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  Title: Magnetic Microsystems: Mag-MEMS

  Authors: Orphee Cugat, Gilbert Reyne, Jerome Delamare

  Publisher: ISTE Publishing Company

  Hardcove: 576 pages

  Pubdate: 28 May 2007

  ISBN: 1905209819




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Describing the basic concepts behind magnetic microsystems, or Mag-MEMS, this collection of articles discusses scale reduction laws for magnetizing components and calculating electric current in very small electronic devices. An overview of state-of-the-art materials and fabrication methods in this new field covers magnets and coils and briefly summarizes new ferromagnetic and exotic materials. Several articles introduce specific Mag-MEM prototypes and their potential applications in motors, suspension systems, generators, biomedical devices, and optics; final comments identify the necessary next steps in design and optimization of Mag-MEMS in dedicated power electronics.



About the Author


Orphee Cugat and Gilbert Reyne are research directors at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Grenoble, France. Jerome Delamare is a professor at the Institut National Polytechnique–Grenoble.



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