bullet Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Camera



  Title: Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Camera

  Author: Junichi Nakamura

  Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group

  Hardcove: 336 pages

  Pubdate: 30 September 2005

  ISBN: 084933545



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Digital signal processing has been around for a long time. Only since 1995 however has the price/performance ratio of sensors and processors been good enough to allow extremely sophisticated devices using DSP to become consumer items.


In 1995 the first really popular digital camera, the Casio QV-10 entered the market and became a great success. Since then, the technology has grown at a phenomenal rate driven by the huge volumes of cameras being sold. This advance shows no sign of slowing down.


This book is on the basic foundations of digital still cameras, the image sensor and the techniques used in processing the image coming from the sensor. It includes both the theory and the concepts of both the hardware being used and the software that ties everything together to make a useful system.


This field is one that is rapidly changing. As a result Dr. Nakamura has gotten a group of people from various companies to write chapters on their own area of expertise. The companies by whom these contributors are employed is a who's who of the digital camera field including: Konica Minolta, Canon, Olympus, Fuji and various specialized companies that work in this area. Dr. Nakamura is employed by Micron, a major semi-conductor company.


This is not a book on how to take pictures, this is a book on what happens underneath when you press the button. It is highly technical, designed for engineers.



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