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 Title: Aerospace Sensors

 Author: Alexander Nebylov

 Publisher: Momentum Press

 Hardcover: 576 pages

 Pubdate: 15 October 2012

 ISBN: 1606500597



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Book Description


Aerospace craft operate in three dimensional space, and thus must control for complex motions and dynamics. They also have challenging communication, navigation, and automation requirements. For these reason, sensors are absolutely critical to proper aerospace fight and function. This authoritative survey of all major classes of sensors used in aerospace vehicles and support systems will quickly bring the reader up to date on the most recent advances in types of sensors, their uses, and how they can be integrated with one another for total system controls. "Aerospace Sensors" offers invaluable guidance to both practicing aerospace engineers as well as engineering students in aerospace, mechanical electronics, and systems engineering. The reader will find valuable guidance on:

  • Principles of operation, design and performance for major classes of aerospace sensors - from gyroscopic inertial navigational systems to accelerometers, to electronic compasses;

  • Coverage on radio-altimeters and other autonomous radio sensors for motional parameters;

  • An introduction satellite navigation systems and their aerospace applications, including GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO;

  • Designing for sensor integration, including important facets of sensor system choice, integrated measuring system optimization and the simulation of sensor integration by appropriate algorithms.


About the Author


Alexander Nebylov St. Petersburg, Russia; Professor and Chairman of Aerospace Devices and Measuring Systems & Director of the International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.


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