bullet Introduction to Sensors for Ranging and Imaging



  Title: Introduction to Sensors for Ranging and Imaging

  Author: Graham M. Brooker

  Publisher: SciTech Publishing

  Hardcover: 742 pages

  Pubdate: 25 August 2008

  ISBN: 9781891121746




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This is a comprehensive textbook and reference that provides a solid background in active sensing technology. Beginning with a historical overview and an introductory section on signal generation, filtering and modulation, it follows with a section on radiometry (infrared and microwave) as a background to the active sensing process. The core of the book is concerned with active sensing, starting with the basics of time-of-flight sensors (operational principles, components), and goes through the derivation of the radar range equation, and the detection of echo signals, both fundamental to the understanding of radar, sonar and lidar imaging. Several chapters cover signal propagation of both electromagnetic and acoustic energy, target characteristics, stealth and clutter. The remainder of the book involves the basics of the range measurement process, active imaging with an emphasis on noise and linear frequency modulation techniques, Doppler processing, and target tracking.


Key Features

  • Extensive use of worked examples based on sensors that the author has developed or worked on during the past 28 years

  • Examples are featured that illustrate the process of designing a sensor for a particular application, ranging from such diverse topics as the design of a ship-borne fire control radar to a UAV based lidar scanner to detect locust swarms

  • For a broader appeal, complicated mathematical derivations are avoided unless absolutely necessary, and electronic details of the sensors are limited to block diagram and algorithm level

  • There are 572 figures of which about 20% are photographs, the remainder drawings with 25 tables


About the Author


Graham Brooker has nearly thirty years in radar research and development. His work includes a broad range of subjects from systems engineering and developing RF components to writing software for radar and EW applications; developing new millimetre wave radar sensors for mining applications. His MSC was completed in 1983; he later completed his PhD. Before emigrating to Australia, he ran a laboratory that developed millimetre wave radar systems for both defense and commercial clients. Dr. Brooker has spent the last eight years developing and lecturing the Sensors and Signals course at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics in the University of Sydney. Also, he has presented more than 40 conference papers, various book chapters,as well as writing more than half a dozen journal papers.




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