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  Title: Advances in Optics: Reviews, Vol. 5, Book Series

  Editor: Sergey Y. Yurish

  Publisher: International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing

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  Pubdate: 15 December 2021

  ISBN: 978-84-09-34834-3

  e-ISBN: 978-84-09-34835-0


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 Book Description



The fifth volume of this popular Book Series is devoted to optics, lasers, communication and networks. It contains 16 chapters written by 53 authors from academia and industry from 12 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, France, Italy, Iraq, Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, USA and Vietnam. But it is not a simple set of reviews. As usually, each chapter contains the extended state-of-the-art followed by new, unpublished before, obtained by the authors results.


Like the first four volumes of this Book Series, the fourth volume also has been organized by topics of high interest to offer a fast and easy reading of each topic, every chapter in this book is independent and self-contained. All chapters have the same structure: first an introduction to specific topic under study; second particular field description including sensing or/and measuring applications. Each of chapter is ending by well selected list of references with books, journals, conference proceedings and web sites.


This book ensures that our readers will stay at the cutting edge of the field and get the right and effective start point and road map for the further researches and developments. By this way, they will be able to save more time for productive research activity and eliminate routine work.






Chapter 1. Physical Optics


Chapter 2. CPU Technology Trend and Optical Interconnects


Chapter 3. Effects of Intensity Inaccuracy Measurements in Mueller Matrix Polarimetry with Full Poincaré Beams  and a CCD Camera


Chapter 4. The Optical Bidirectional Lambertian Conductance Law with Applications


Chapter 5.  Aperiodic Zone Plates for Optical Tweezers and Optical Imaging


Chapter 6.  Rigorous Analytical Correction of Axial Chromatic and On-axis Spherical Aberrations in the Centered Conical Optical Systems

                   with High and Super-high Numerical Apertures


Chapter 7.  Ultra-low Light Absorption Measurement  in the Problem of Determining Chemical Impurities Concentrations in Quartz Glasses

                  and Synthetic Crystalline Quartz Using Time-resolved Photothermal Common-path Interferometry


Chapter 8.  Light-sheet Scattering by a Dielectric Sphere of Arbitrary Size (GLMT for Light-sheet)


Chapter 9.  Laser Characterizations  for Optical Wireless Communications


Chapter 10. Compact Solar-pumped Lasers


Chapter 11. Sub-micron Direct Silicon Processing  by Microsphere Focused Femtosecond Infrared Laser


Chapter 12. Mid Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser Reflection-absorption Spectroscopy  at the Grazing Angle Incidence


Chapter 13. Advances in Linewidth Compression, Linewidth Measurement, Noise Characterization, Wavelength Switching,  and Wavelength Tuning of Lasers


Chapter 14. Coherence Characterization of DSR-like Square Pulses in Passively Mode-locked  Fiber Lasers


Chapter 15. New Formulae for Obtaining Fourier Series, Bernoulli Polynomials and Numbers


Chapter 16. Obtaining Fourier Transforms of Functions by Differential Calculus




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