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Selected Papers from the Tenth World Congress on Biosensors Shangai, China, May 14-16, 2008


Date: 1 January 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Biosensors 2008: The 10th World Congress on Biosensors
Pages 1065-1066
Anthony P.F. Turner
Review Papers
3. Optimizing the cationic conjugated polymer-sensitized fluorescent signal of dye labeled oligonucleotide for biosensor applications
Pages 1067-1073
Kan-Yi Pu, Bin Liu
4. Some thoughts on the existence of ion and water channels in highly dense and well-ordered CH3-terminated alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on gold
Pages 1074-1082
Jianyuan Dai, Zhiguo Li, Jing Jin, Yanqing Shi, Jiongjia Cheng, Jing Kong, Shuping Bi
5. The evolution of commercialized glucose sensors in China
Pages 1083-1089
Jamie Hu
Regular Papers
6. Labeless AC impedimetric antibody-based sensors with pg ml−1 sensitivities for point-of-care biomedical applications
Pages 1090-1095
Andrew C. Barton, Stuart D. Collyer, Frank Davis, Goulielmos-Zois Garifallou, Georgios Tsekenis, Elizabeth Tully, Richard O’Kennedy, Tim Gibson, Paul A. Millner, Séamus P.J. Higson
7. Extended-gate FET-based enzyme sensor with ferrocenyl-alkanethiol modified gold sensing electrode
Pages 1096-1102
Yu Ishige, Maki Shimoda, Masao Kamahori
8. Automated resolution of dichlorvos and methylparaoxon pesticide mixtures employing a Flow Injection system with an inhibition electronic tongue
Pages 1103-1108
G. Valdés-Ramírez, M. Gutiérrez, M. del Valle, M.T. Ramírez-Silva, D. Fournier, J.-L. Marty
9. Attomolar protein detection in complex sample matrices with semi-homogeneous fluidic force discrimination assays
Pages 1109-1115
S.P. Mulvaney, K.M. Myers, P.E. Sheehan, L.J. Whitman
10. Selection of DNA aptamers against insulin and construction of an aptameric enzyme subunit for insulin sensing
Pages 1116-1120
Wataru Yoshida, Eriko Mochizuki, Madoka Takase, Hijiri Hasegawa, Yo Morita, Hiroki Yamazaki, Koji Sode, Kazunori Ikebukuro
11. Revisited BIA-MS combination: Entire “on-a-chip” processing leading to the proteins identification at low femtomole to sub-femtomole levels
Pages 1121-1127
W. Boireau, A. Rouleau, G. Lucchi, P. Ducoroy
12. Adamantane/β-cyclodextrin affinity biosensors based on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 1128-1134
Michael Holzinger, Laurent Bouffier, Reynaldo Villalonga, Serge Cosnier
13. Thermoresponsive protein adsorption of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-modified streptavidin on polydimethylsiloxane microchannel surfaces
Pages 1135-1140
Shinji Sugiura, Wataru Imano, Toshiyuki Takagi, Kiyotaka Sakai, Toshiyuki Kanamori
14. A novel hydrogen peroxide sensor based on the direct electron transfer of horseradish peroxidase immobilized on silica–hydroxyapatite hybrid film
Pages 1141-1145
Bin Wang, Jing-Jing Zhang, Zhuang-Ying Pan, Xu-Quan Tao, Huai-Sheng Wang
15. “Macromolecules to PDMS transfer” as a general route for PDMS biochips
Pages 1146-1152
Kevin A. Heyries, Céline A. Mandon, Laura Ceriotti, Jessica Ponti, Pascal Colpo, Loïc J. Blum, Christophe A. Marquette
16. An impedimetric biosensor based on PC 12 cells for the monitoring of exogenous agents
Pages 1153-1158
Gymama E. Slaughter, Rosalyn Hobson
17. Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on direct electrochemistry of soybean peroxidase immobilized on single-walled carbon nanohorn modified electrode
Pages 1159-1163
Lihong Shi, Xiaoqing Liu, Wenxin Niu, Haijuan Li, Shuang Han, Jiuan Chen, Guobao Xu
18. Direct comparison of fluorescence- and bioluminescence-based resonance energy transfer methods for real-time monitoring of thrombin-catalysed proteolytic cleavage
Pages 1164-1170
H. Dacres, M.M. Dumancic, I. Horne, S.C. Trowell
19. Development of a high analytical performance-xanthine biosensor based on layered double hydroxides modified-electrode and investigation of the inhibitory effect by allopurinol
Pages 1171-1176
Dan Shan, Yanna Wang, Mingjuan Zhu, Huaiguo Xue, Serge Cosnier, Chengyin Wang
20. Dielectrophoretic trapping in microwells for manipulation of single cells and small aggregates of particles
Pages 1177-1183
M. Bocchi, M. Lombardini, A. Faenza, L. Rambelli, L. Giulianelli, N. Pecorari, R. Guerrieri
21. d-Fructose detection based on the direct heterogeneous electron transfer reaction of fructose dehydrogenase adsorbed onto multi-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized on platinum electrode
Pages 1184-1188
Masato Tominaga, Shinya Nomura, Isao Taniguchi
22. On-chip detection of protein glycosylation based on energy transfer between nanoparticles
Pages 1189-1194
Young-Pil Kim, Sunyoung Park, Eunkeu Oh, Young-Hee Oh, Hak-Sung Kim
23. Particle flow assays for fluorescent protein microarray applications
Pages 1195-1200
Marta Bally, Raghuram Dhumpa, Janos Vörös
24. Time-dependent observation of individual cellular binding events to field-effect transistors
Pages 1201-1208
S. Schäfer, S. Eick, B. Hofmann, T. Dufaux, R. Stockmann, G. Wrobel, A. Offenhäusser, S. Ingebrandt
25. Ligase-based multiple DNA analysis by using an electrochemical sensor array
Pages 1209-1212
Ying Wan, Jiong Zhang, Gang Liu, Dun Pan, Lihua Wang, Shiping Song, Chunhai Fan
26. Detection of cadmium by a fiber-optic biosensor based on localized surface plasmon resonance
Pages 1213-1218
Tsao-Jen Lin, Mon-Fu Chung
27. Monitoring of hormonal drug effect in a single breast cancer cell using an estrogen responsive GFP reporter vector delivered by a nanoneedle
Pages 1219-1222
Sung-Woong Han, Chikashi Nakamura, Yosuke Imai, Noriyuki Nakamura, Jun Miyake
28. Novel poly-silicon nanowire field effect transistor for biosensing application
Pages 1223-1229
Cheng-Yun Hsiao, Chih-Heng Lin, Cheng-Hsiung Hung, Chun-Jung Su, Yen-Ren Lo, Cheng-Che Lee, Horng-Chin Lin, Fu-Hsiang Ko, Tiao-Yuan Huang, Yuh-Shyong Yang
29. An electrochemiluminescent sensor for methamphetamine hydrochloride based on multiwall carbon nanotube/ionic liquid composite electrode
Pages 1230-1234
Hong Dai, Youmei Wang, Xiaoping Wu, Lan Zhang, Guonan Chen
30. Microfluidic array platform for simultaneous lipid bilayer membrane formation
Pages 1235-1240
M. Zagnoni, M.E. Sandison, H. Morgan
31. Label-free DNA sensor based on organic thin film transistors
Pages 1241-1245
Feng Yan, Sheung Man Mok, Jinjiang Yu, Helen L.W. Chan, Mo Yang
32. Fabrication of microband glucose biosensors using a screen-printing water-based carbon ink and their application in serum analysis
Pages 1246-1252
R.M. Pemberton, R. Pittson, N. Biddle, J.P. Hart
33. Magnetoresistive immunosensor for the detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 including a microfluidic network
Pages 1253-1258
M. Mujika, S. Arana, E. Castaño, M. Tijero, R. Vilares, J.M. Ruano-López, A. Cruz, L. Sainz, J. Berganza
34. Cell-based chip for the detection of anticancer effect on HeLa cells using cyclic voltammetry
Pages 1259-1265
Waleed Ahmed El-Said, Cheol-Heon Yea, Hyunhee Kim, Byung-Keun Oh, Jeong-Woo Choi
35. A DNA sensor based on surface plasmon resonance for apoptosis-associated genes detection
Pages 1266-1269
Wei Jin, Xiaochen Lin, Shaowu Lv, Ying Zhang, Qinhan Jin, Ying Mu
36. Deposition of functionalized polymer layers in surface plasmon resonance immunosensors by in-situ polymerization in the evanescent wave field
Pages 1270-1275
Vladimir Chegel, Michael J. Whitcombe, Nicholas W. Turner, Sergey A. Piletsky
37. Comparison of a potentiometric and a micromechanical triglyceride biosensor
Pages 1276-1280
Renny Edwin Fernandez, Vemulachedu Hareesh, Enakshi Bhattacharya, Anju Chadha
38. Synthesis of N-4-butylamine acridone and its use as fluorescent probe for ctDNA
Pages 1281-1285
Bin Qiu, Longhua Guo, Zhitao Chen, Yuwu Chi, Lan Zhang, Guonan Chen
39. Immobilization and direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase on a tetragonal pyramid-shaped porous ZnO nanostructure for a glucose biosensor
Pages 1286-1291
Zhihui Dai, Guojian Shao, Jianmin Hong, Jianchun Bao, Jian Shen
40. Homogenous growth of gold nanocrystals for quantification of PSA protein biomarker
Pages 1292-1297
Cuong Cao, Xinxing Li, Jeewon Lee, Sang Jun Sim
41. Characterisation of capacitive field-effect sensors with a nanocrystalline-diamond film as transducer material for multi-parameter sensing
Pages 1298-1304
M.H. Abouzar, A. Poghossian, A. Razavi, O.A. Williams, N. Bijnens, P. Wagner, M.J. Schöning
42. Impedance studies of bio-behavior and chemosensitivity of cancer cells by micro-electrode arrays
Pages 1305-1310
Qingjun Liu, Jinjiang Yu, Lidan Xiao, Johnny Cheuk On Tang, Yu Zhang, Ping Wang, Mo Yang
43. Lectin-modified trifunctional nanobiosensors for mapping cell surface glycoconjugates
Pages 1311-1317
Min Xie, Jun Hu, Yan-Min Long, Zhi-Ling Zhang, Hai-Yan Xie, Dai-Wen Pang
44. Monitoring of cultured cell activity by the quartz crystal and the micro CCD camera under chemical stressors
Pages 1318-1323
Hyen-Wook Kang, Hiroshi Muramatsu
45. Escherichia coli with autodisplayed Z-domain of protein A for signal amplification of SPR biosensor
Pages 1324-1329
Joachim Jose, Ji-Won Chung, Byoung-Jin Jeon, Ruth Maria Maas, Chang-Hoon Nam, Jae-Chul Pyun
46. Rapid detection of Bacillus anthracis using monoclonal antibody functionalized QCM sensor
Pages 1330-1335
Rongzhang Hao, Dianbing Wang, Xian’en Zhang, Guomin Zuo, Hongping Wei, Ruifu Yang, Zhiping Zhang, Zhenxing Cheng, Yongchao Guo, Zongqiang Cui, Yafeng Zhou
47. Development of urine glucose meter based on micro-planer amperometric biosensor and its clinical application for self-monitoring of urine glucose
Pages 1336-1340
Mariko Miyashita, Narushi Ito, Satoshi Ikeda, Tatsuro Murayama, Koji Oguma, Jun Kimura
48. Real-time detection of BRCA1 gene mutations using a monolithic silicon optocoupler array
Pages 1341-1347
Elissavet Mavrogiannopoulou, Panagiota S. Petrou, Sotirios E. Kakabakos, Konstantinos Misiakos
49. Performance enhancement of polyaniline-based polymeric wire biosensor
Pages 1348-1352
Jong Seol Yuk, Joon-Hyung Jin, Evangelyn C. Alocilja, Joan B. Rose
50. Direct electron transfer of Horseradish peroxidase on porous structure of screen-printed electrode
Pages 1353-1357
Y.J. Teng, S.H. Zuo, M.B. Lan
51. Fabrication of size-controllable ultrasmall-disk electrode: Monitoring single vesicle release kinetics at tiny structures with high spatio-temporal resolution
Pages 1358-1364
Zhao-Yu Li, Wei Zhou, Zheng-Xing Wu, Rong-Ying Zhang, Tao Xu
52. New reactive polymer for protein immobilisation on sensor surfaces
Pages 1365-1371
Dimitris Kyprianou, Antonio R. Guerreiro, Iva Chianella, Elena V. Piletska, Steven A. Fowler, Kal Karim, Michael J. Whitcombe, Anthony P.F. Turner, Sergey A. Piletsky
53. Detection system based on the conformational change in an aptamer and its application to simple bound/free separation
Pages 1372-1376
Daisuke Ogasawara, Naomi S. Hachiya, Kiyotoshi Kaneko, Koji Sode, Kazunori Ikebukuro
54. Fluorescent bio-barcode DNA assay for the detection of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis
Pages 1377-1381
Deng Zhang, David J. Carr, Evangelyn C. Alocilja
55. Construction, assembling and application of a trehalase–GOD enzyme electrode system
Pages 1382-1388
M.L. Antonelli, F. Arduini, A. Laganà, D. Moscone, V. Siliprandi
56. A novel reagentless amperometric immunosensor based on gold nanoparticles/TMB/Nafion-modified electrode
Pages 1389-1393
Ying Wu, Junwei Zheng, Zheng Li, Yanrong Zhao, Yu Zhang
57. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) microelectrode for electrochemical ELISA
Pages 1394-1398
Jo-Il Kim, Adela Bordeanu, Jae-Chul Pyun
58. High-throughput SPR sensor for food safety
Pages 1399-1404
Marek Piliarik, Lucie Párová, Jiří Homola
59. Nano-silver-modified PQC/DNA biosensor for detecting E. coli in environmental water
Pages 1405-1410
H. Sun, T.S. Choy, D.R. Zhu, W.C. Yam, Y.S. Fung
60. Micro-bioreactors for fed-batch fermentations with integrated online monitoring and microfluidic devices
Pages 1411-1416
A. Buchenauer, M.C. Hofmann, M. Funke, J. Büchs, W. Mokwa, U. Schnakenberg
61. Wireless enzyme sensor system for real-time monitoring of blood glucose levels in fish
Pages 1417-1423
Hideaki Endo, Yuki Yonemori, Kyoko Hibi, Huifeng Ren, Tetsuhito Hayashi, Wakako Tsugawa, Koji Sode
62. Polyazetidine-based immobilization of redox proteins for electron-transfer-based biosensors
Pages 1424-1430
Marco Frasconi, Gabriele Favero, Massimo Di Fusco, Franco Mazzei
63. Ultra-sensitive immunosensor for β-amyloid (1–42) using scanning tunneling microscopy-based electrical detection
Pages 1431-1436
Da-Yeon Kang, Jin-Ho Lee, Byung-Keun Oh, Jeong-Woo Choi
64. Electrically active polyaniline coated magnetic (EAPM) nanoparticle as novel transducer in biosensor for detection of Bacillus anthracis spores in food samples
Pages 1437-1444
Sudeshna Pal, Evangelyn C. Alocilja
65. Immunochip for the detection of five kinds of chemicals: Atrazine, nonylphenol, 17-beta estradiol, paraverine and chloramphenicol
Pages 1445-1450
Zhixian Gao, Nan Liu, Qiaoling Cao, Lei Zhang, Shengqi Wang, Wei Yao, Fuhuan Chao
66. Label-free detection of cupric ions and histidine-tagged proteins using single poly(pyrrole)-NTA chelator conducting polymer nanotube chemiresistive sensor
Pages 1451-1455
C.L. Aravinda, Serge Cosnier, Wilfred Chen, Nosang V. Myung, Ashok Mulchandani
67. Aptamer–antibody on-chip sandwich immunoassay for detection of CRP in spiked serum
Pages 1456-1461
Johanna Pultar, Ursula Sauer, Patrick Domnanich, Claudia Preininger
68. A novel design of multifunctional integrated cell-based biosensors for simultaneously detecting cell acidification and extracellular potential
Pages 1462-1468
Hui Yu, Hua Cai, Wei Zhang, Lidan Xiao, Qingjun Liu, Ping Wang
69. Label-free and quantitative analysis of C-reactive protein in human sera by tagged-internal standard assay on antibody arrays
Pages 1469-1473
Jae-Wan Jung, Se-Hui Jung, Je-Ok Yoo, In-Bum Suh, Young-Myeong Kim, Kwon-Soo Ha
70. Sensitive detection of lip genes by electrochemical DNA sensor and its application in polymerase chain reaction amplicons from Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Pages 1474-1479
Lin Tang, Guangming Zeng, Guoli Shen, Yuanping Li, Can Liu, Zhen Li, Jie Luo, Changzheng Fan, Chunping Yang
71. Direct electrodeposition of gold nanoparticles on indium tin oxide surface and its application
Pages 1480-1483
Yuting Ma, Junwei Di, Xue Yan, Meilian Zhao, Zhejun Lu, Yifeng Tu
72. Electrochemical detection of protein tyrosine kinase-catalysed phosphorylation using gold nanoparticles
Pages 1484-1489
Kagan Kerman, Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz
Short Communications
73. The phosphatidylinositol–protein nanocomplex as a new biosensor for ecological monitoring and clinical diagnostic
Pages 1490-1492
M.K. Gilmanov, A.R. Kerimkulova, A.N. Sabitov, S.A. Ibragimova
74. A system for analyzing the event timing profile of single cells by using a model of neurite maturation in PC12D cells
Pages 1493-1497
Shigeru Yamada, Kazumi Hakamada, Tomohiro Munekata, Kota Takano, Satoshi Fujita, Masato Miyake, Jun Miyake
75. A novel biomimetic olfactory-based biosensor for single olfactory sensory neuron monitoring
Pages 1498-1502
Chunsheng Wu, Peihua Chen, Hui Yu, Qingjun Liu, Xiaolin Zong, Hua Cai, Ping Wang
76. Multi-bit biomemory consisting of recombinant protein variants, azurin
Pages 1503-1507
Ajay Kumar Yagati, Sang-Uk Kim, Junhong Min, Jeong-Woo Choi
77. A prototype microfluidic chip using fluorescent yeast for detection of toxic compounds
Pages 1508-1511
Javier García-Alonso, Gillian M. Greenway, Joerg D. Hardege, Stephen J. Haswell
78. Nanotechnologic biosensor ellipsometry and biomarker pattern analysis in the evaluation of atherosclerotic risk profile
Pages 1512-1517
G. Siegel, M. Rodríguez, F. Sauer, C. Abletshauser, C. de Mey, K. Schötz, L. Ringstad, M. Malmsten, P. Schäfer
79. Tonometric biosensor with a differential pressure sensor for chemo-mechanical measurement of glucose
Pages 1518-1521
Kohji Mitsubayashi, Takahiro Ohgoshi, Toshiaki Okamoto, Yoshihiko Wakabayashi, Masaharu Kozuka, Kumiko Miyajima, Hirokazu Saito, Hiroyuki Kudo
80. Highly sensitive and selective oligonucleotide sensor for sickle cell disease gene using photon upconverting nanoparticles
Pages 1522-1526
Manoj Kumar, Yanyan Guo, Peng Zhang
81. A glucose biosensor based on Prussian blue/chitosan hybrid film
Pages 1527-1530
Xueying Wang, Haifang Gu, Fan Yin, Yifeng Tu
82. Nanoimprinted optical fibres: Biotemplated nanostructures for SERS sensing
Pages 1531-1535
G. Kostovski, D.J. White, A. Mitchell, M.W. Austin, P.R. Stoddart









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