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Date: 15 July 2009


1. IFC Editorial Board
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Review Papers
2. Aptasensors for detection of microbial and viral pathogens
Pages 3175-3182
Edith Torres-Chavolla, Evangelyn C. Alocilja
3. The physicochemical aspects of DNA sensing using electrochemical methods
Pages 3183-3190
Christopher Batchelor-McAuley, Gregory G. Wildgoose, Richard G. Compton
4. Nanostructured materials for electrochemiluminescence (ECL)-based detection methods: Recent advances and future perspectives
Pages 3191-3200
Paolo Bertoncello, Robert J. Forster
Regular Papers
5. A label-free strategy for SNP detection with high fidelity and sensitivity based on ligation-rolling circle amplification and intercalating of methylene blue
Pages 3201-3207
Songbai Zhang, Zaisheng Wu, Guoli Shen, Ruqin Yu
6. Integrating microfluidics and lensless imaging for point-of-care testing
Pages 3208-3214
SangJun Moon, Hasan Onur Keles, Aydogan Ozcan, Ali Khademhosseini, Edward Hæggstrom, Daniel Kuritzkes, Utkan Demirci
7. Macroporous silicon based simple and efficient trapping platform for electrical detection of Salmonella typhimurium pathogens
Pages 3215-3222
R. Dev Das, C. RoyChaudhuri, S. Maji, S. Das, H. Saha
8. Construction of DNA sandwich electrochemical biosensor with nanoPbS and nanoAu tags on magnetic microbeads
Pages 3223-3228
Ping Du, Hongxia Li, Wei Cao
9. Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging of nano-engineered glucose sensor microcapsules based on glucose/galactose-binding protein
Pages 3229-3234
Tania Saxl, Faaizah Khan, Daniel R. Matthews, Zheng-Liang Zhi, Olaf Rolinski, Simon Ameer-Beg, John Pickup
10. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes with immobilised cobalt nanoparticle for modification of glassy carbon electrode: Application to sensitive voltammetric determination of thioridazine
Pages 3235-3241
Saeed Shahrokhian, Masoumeh Ghalkhani, Mohsen Adeli, Mohammad Kazem Amini
11. Construction of Au nanoparticles on choline chloride modified glassy carbon electrode for sensitive detection of nitrite
Pages 3242-3247
Po Wang, Zhibin Mai, Zong Dai, Yongxin Li, Xiaoyong Zou
12. Oligopeptide-modified silicon nanowire arrays as multichannel metal ion sensors
Pages 3248-3251
Xinyan Bi, Ajay Agarwal, Kun-Lin Yang
13. Implantable diagnostic device for cancer monitoring
Pages 3252-3257
Karen D. Daniel, Grace Y. Kim, Christophoros C. Vassiliou, Marilyn Galindo, Alexander R. Guimaraes, Ralph Weissleder, Al Charest, Robert Langer, Michael J. Cima
14. Ultrasensitive Qβ phage analysis using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy on an optofluidic chip
Pages 3258-3263
M.I. Rudenko, S. Kühn, E.J. Lunt, D.W. Deamer, A.R. Hawkins, H. Schmidt
15. Pt nanoparticle-based highly sensitive platform for the enzyme-free amperometric sensing of H2O2
Pages 3264-3268
Sudip Chakraborty, C. Retna Raj
16. An aptamer-based electrochemiluminescent biosensor for ATP detection
Pages 3269-3274
Wu Yao, Lun Wang, Haiyan Wang, Xiaolei Zhang, Ling Li
17. Potentiometric monitoring DNA hybridization
Pages 3275-3280
Y. Zhou, B. Yu, A. Guiseppi-Elie, V. Sergeyev, K. Levon
18. Dendrimers-based DNA biosensors for highly sensitive electrochemical detection of DNA hybridization using reporter probe DNA modified with Au nanoparticles
Pages 3281-3287
Guangjiu Li, Xiaolin Li, Jun Wan, Shusheng Zhang
19. A solid-state electrochemiluminescence biosensing switch for detection of thrombin based on ferrocene-labeled molecular beacon aptamer
Pages 3288-3292
Xiaoying Wang, Ping Dong, Wen Yun, Ying Xu, Pingang He, Yuzhi Fang
20. Conjugated polymer as a signal amplifier for novel silica nanoparticle-based fluoroimmunoassay
Pages 3293-3298
Yanyan Wang, Bin Liu
21. Semi-automated bacterial spore detection system with micro-fluidic chips for aerosol collection, spore treatment and ICAN DNA detection
Pages 3299-3305
Hisao Inami, Kouichiro Tsuge, Mitsuhiro Matsuzawa, Yasuhiko Sasaki, Shigenori Togashi, Asuka Komano, Yasuo Seto
22. A novel mutant allele specific amplification and electrochemiluminescence method for the detection of point mutation in clinical samples
Pages 3306-3310
Debin Zhu, Da Xing, Yabing Tang, Lan Zhang
23. Multi-functional crosslinked Au nanoaggregates for the amplified optical DNA detection
Pages 3311-3315
Jiang Li, Shiping Song, Di Li, Yan Su, Qing Huang, Yun Zhao, Chunhai Fan
24. A fluorescent sensor array based on ion imprinted mesoporous silica
Pages 3316-3321
Jin Tan, He-Fang Wang, Xiu-Ping Yan
25. Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of opiates in extract of poppy head via FTIR and chemometrics: Towards in-field sensors
Pages 3322-3328
Nicholas W. Turner, Michael Cauchi, Elena. V. Piletska, Christopher Preston, Sergey A. Piletsky
26. Nonenzymatic glucose sensor based on renewable electrospun Ni nanoparticle-loaded carbon nanofiber paste electrode
Pages 3329-3334
Yang Liu, Hong Teng, Haoqing Hou, Tianyan You
27. Microarray-based Raman spectroscopic assay for kinase inhibition by gold nanoparticle probes
Pages 3335-3339
Tao Li, Dianjun Liu, Zhenxin Wang
28. Waveguide interrogated optical immunosensor (WIOS) for detection of sulfonamide antibiotics in milk
Pages 3340-3346
Javier Adrian, Stéphanie Pasche, Jean-Marc Diserens, Francisco Sánchez-Baeza, Hui Gao, M.-Pilar Marco, Guy Voirin
29. An electrochemical sensing strategy for ultrasensitive detection of glutathione by using two gold electrodes and two complementary oligonucleotides
Pages 3347-3351
Peng Miao, Lei Liu, Yongjun Nie, Genxi Li
30. Enhanced electrochemiluminescence of CdSe quantum dots composited with CNTs and PDDA for sensitive immunoassay
Pages 3352-3358
Guifen Jie, Lingling Li, Chao Chen, Jie Xuan, Jun-Jie Zhu
31. Real-time label-free detection of complement activation products in human serum by white light reflectance spectroscopy
Pages 3359-3364
Panagiota S. Petrou, Daniel Ricklin, Maria Zavali, Ioannis Raptis, Sotirios E. Kakabakos, Konstantinos Misiakos, John D. Lambris
32. Gold screen-printed-based impedimetric immunobiosensors for direct and sensitive Escherichia coli quantisation
Pages 3365-3371
Vanessa Escamilla-Gómez, Susana Campuzano, María Pedrero, José M. Pingarrón
33. Enhancement of sensitivity and specificity by surface modification of carbon nanotubes in diagnosis of prostate cancer based on carbon nanotube field effect transistors
Pages 3372-3378
Jun Pyo Kim, Byung Yang Lee, Joohyung Lee, Seunghun Hong, Sang Jun Sim
Short Communications
34. Selective calcium ion detection with functionalized ZnO nanorods-extended gate MOSFET
Pages 3379-3382
M.H. Asif, O. Nur, M. Willander, B. Danielsson
35. Detection of bacterial 16S rRNA using multivalent dendrimer-reporter enzyme conjugates
Pages 3383-3386
Christopher Pöhlmann, Martin Humenik, Mathias Sprinzl
36. On the applicability of high frequency acoustic shear mode biosensing in view of thickness limitations set by the film resonance
Pages 3387-3390
G. Wingqvist, H. Anderson, C. Lennartsson, T. Weissbach, V. Yantchev, A. Lloyd Spetz
37. Ultrasensitive electrochemical sensing of the anticancer drug tirapazamine using an ordered mesoporous carbon modified pyrolytic graphite electrode
Pages 3391-3394
Guangzhi Hu, Yong Guo, Shijun Shao
38. Fixure-reduce method for the synthesis of Cu2O/MWCNTs nanocomposites and its application as enzyme-free glucose sensor
Pages 3395-3398
Xiaojun Zhang, Guangfeng Wang, Wei Zhang, Yan Wei, Bin Fang
39. Editorial Board
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