano-scale engineered biomagnetite
Pages 2315-2321
Tadashi Matsunaga, Kohei Maruyama, Haruko Takeyama and Takahiko Katoh
Surface imprinted beads for the recognition of human serum albumin
Pages 2322-2328
Francesca Bonini, Sergey Piletsky, Anthony P.F. Turner, Adolfo Speghini and Alessandra Bossi
Nanowire labeled direct-charge transfer biosensor for detecting Bacillus species
Pages 2329-2336
Sudeshna Pal, Evangelyn C. Alocilja and Frances P. Downes
Detection of Rev peptides with impedance-sensors — Comparison of device-geometries
Pages 2337-2340
U. Schlecht, A. Malavé, T.M.A. Gronewold, M. Tewes and M. Löhndorf
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Surface modified amorphous ribbon based magnetoimpedance biosensor
Pages 2341-2345
Galina V. Kurlyandskaya and Vanessa Fal Miyar
Culturing neuron cells on electrode with self-assembly monolayer
Pages 2346-2350
Olena Palyvoda, Chung-Chu Chen and Gregory W. Auner
Nanocrystalline silicon-based oligonucleotide chips
Pages 2351-2355
Z.Q. Zhu, B. Zhu, J. Zhang, J.Z. Zhu and C.H. Fan
Manipulation of living cells by using PC-controlled micro-pattern projection system
Pages 2356-2359
Kimio Sumaru, Jun-ichi Edahiro, Yuki Ooshima, Toshiyuki Kanamori and Toshio Shinbo
Analysis of proteolytic degradation of a crude protein mixture using a surface acoustic wave sensor
Pages 2360-2365
T.M.A. Gronewold, U. Schlecht and E. Quandt
An integrated and sensitive detection platform for magneto-resistive biosensors
Pages 2366-2370
B.M. de Boer, J.A.H.M. Kahlman, T.P.G.H. Jansen, H. Duric and J. Veen
Detection of SEB gene by bilayer lipid membranes nucleic acid biosensor supported by modified patch-clamp pipette electrode
Pages 2371-2376
Nan Liu, Zhixian Gao, HuanYing Zhou and Mingxiang Yue
Label-free immunosensor for prostate-specific antigen based on single-walled carbon nanotube array-modified microelectrodes
Pages 2377-2381
Jun Okuno, Kenzo Maehashi, Kagan Kerman, Yuzuru Takamura, Kazuhiko Matsumoto and Eiichi Tamiya
Profiling of molecular interactions in real time using acoustic detection
Pages 2382-2386
Benjamin Godber, Mark Frogley, Marian Rehak, Alexander Sleptsov, Kevin S.J. Thompson, Yildiz Uludag and Matthew A. Cooper







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