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"Chemical Sensors and Biosensors" cover

ISBN: 3527288554

TitleChemical Sensors and Biosensors for Medical and Biological Applications

Author: Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller

Pubdate January 1998

Binding: Hardcover, 350 pages

Price$US 205.00

Table of Contents

Optical Chemical Sensors

ISBN: 140204609X

TitleOptical Chemical Sensors

Editors: F. Baldini, A.N. Chester, J. Homola, S. Martellucci

Pubdate: May 2006

BindingHardcover, 560 pages

Price: $US 259.00


"High-Accuracy CMOS Smart Temperature Sensors" cover

ISBN: 0792372174

Title: High-Accuracy CMOS Smart Temperature Sensors

Authors: Anton Bakker and Johan H. Huijsing

Pubdate: November 2000

BindingHardcover, 132 pages

Price $US 95.00

"Fiber Optic Sensors-based Materials ..." cover

ISBN: 0750302488

Title: Fiber Optic Sensor-based Smart Materials and Structures

AuthorRichard O. Claus

PubdateDecember 1997

Binding: Hardcover, 208 pages

Price$US 124.00

"Understanding Smart Sensors" cover

ISBN: 0890063117

TitleUnderstanding Smart Sensors

Author:  Randy Frank

PubdateApril 2000

Binding: Hardcover, 320 pages

Price$US 89.00

"Fiber Optic Sensors" cover

ISBN: 1556177143

TitleFiber Optic Sensors : Fundamentals and Applications

Author: D. A. Krohn

Pubdate: December 1999


Price: $US 60.00

Sample pages

"Sensors for Measurement and Control" cover

ISBN: 0582357004

TitleSensors for Measurement and Control

Author: Peter Elgar


Binding: Paperback, 165 pages

Price$US 51.95

Sample pages

"Optical Sensors and Microsystems" cover

ISBN: 0306463806

TitleOptical Sensors and Microsystems : New Concepts, Materials, Technologies.

Course of the International School of Quantum Electronics

Pubdate: June 2000 


Price: $US 150.00

"Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers" cover

ISBN: 1580530575

TitleMagnetic Sensors and Magnetometers

Author:  Pavel Ripka

PubdateJanuary 2001

Binding: Hardcover, 564 pages

Price$US 169.00

"Sensors and Microsystems" cover

ISBN: 9810244878

TitleSensors and Microsystems

Authors: C. Di Natale, A. D'Amico, P. Siciliano

Pubdate: 15/03/01

BindingHardcover, 512 pages

Price: $US 143.00

"Sensors in Manufacturing" cover

ISBN: 3527295585

TitleSensors Application 1

Authors:  Hans Kurt Tonshoff and Ichiro Inasaki


Binding: Hardcover, 500 pages

Price$US 245.00

Table of Contents

"Bioanalitical Sensors" cover

ISBN: 0471118613

TitleIntroduction to Bioanalytical Sensors

Author: A. Cunningham

Pubdate: April 98

BindingHardcover, 368  pages

Price: $US 83.95

Table of Contents


"Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers..." cover

ISBN: 0137461240

TitleFundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers, Sensors, and Communications

Author:  Jon Stenerson


Binding: Hardcover, 562 pages

Price$US 125.00

Handbook cover

ISBN: 0849383471

TitleThe Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook

Author: John G. Webster

Pubdate: 29/12/98


Price: $US 159.95



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