bullet An Introduction to Optoelectronic Sensors



  Title: An Introduction to Optoelectronic Sensors

  Authors: Giancarlo C. Righini, Antonella Tajani, Antonello Cutolo

  Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

  Hardcover: 584 pages

  Pubdate: 8 January 2009

  ISBN: 9812834125



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This invaluable book offers a comprehensive overview of the technologies and applications of optoelectronic sensors. Based on the R&D experience of more than 70 engineers and scientists, highly representative of the Italian academic and industrial community in this area, this book provides a broad and accurate description of the state-of-the-art optoelectronic technologies for sensing. The most innovative approaches, such as the use of photonic crystals, squeezed states of light and microresonators for sensing, are considered. Application areas range from environment to medicine and healthcare, from aeronautics, space, and defence to food and agriculture.


Written in a self-contained manner, this volume presents both the sensing methodologies and the fundamentals of the various technologies, as well as their applications in the real world.



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