bullet Advances in Distributed Sensor Integration: Application and Theory



  Title: Advances in Distributed Sensor Integration: Application and Theory

  Authors: S. S. Iyengar, L. Prasad and H. Min

  Publisher: Prentice Hall

  Hardcover: 273 pages

  Pubdate: 1 June 1995

  ISBN: 0133600335



Advances in Distributed Sensor Technology

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Central to industrial, medical, space and military applications, this book discusses the formal and computational properties (algorithms, data structures, architectures, and complexity) of sensor integration in a distributed environment. It is about Distributed Sensor Processing, which is interdisciplinary. It shares issues with signal and image processing, distributed systems, computer science, data communications, and intelligent systems. Discusses the development of fault tolerant algorithms for integrating scalar valued sensor readings and sensors in a given distributed sensor network (DSN) architecture. Uses a top-down design of the algorithms, gives a pseudo-code description, and then performs a worst case analysis of algorithms. Proof of correctness and optimality of some algorithms are given were appropriate.




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