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Date: 15 October 2009


1. IFC Editorial Board
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Regular Papers
2. Gold nanoparticle-based near-infrared fluorescent detection of biological thiols in human plasma
Pages 269-274
Li Shang, Jianyuan Yin, Jing Li, Lihua Jin, Shaojun Dong
3. Spectral-domain optical coherence phase microscopy for label-free multiplexed protein microarray assay
Pages 275-281
Chulmin Joo, Emre Özkumur, M. Selim Ünlü, Johannes F. de Boer
4. A DNA biosensor based on the detection of doxorubicin-conjugated Ag nanoparticle labels using solid-state voltammetry
Pages 282-287
Boon Ping Ting, Jie Zhang, Zhiqiang Gao, Jackie Y. Ying
5. DNA detection using organic thin film transistors: Optimization of DNA immobilization and sensor sensitivity
Pages 288-293
Lakshmi Jagannathan, Vivek Subramanian
6. Optical biosensors for environmental monitoring based on computational and biotechnological tools for engineering the photosynthetic D1 protein of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Pages 294-300
Maria Teresa Giardi, Viviana Scognamiglio, Giuseppina Rea, Giuseppe Rodio, Amina Antonacci, Maya Lambreva, Gianni Pezzotti, Udo Johanningmeier
7. Singly labeled smart probes for real-time monitoring of the kinetics of dNTP misincorporation and single nucleotide extension in DNA intra-molecular polymerization
Pages 301-305
Chen Song, Chen Zhang, Meiping Zhao
8. Selective recognition and removal of chlorophenols from aqueous solution using molecularly imprinted polymer prepared by reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization
Pages 306-312
Ying Li, Xin Li, Cunku Dong, Yuqi Li, Pengfei Jin, Jingyao Qi
9. Nanoparticle carrying a single probe for target DNA detection and single nucleotide discrimination
Pages 313-319
Wei Jie Qin, Lin Yue Lanry Yung
10. Detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus nucleocapsid protein in human serum using a localized surface plasmon coupled fluorescence fiber-optic biosensor
Pages 320-325
Jason C. Huang, Ying-Feng Chang, Kuan-Hsuan Chen, Li-Chen Su, Chun-Wei Lee, Chii-Chang Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur Chen, Chien Chou
11. A one-compartment fructose/air biological fuel cell based on direct electron transfer
Pages 326-331
Xuee Wu, Feng Zhao, John R. Varcoe, Alfred E. Thumser, Claudio Avignone-Rossa, Robert C.T. Slade
12. Cascade enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (CELISA)
Pages 332-337
Young-mi Lee, Yujin Jeong, Hyo Jin Kang, Sang J. Chung, Bong Hyun Chung
13. Highly sensitive capacitive immunosensor based on porous silicon–polyaniline structure: Bias dependence on specificity
Pages 338-343
C.A. Betty
14. Determination of choline and derivatives with a solid-contact ion-selective electrode based on octaamide cavitand and carbon nanotubes
Pages 344-349
Jordi Ampurdanés, Gastón A. Crespo, Alicia Maroto, M. Angeles Sarmentero, Pablo Ballester, F. Xavier Rius
15. Polypyrrole nanowire-based enzymatic biofuel cells
Pages 350-355
Jihun Kim, Sung In Kim, Kyung-Hwa Yoo
16. An improved glucose/O2 membrane-less biofuel cell through glucose oxidase purification
Pages 356-361
Feng Gao, Olivier Courjean, Nicolas Mano
17. A cuttlebone-derived matrix substrate for hydrogen peroxide/glucose detection
Pages 362-367
Guilan Xu, Hui Li, Xiaoyuan Ma, Xueping Jia, Jian Dong, Weiping Qian
18. Sequence-specific DNA detection by using biocatalyzed electrochemiluminescence and non-fouling surfaces
Pages 368-372
Lanyong Zhang, Di Li, Weili Meng, Qing Huang, Yan Su, Lihua Wang, Shiping Song, Chunhai Fan
19. A glucose biosensor based on direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase immobilized on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes
Pages 373-377
Shengyuan Deng, Guoqiang Jian, Jianping Lei, Zheng Hu, Huangxian Ju
20. An electrochemical biosensor for ultratrace terbium based on Tb3+ promoted conformational change of human telomeric G-quadruplex
Pages 378-382
Jing Zhang, JingHua Chen, RongChun Chen, GuoNan Chen, FengFu Fu
21. Superior long-term stability of a glucose biosensor based on inserted barrel plating gold electrodes
Pages 383-387
Cheng-Teng Hsu, Hung-Chan Hsiao, Mei-Yen Fang, Jyh-Myng Zen
22. Rapid delivery of silver nanoparticles into living cells by electroporation for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Pages 388-394
Juqiang Lin, Rong Chen, Shangyuan Feng, Yongzeng Li, Zufang Huang, Shusen Xie, Yun Yu, Min Cheng, Haishan Zeng
23. Immobilization of specific monoclonal antibody on Au nanoparticles for hGH detection by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 395-399
Behzad Rezaei, Taghi Khayamian, Najmeh Majidi, Hamidreza Rahmani
24. Electrochemical product detection of an asymmetric convective polymerase chain reaction
Pages 400-405
Heiko Duwensee, Maren Mix, Marco Stubbe, Jan Gimsa, Marcel Adler, Gerd-Uwe Flechsig
25. Comparison of enzyme immobilisation methods for potentiometric phosphate biosensors
Pages 406-410
A.T. Lawal, S.B. Adeloju
26. Dual-channel differential surface plasmon ellipsometry for bio-chemical sensing
Pages 411-417
I.R. Hooper, M. Rooth, J.R. Sambles
27. In-vitro sensing of biomechanical forces in live cells by a whispering gallery mode biosensor
Pages 418-427
Michael Himmelhaus, Alexandre Francois
28. Conductive architecture of Fe2O3 microspheres/self-doped polyaniline nanofibers on carbon ionic liquid electrode for impedance sensing of DNA hybridization
Pages 428-434
Wei Zhang, Tao Yang, Xiao Li, Debao Wang, Kui Jiao
29. Sensitivity enhancement in DNA hybridization assay using gold nanoparticle-labeled two reporting probes
Pages 435-441
Sukunya Oaew, Nitsara Karoonuthaisiri, Werasak Surareungchai
30. A semi-empirical model to simplify the synthesis of homogeneous and transparent cross-linked polymers and their application in the preparation of optical sensing films
Pages 442-449
Antonio L. Medina-Castillo, Jorge F. Fernandez-Sanchez, Antonio Segura-Carretero, Alberto Fernandez-Gutierrez
31 Objective-type dark-field system applied to multi-wavelength capillary electrophoresis for fluorescent detection and analysis
Pages 450-455
Shi-Wei Lin, Jui-Hung Hsu, Chih-Hang Chang, Che-Hsin Lin
32. Immunosensors for detection of Annexin II and MUC5AC for early diagnosis of lung cancer
Pages 456-462
Dong-Min Kim, Hui-Bog Noh, Deog Su Park, Seung-Hee Ryu, Ja Seok Koo, Yoon-Bo Shim
33. Carbon nanotube–hydroxyapatite nanocomposite: A novel platform for glucose/O2 biofuel cell
Pages 463-468
H.Y. Zhao, H.M. Zhou, J.X. Zhang, W. Zheng, Y.F. Zheng
34. Square wave voltammetric detection of Anthrax utilizing a peptide for selective recognition of a protein biomarker
Pages 469-474
Tran Ngoc Huan, Vu Thi Thu Ha, Le Quoc Hung, Moon-Young Yoon, Sung-Hwan Han, Hoeil Chung
35. Novel glass microprobe arrays for neural recording
Pages 475-481
Chiung-Wen Lin, Yu-Tao Lee, Chih-Wei Chang, Wei-Lun Hsu, Yen-Chung Chang, Weileun Fang
36. Leptospirillum ferrooxidans based Fe2+ sensor
Pages 482-487
Margarita Stoytcheva, Roumen Zlatev, Jean-Pierre Magnin, Marcela Ovalle, Benjamin Valdez
Short Communications
37. A novel strategy for rapid real-time chiral discrimination of enantiomers using serum albumin functionalized QCM biosensor
Pages 488-492
Wen Cui Su, Wei Guang Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Jun Fan, Xia Yin, Miao Li Luo, Siu Choon Ng
38. Stripping voltammetric analysis of organophosphate pesticides using Ni/Al layered double hydroxides as solid-phase extraction
Pages 493-496
Jingming Gong, Lianyi Wang, Dandan Song, Xiaolei Zhu, Lizhi Zhang
39. Penicillin biosensor based on a capacitive field-effect structure functionalized with a dendrimer/carbon nanotube multilayer
Pages 497-501
José R. Siqueira Jr., Maryam H. Abouzar, Arshak Poghossian, Valtencir Zucolotto, Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr., Michael J. Schöning
40. Strip-based immunochromatographic assay using specific egg yolk antibodies for rapid detection of morphine in urine samples
Pages 502-505
Sonu Gandhi, Neena Caplash, Prince Sharma, C. Raman Suri
41. A cytokine immunosensor for Multiple Sclerosis detection based upon label-free electrochemical impedance spectroscopy using electroplated printed circuit board electrodes
Pages 506-509
Kinjal Bhavsar, Aaron Fairchild, Eric Alonas, Daniel K. Bishop, Jeffrey T. La Belle, James Sweeney, T.L. Alford, Lokesh Joshi
42. Rapid detection of Salmonella in milk by electrochemical magneto-immunosensing
Pages 510-513
Susana Liébana, Anabel Lermo, Susana Campoy, María Pilar Cortés, Salvador Alegret, María Isabel Pividori
43. Magnetic nanogold microspheres-based lateral-flow immunodipstick for rapid detection of aflatoxin B2 in food
Pages 514-518
D. Tang, J.C. Sauceda, Z. Lin, S. Ott, E. Basova, I. Goryacheva, S. Biselli, J. Lin, R. Niessner, D. Knopp
44. Plasma polymerized non-fouling thin films for DNA immobilization
Pages 519-522
Li-Qiang Chu, Wolfgang Knoll, Renate Förch
45. Organic–inorganic hybrid material for the cells immobilization: Long-term viability mechanism and application in BOD sensors
Pages 523-526
Ling Liu, Li Shang, Shaojun Guo, Dan Li, Changyu Liu, Li Qi, Shaojun Dong
46. Reusable biosensors via in situ electrochemical surface regeneration in microfluidic applications
Pages 527-531
Seokheun Choi, Junseok Chae
47. Colorimetric multiplexed immunoassay for sequential detection of tumor markers
Pages 532-536
Jing Wang, Ya Cao, Yuanyuan Xu, Genxi Li
Book Review
48. Common and uncommon sense for sensing
Page 537
Frances S. Ligler
49. Editorial Board
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