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The 5th International Workshop on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers  (MIP 2008), Kobe, Japan, 7-11 September 2008
Edited by Chris Allender


Date: 15 November 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. MIP2008 Kobe, Japan, September 2008
Pages 539-542
Chris Allender, Klaus Mosbach
Review Paper
3. Theoretical and computational strategies for rational molecularly imprinted polymer design
Pages 543-552
Ian A. Nicholls, Håkan S. Andersson, Christy Charlton, Henning Henschel, Björn C.G. Karlsson, Jesper G. Karlsson, John O’Mahony, Annika M. Rosengren, K. Johan Rosengren, Susanne Wikman
Regular Papers
4. Dielectric constants are not enough: Principal component analysis of the influence of solvent properties on molecularly imprinted polymer–ligand rebinding
Pages 553-557
Annika M. Rosengren, Kerstin Golker, Jesper G. Karlsson, Ian A. Nicholls
5. Theoretical investigations of the experimentally observed selectivity of a cobalt imprinted polymer
Pages 558-562
Anupkumar Bhaskarapillai, Sharat Chandra, Narasimhan V. Sevilimedu, Börje Sellergren
6. An approach to peptide-based ATP receptors by a combination of random selection, rational design, and molecular imprinting
Pages 563-567
Jun Matsui, Junji Nagano, Daisuke Miyoshi, Katsuyuki Tamaki, Naoki Sugimoto
7. Direct detection of analyte binding to single molecularly imprinted polymer particles by confocal Raman spectroscopy
Pages 568-571
Marc Bompart, Levi A. Gheber, Yannick De Wilde, Karsten Haupt
8. Simple spectroscopic method for titration of binding sites in molecularly imprinted nanogels with hydrolase activity
Pages 572-578
Pamela Pasetto, Kevin Flavin, Marina Resmini
9. Instant formation of molecularly imprinted poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol)/quantum dot composite nanoparticles and their use in one-pot urinalysis
Pages 579-586
Hung-Yin Lin, Min-Shein Ho, Mei-Hwa Lee
10. Grafting of molecularly imprinted polymers on iniferter-modified carbon nanotube
Pages 587-591
H.-Y. Lee, B. S. Kim
11. Molecularly imprinted nanopatterns for the recognition of biological warfare agent ricin
Pages 592-598
Santwana Pradhan, M. Boopathi, Om Kumar, Anuradha Baghel, Pratibha Pandey, T.H. Mahato, Beer Singh, R. Vijayaraghavan
12. Designing of MIP based QCM sensor having thymine recognition sites based on biomimicking DNA approach
Pages 599-603
S. Emir Diltemiz, D. Hür, A. Ersöz, A. Denizli, R. Say
13. Analyte separation by OMNiMIPs imprinted with multiple templates
Pages 604-608
Jason LeJeune, David A. Spivak
14. Fabrication of a cell-adhesive protein imprinting surface with an artificial cell membrane structure for cell capturing
Pages 609-614
Kyoko Fukazawa, Kazuhiko Ishihara
15. Fabrication of a surface imprinted hydrogel shell over silica microspheres using bovine serum albumin as a model protein template
Pages 615-622
Zhendong Hua, Shuang Zhou, Meiping Zhao
16. Aqueous batch rebinding and selectivity studies on sucrose imprinted polymers
Pages 623-628
Camilla Kirk, Martin Jensen, Christina N. Kjaer, Morten M. Smedskjaer, Kim Lambertsen Larsen, Reinhard Wimmer, Donghong Yu
17. Effective removal of rhodamine B from contaminated water using non-covalent imprinted microspheres designed by computational approach
Pages 629-634
Ruigao Liu, Xin Li, Yuqi Li, Pengfei Jin, Wu Qin, Jingyao Qi
18. Face-to-face porphyrin moieties assembled with spacing for pyrazine recognition in molecularly imprinted polymers
Pages 635-639
Jun Matsui, Takuji Sodeyama, Yumi Saiki, Toshifumi Miyazawa, Takashi Yamada, Katsuyuki Tamaki, Takashi Murashima
19. Development of molecularly imprinted polymers as tailored templates for the solid-state [2+2] photodimerization
Pages 640-646
Xiangyang Wu, Ken D. Shimizu
20. Design of a new cartridge for selective solid phase extraction using molecularly imprinted polymers: Selective extraction of theophylline from human serum samples
Pages 647-651
Afshin Rajabi Khorrami, Amene Rashidpur
Short Communications
21. Carbon nanotube array: A new MIP platform
Pages 652-656
Chwee-Lin Choong, James S. Bendall, William I. Milne
22. Incorporation of glutathione peroxidase active site into polymer based on imprinting strategy
Pages 657-660
Xin Huang, Yanzhen Yin, Yang Liu, Xiaolong Bai, Zhiming Zhang, Jiayun Xu, Jiacong Shen, Junqiu Liu










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