bullet Electronic Nose: Introduction, Sensor and Application: Fundamental of Electronic Olfaction System


 Title: Electronic Nose: Introduction,Sensor and Application: Fundamental of Electronic Olfaction System

 Author: Himanshu Patel

 Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

 Paperback: 160 pages

 Pubdate: 15 June 2012

 ISBN: 3659158550




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The sense of smell is one of our fundamental senses. Detection of smell plays vital role in wide range of industrial and domestic applications. Olfaction is a challenging new sensing modality for intelligent systems. With the emergence of electronic noses (e-noses) it is now possible to train a system to detect and recognize a range of different odours. An electronic nose (e-nose) is an intelligent sensing device that uses an array of gas sensors of partial and overlapping selectivity along with a pattern recognition component to distinguish between both simple and complex odours. To date, e- noses have had a variety of use in a number of applications from the food industry to medical diagnosis. In this book, I have integrated the electronic nose working principle, sensors used for E-nose and overview of applications of E-nose. For beginners as well researchers this book is a brief guide of E-nose.


About the Author


Prof. H. K. Patel, M. Tech-Electrical (PAS),Associate Professor (IC), Nirma University has19 years of teaching and research experience in Instrumentation and Power electronics area. He has served as the reviewer for many reputed journals and conferences viz. IEEE, Taylor&Francis, Springer, APEC. He is active member of ISTE, ISA, ACEEE and IEEE.

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