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  Title: Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing, 2nd edition

  Author: Sabrie Soloman

  Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

  Hardcover: 624 pages

  Pubdate: 17 November 2009

  ISBN: 007160572X



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Book Description


The second edition of Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing fully explains the technical aspects of the latest senor technologies, showing how to select and install simple, affordable sensors to maximize productivity and minimize production errors. This “one-stop” guide offers you hands-on instruction on integrating various sensors with appropriate control means throughout manufacturing operations. The book presents state-of-the-art information on traditional sensors, laser sensors, LED sensing technology, and fiber optics in sensors and control systems.



About the Author


Sabrie Soloman, Ph.D., is Founder, Chairman and CEO of American SensoRx, Inc. He also teaches in the advanced manufacturing program at Columbia University.

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