ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 105, 2


Date : 28-Mar-2005


Potentiometric solid-state CO2 sensor and the role of electronic conductivity of the electrolyte
Pages 119-123
H. Näfe
Comment on “Potentiometric solid state CO2 sensor and the role of electronic conductivity of the electrolyte” by H. Näfe
Pages 124-126
C. Lee, S.A. Akbar and C.O. Park
Novel triiodide ion-selective polymeric membrane sensor based on mercury-salen
Pages 127-131
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Mehdi Emami, Mehran Javanbakht, Masoud Salavati-Niasari, Mojtaba Shamsipur and Mohammad Yousefi
Sensing characteristics of polypyrrole–poly(vinyl alcohol) methanol sensors prepared by in situ vapor state polymerization
Pages 132-137
Linshu Jiang, Hee-Kwon Jun, Yong-Su Hoh, Jeong-Ok Lim, Duk-Dong Lee and Jeung-Soo Huh
A surface plasmon resonance system for the measurement of glucose in aqueous solution
Pages 138-143
W. W. Lam, L. H. Chu, C. L. Wong and Y. T. Zhang
Study of deposition of gas sensing films on quartz crystal microbalance using an ultrasonic atomizer
Pages 144-149
Severino Muñoz-Aguirre, Takamichi Nakamoto and Toyosaka Moriizumi
Polymeric humidity sensor using polyelectrolytes derived from alkoxysilane cross-linker
Pages 150-158
Chil-Won Lee, Sang-Woo Joo and Myoung-Seon Gong
Impedimetric monitoring of cell attachment on interdigitated microelectrodes
Pages 159-163
Bin-Wha Chang, Che-Hsiung Chen, Shin-Jyh Ding, David Chan-Hen Chen and Hsien-Chang Chang
Detection of partial discharge in SF6 gas using a carbon nanotube-based gas sensor
Pages 164-169
Junya Suehiro, Guangbin Zhou and Masanori Hara
Humidity sensing and electrical properties of a composite material of SiO2 and poly-[3-(methacrylamino)propyl] trimethyl ammonium chloride
Pages 170-175
Pi-Guey Su and Shuay-Chwen Huang
Influence of cross-linkers’ amount on the performance of the piezoelectric sensor modified with molecularly imprinted polymers
Pages 176-182
Zhaohui Zhang, Hui Li, Haiping Liao, Lihua Nie and Shouzhuo Yao
Gas diffusion measurement using hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber
Pages 183-186
Y. L. Hoo, W. Jin, H. L. Ho, J. Ju and D. N. Wang
Effects of temperature and vapor pressure on the gas sensing behavior of carbon black filled polyurethane composites
Pages 187-193
Shi Guo Chen, Ji Wen Hu, Ming Qiu Zhang and Min Zhi Rong
A sensor of sulfuric acid specific gravity for lead-acid batteries
Pages 194-198
Yonglang Guo
Preparation and humidity sensing behaviors of nanostructured potassium tantalate: titania films
Pages 199-203
Weon-Pil Tai, Jun-Gyu Kim, Jae-Hee Oh and Young-Sung Kim
A self-assembled electrochemical sensor for uranium
Caroline J. Evans and Graeme P. Nicholson
Metallophthalocyanine-modified glassy carbon electrodes: effects of film formation conditions on electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of nitric oxide
Pages 208-213
Joshua Oni, Nizam Diab, Sabine Reiter and Wolfgang Schuhmann
Application of the channel optical waveguide prepared by ion exchange method to the preparation and characterization of an optical oxygen gas sensor
Pages 214-218
Chae-Hwan Jeong, Jae-Sung Kim, Won-Hyo Kim, Jong-Ha Moon, Byung-Teak Lee and Jin Hyeok Kim
Capacitive humidity sensing properties of hydrothermally-etched silicon nano-porous pillar array
Pages 219-222
Yuan Yuan Xu, Xin Jian Li, Jin Tian He, Xing Hu and Hai Yan Wang
Fe3+ ion sensing characteristics of polydiphenylamine—electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical analysis
Pages 223-231
K. Suganandam, P. Santhosh, M. Sankarasubramanian, A. Gopalan, T. Vasudevan and Kwang-Pill Lee
Electrodes for nanodot-based gas sensors
Pages 232-250
M. J. Toohey
A microchip-based PCR device using flexible printed circuit technology
Pages 251-258
Keyue Shen, Xiaofang Chen, Min Guo and Jing Cheng
Spectral investigation of interaction of copper phthalocyanine with nitrogen dioxide
T. V. Basova, E. K. Kol’tsov and I. K. Igumenov
Studies on conducting polymer-based sensing membranes with tri-iodide organic salts for vapour detection
Pages 266-270
J. A. Morales, S. J. O’Sullivan and J. F. Cassidy
Influence of the annealing and operating temperatures on the gas-sensing properties of rf sputtered WO3 thin-film sensors
Pages 271-277
M. Stankova, X. Vilanova, E. Llobet, J. Calderer, C. Bittencourt, J. J. Pireaux and X. Correig
A silicon crystalline resistor with an adsorbing porous layer as gas sensor
Pages 278-282
G. Barillaro, A. Diligenti, G. Marola and L. M. Strambini
Gas sensing with films of nanocrystalline WO3 and Pd made by advanced reactive gas deposition
Pages 283-289
A. Hoel, L. F. Reyes, S. Saukko, P. Heszler, V. Lantto and C. G. Granqvist
Direct observation of UV-B radiation effect on antigen–antibody coupling using surface plasmon resonance
Pages 290-294
Yu. M. Shirshov, A. S. Majstrenko, P. S. Smertenko and E. R. Surovtseva
A radially symmetric measurement chamber for electronic noses
Pages 295-303
F. Di Francesco, M. Falcitelli, L. Marano and G. Pioggia
Theoretical analysis and design of submicron-LAPS
Qintao Zhang
Design, fabrication and characterization of a miniaturized series-connected potentiometric oxygen sensor
Pages 312-321
R. Radhakrishnan, A. V. Virkar, S. C. Singhal, G. C. Dunham and O. A. Marina
In situ calibrated oxygen electrode
Pages 322-328
Clifton D. Johnson and David W. Paul
Remote sensing system for hydrogen using GaN Schottky diodes
Pages 329-333
A. EL. Kouche, J. Lin, M. E. Law, S. Kim, B. S. Kim, F. Ren and S. J. Pearton
Novel terbium(III) sensor based on a new bis-pyrrolidene Schiff’s base
Pages 334-339
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Ahmad Ghesmi, Morteza Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Pourjavid, Morteza Rezapour, Mojtaba Shamsipur and Masoud Salavati-Niasari
Investigations on the resistance of the metal-free phthalocyanine and palladium bilayer sensor structure influenced by hydrogen
Pages 340-345
Wieslaw P. Jakubik, Marian W. Urbañczyk, Jerzy Bodzenta and Mieczyslaw A. Pietrzyk
Methane sensitivity of Fe-doped SnO2 thick films
Pages 346-350
S. Bose, S. Chakraborty, B.K. Ghosh, D. Das, A. Sen and H.S. Maiti
Water sorption in polymer electrolytes: kinetics of the conductance variation
Pages 351-359
Giuseppe Casalbore-Miceli, Nadia Camaioni, Yang Li, Alessandro Martelli, Mujie-J. Yang and Alberto Zanelli
Surface plasmon-like sensor based on surface electromagnetic waves in a photonic band-gap material
Pages 360-364
M. Shinn and W.M. Robertson
A Monte Carlo simulation of photon propagation in fluorescent poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel microsensors
Vamsi K. Yadavalli, Ryan J. Russell, Michael V. Pishko, Michael J. McShane and Gerard L. Coté
A powerful method for feature extraction and compression of electronic nose responses
Pages 378-392
A. Leone, C. Distante, N. Ancona, K.C. Persaud, E. Stella and P. Siciliano
Monolithically integrated semiconductor fluorescence sensor for microfluidic applications
Pages 393-399
Evan Thrush, Ofer Levi, Laura J. Cook, Jason Deich, Andrea Kurtz, Stephen J. Smith, W.E. Moerner and James S. Harris, Jr.
Selectivity enhancement of metal oxide gas sensors using a micromachined gas chromatographic column
Pages 400-406
S. Zampolli, I. Elmi, J. Stürmann, S. Nicoletti, L. Dori and G.C. Cardinali
NdCoO3 perovskite as possible candidate for CO-sensors: thin films synthesis and sensing properties
Pages 407-411
Lorenzo Malavasi, Cristina Tealdi, Giorgio Flor, Gaetano Chiodelli, Valentina Cervetto, Angelo Montenero and Marco Borella
An NH4+ biosensor based on ammonia-oxidizing bacteria for use under anoxic conditions
Pages 412-418
Annette Bollmann and Niels Peter Revsbech
Fiber optic ammonia sensing employing novel thermoplastic polyurethane membranes
Pages 419-424
Jokin Moreno, Francisco J. Arregui and Ignacio R. Matias
Enantioanalysis of S-perindopril using different cyclodextrin-based potentiometric sensors
Pages 425-429
Kenneth I. Ozoemena, Raluca-Ioana Stefan, Jacobus F. van Staden and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Fiber optic sensors for hydrocarbon detection
Pages 430-436
R. Falate, R.C. Kamikawachi, M. Müller, H.J. Kalinowski and J.L. Fabris
Hydrogen sulfide gas sensing properties of thin films derived from SnO2 sols different in grain size
Pages 437-442
Dang Duc Vuong, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
A unique fabrication approach for microneedles using coherent porous silicon technology
Pages 443-448
S. Rajaraman and H.T. Henderson
High sensitivity of CuO modified SnO2 nanoribbons to H2S at room temperature
Pages 449-453
Xianghua Kong and Yadong Li
Monitoring of the interaction of tannin with bovine serum albumin by electrochemical quartz-crystal impedance system and fluorescence spectrophotometry
Pages 454-463
Youyu Zhang, Meiling Wang, Qingji Xie, Xianhui Wen and Shouzhuo Yao
Determination of metastable zone width in cooling crystallization with a quartz crystal sensor
Ok Jin Joung, Young Han Kim and Keisuke Fukui
Quartz crystal microbalance assay for determination of plasma vitellogenin
Pages 473-478
Kenji Oshima, Hiromichi Nakajima, Shouji Takahashi, Yoshio Kera, Masato Shimomura and Shinnosuke Miyauchi
A versatile stable cobalt optical sensor based on pyrogallol red immobilization on cellulose acetate film
Pages 479-483
Ali A. Ensafi and A. Aboutalebi
Fabrication of amorphous mixed-valent molybdenum oxide film electrodeposited on a glassy carbon electrode and its application as a electrochemistry sensor of iodate
Li Tian, Li Liu, Li Chen, Nan Lu and Hongding Xu
In situ monitoring of polysaccharide–polynucleotide interaction using a schizophyllan-immobilized QCM device
Pages 490-494
Do-Hyeon Yang, Ah-Hyun Bae, Kazuya Koumoto, Seung-Woo Lee, Kazuo Sakurai and Seiji Shinkai
Development of a novel hand-held formaldehyde gas sensor for the rapid detection of sick building syndrome
Pages 495-501
Koji Kawamura, Kagan Kerman, Mikiro Fujihara, Naoki Nagatani, Tomohiko Hashiba and Eiichi Tamiya
Evaluation of methylene blue incorporated in zeolite for construction of an optical humidity sensor
M.A. Zanjanchi and Sh. Sohrabnezhad
Development and application of a miniaturised quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) as immunosensor for bone morphogenetic protein-2
Pages 508-515
Monika Michalzik, Janine Wendler, Jens Rabe, Stephanus Büttgenbach and Ursula Bilitewski
Efficiency, monitoring and control of microwave heating within a continuous flow capillary reactor
Ping He, Stephen J. Haswell and Paul D. I. Fletcher
Computer-controlled system for ISEs automatic calibration
Pages 521-531
Sorin Aurel Dorneanu, Vasile Coman, Ionel Cătălin Popescu and Pierre Fabry
Resonance shifts in SPR curves of nonabsorbing, weakly absorbing, and strongly absorbing dielectrics
Pages 532-541
Sanong Ekgasit, Arunchai Tangcharoenbumrungsuk, Fang Yu, Akira Baba and Wolfgang Knoll
Methods to fabricate nanocontacts for electrical addressing of single molecules
Pages 542-548
Sandro Carrara, D. Jason Riley, Valter Bavastrello, Enrico Stura and Claudio Nicolini
Integrated and microheater embedded gas sensor array based on the polymer composites dispensed in micromachined wells
Pages 549-555
Seung-Chul Ha, Yong Shin Kim, Yoonseok Yang, Young Jun Kim, Seong-Mok Cho, Haesik Yang and Youn Tae Kim
Visualization of DNA hybridization on gold thin film by utilizing the resistance effect of DNA monolayer
Pages 556-561
Takao Masuda, Akira Yamaguchi, Masayuki Hayashida, Fumika Asari-Oi, Shigeki Matsuo and Hiroaki Misawa






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