ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 106, 1

ISOEN 2003 - Selected Papers from the 10th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses.

Edited by J. Kleperis, L. Grinberga, A. D'Amico and M. Koudelka-Hep


Date : 29-April-2005


Pages 1-2
Janis Kleperis, Liga Grinberga and Arnaldo D’Amico
Electronic nose technology for the detection of microbial and chemical contamination of potable water
Pages 3-6
O. Canhoto and N. Magan
Changes in aroma characteristics during the preparation of red ginseng estimated by electronic nose, sensory evaluation and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Pages 7-12
S. K. Lee, J. H. Kim, H. J. Sohn and J. W. Yang
Relationship between odour intensity assessed by human assessor and TGS sensor array response
Pages 13-19
A. Szczurek and M. Maciejewska
Early detection and differentiation of spoilage of bakery products
Rachel Needham, James Williams, Nikki Beales, Phil Voysey and Naresh Magan
Quality control of medicinal plants with an electronic nose
Pages 24-28
R. Baby, M. Cabezas, E. Castro, R. Filip and N. E. Walsöe de Reca
Monitoring the exhaust air of a compost pile as a process variable with an e-nose
A. C. Romain, D. Godefroid, M. Kuske and J. Nicolas
Outdoor in situ monitoring of volatile emissions from wastewater treatment plants with two portable technologies of electronic noses
Pages 36-39
A. Nake, B. Dubreuil, C. Raynaud and T. Talou
Dynamic CO recognition in presence of interfering gases by using one MOX sensor and a selected temperature profile 
Pages 40-43
A. Burresi, A. Fort, S. Rocchi, B. Serrano, N. Ulivieri and V. Vignoli
Evolution of thermophilic period in biosolids composting analyzed with an electronic nose
Pages 44-51
R. E. Baby, M. D. Cabezas, V. Labud, F. J. Marqui and N. E. Walsöe de Reca
Fuzzy k-NN applied to moulds detection
M. Kuske, R. Rubio, A. C. Romain, J. Nicolas and S. Marco
Monitoring of oil aerosol contamination in pressurised air with SnO2-based thick film sensors in real life conditions
Pages 61-66
Nikos Papamichail, Nicolae Barsan and Udo Weimar
Fast detection of rancidity in potato crisps using e-noses based on mass spectrometry or gas sensors
M. Vinaixa, A. Vergara, C. Duran, E. Llobet, C. Badia, J. Brezmes, X. Vilanova and X. Correig
On mappings between electronic noses
Pages 76-82
Oded Shaham, Liran Carmel and David Harel
Investigation of the interaction of active packaging material with food aroma compounds
Stefan Strathmann, Sarah Pastorelli and Catherine Simoneau
Study of white truffle aging with SPME-GC-MS and the Pico2-electronic nose
Pages 88-94
M. Falasconi, M. Pardo, G. Sberveglieri, F. Battistutta, M. Piloni and R. Zironi
Electronic nose signal restoration—beyond the dynamic range limit
Pages 95-100
Liran Carmel
Nonexponential relaxations in sensor arrays: forecasting strategy for electronic nose performance
Pages 101-113
B. A. Snopok and I. V. Kruglenko
Enhancing electronic nose performance by sensor selection using a new integer-based genetic algorithm approach Pages 114-121
J. W. Gardner, P. Boilot and E. L. Hines
Eulerian-Lagrangian model for predicting odor dispersion using instrumental and human measurements
Pages 122-127
S. S. Schiffman, B. McLaughlin, G. G. Katul and H. T. Nagle
On predicting responses to mixtures in quartz microbalance sensors
Liran Carmel, Noa Sever and David Harel
Data analysis for a hybrid sensor array
Pages 136-143
M. Pardo, L. G. Kwong, G. Sberveglieri, K. Brubaker, J. F. Schneider, W. R. Penrose and J. R. Stetter
Sensors small and numerous: always a winning strategy?
Arnaldo D’Amico, Corrado Di Natale, Eugenio Martinelli, Luca Sandro and Giorgio Baccarani
Chemisorption and electrochemical reactions of SO2 on modified SnO2 electrodes
N. Bukun, A. Vinokurov, M. Vinokurova, L. Derlyukova, Yu. Dobrovolsky and A. Levchenko
Preprocessing of matrix QCM sensors data for the classification by means of neural network
Pages 158-163
A. M. Reznik, A. A. Galinskaya, O. K. Dekhtyarenko and D. W. Nowicki
Electrocatalytic effects in gas sensors based on low-temperature superprotonics
Pages 164-169
Ilya Treglazov, Lyudmila Leonova, Yury Dobrovolsky, Alexander Ryabov, Alexandra Vakulenko and Sergey Vassiliev
A new method for measuring emission of odour from a rendering plant using the Danish Odour Sensor System (DOSS) artificial nose
Pages 170-176
Karsten Boholt, Kjær Andreasen, Frans den Berg and Thomas Hansen
Calixarene films as sensitive coatings for QCM-based gas sensors
I. A. Koshets, Z. I. Kazantseva, Yu. M. Shirshov, S. A. Cherenok and V. I. Kalchenko
Water pollution recognition with the electronic nose KAMINA
J. Goschnick, I. Koronczi, M. Frietsch and I. Kiselev
Perspective on a phosphate biosensor
Martin R. Webb and John E.T. Corrie
Commentary to the “Perspective on a Phosphate Biosensor” from Martin R. Webb and John E.T. Corrie
Page 188
Sylvia Daunert and Sapna K. Deo
Mixed-ligand nanoparticles of chlorobenzenemethanethiol and n-octanethiol as chemical sensors
Pages 189-198
Young Jun Kim, Yoon Seok Yang, Seung-Chul Ha, Seong M. Cho, Yong Shin Kim, Hye Yoon Kim, Haesik Yang and Youn Tae Kim
Shelf life determination by electronic nose: application to milk
Pages 199-206
Saïd Labreche, Sandrine Bazzo, Sonia Cade and Eric Chanie
Urea-functionalized calix[4]arenes as carriers for carbonate-selective electrodes
Pages 207-211
Hyo Kyoung Lee, Hyejin Oh, Kye Chun Nam and Seungwon Jeon
Optical characterization and analysis of the gas/surface adsorption phenomena on phthalocyanines thin films for gas sensing application
Pages 212-220
J. Spadavecchia, G. Ciccarella and R. Rella
Potentiometric determination of anionic surfactants using a new ion-pair-based all-solid-state surfactant sensitive electrode
Pages 221-228
Ruzica Matesic-Puac, Milan Sak-Bosnar, Mate Bilic and Bozidar S. Grabaric
Dynamic study of porous coating layers of exhaust gas oxygen sensors
Spectrophotometric detection of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in water using water soluble porphyrins
Pages 234-242
A. Mufeed Awawdeh and H. James Harmon
Label-free monitoring of multiple biomolecular binding interactions in real-time with diffraction-based sensing
Jane Betty Goh, Richard W. Loo and M. Cynthia Goh
Dual-response resonant chemical sensors for multianalyte analysis
Pages 249-252
Radislav A. Potyrailo and Timothy M. Sivavec
Coupling gas chromatography and electronic nose for dehydration and desalcoholization of alcoholized beverages: Application to off-flavour detection in wine
Pages 253-257
J.A. Ragazzo-Sanchez, P. Chalier and C. Ghommidh
Sol–gel processed Al2O3 thick film template as sensitive capacitive trace moisture sensor
Pages 258-262
Kalyan Kumar Mistry, Debdulal Saha and Kamalendu Sengupta
A matched-profile method for simple and robust vapor recognition in electronic nose (E-nose) system
Pages 263-270
Yoon Seok Yang, Seung-Chul Ha and Yong Shin Kim
The analysis of multicomponent solutions containing homologous ionic surfactant with sensor arrays
Pages 271-277
E.G. Kulapina and N.M. Mikhaleva
A disposable ozone sensor based on a grating-coupled glass waveguide coated with a tapered film of copper tetra-t-butylphthalocyanine
Pages 278-283
Zhi-mei Qi, Hao-shen Zhou, Itaru Honma, Kiminori Itoh and Hiroyuki Yanangi
A third-generation hydrogen peroxide biosensor fabricated with hemoglobin and Triton X-100
Pages 284-288
Xinjian Liu, Yi Xu, Xiang Ma and Genxi Li
Poly(pyrrole) versus poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): implications for biosensor applications
Pages 289-295
Alexander Kros, Nico A.J.M. Sommerdijk and Roeland J.M. Nolte
Remote underwater electrochemical sensing system for detecting explosive residues in the field
Xiaojuan Fu, Robert F. Benson, Joseph Wang and David Fries
Fingerprinting of fluorescent substances for diagnostic purposes using computer screen illumination
Pages 302-310
Daniel Filippini, Jimmy Bakker and Ingemar Lundström
Self-assembly of antibody fragments and polymers onto gold for immunosensing
Inger Vikholm
Monitoring the exhaust air of a compost pile with an e-nose and comparison with GC–MS data
A.-C. Romain, D. Godefroid and J. Nicolas
Spectra analysis of interaction between poly((2-methylacryloxyethyl) dimethyl buthylammonium bromide) and nucleic acids
Pages 325-330
Yu He, Gong-Wu Song and Qi-Chao Zou
A capacitive humidity sensor using cross-linked cellulose acetate butyrate
Pages 331-334
Vincent Ducéré, Alain Bernès and Colette Lacabanne
Immobilization of multi-enzyme microreactors inside microfluidic devices
Pages 335-342
Won-Gun Koh and Michael Pishko
Colorimetric detection and differentiation of fluoride and dihydrogenphosphate anions
Pages 343-346
L.L. Zhou, X.H. Zhang and S.K. Wu
Electrical porous silicon chemical sensor for detection of organic solvents
M. Archer, M. Christophersen and P.M. Fauchet
Selective and sensitive determination of uric acid at DNA-modified graphite powder microelectrodes
Ji-Wen Luo, Min Zhang and Dai-Wen Pang
Gold thickness dependence of SPR-based hetero-core structured optical fiber sensor
Pages 363-368
Mitsuhiro Iga, Atsushi Seki and Kazuhiro Watanabe
Nanometer-thick SPR sensor for gaseous HCl
Pages 369-372
Anton V. Samoylov, Vladimir M. Mirsky, Qingli Hao, Claudia Swart, Yuri M. Shirshov and Otto S. Wolfbeis
Epoxide functionalized polymerized crystalline colloidal arrays
Pages 373-377
Marta Kamenjicki and Sanford A. Asher
A DNA-detection platform with integrated photodiodes on a silicon chip
Pages 378-382
Jiong Li, Chen Xu, Zhikuan Zhang, Yijin Wang, Huajun Peng, Zuhong Lu and Mansun Chan
Development of novel optical waveguide surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor with dual light emitting diodes
Pages 383-387
Akihiro Suzuki, Jun Kondoh, Yoshikazu Matsui, Showko Shiokawa and Kazuyasu Suzuki
Recording and reproducing citrus flavors using odor recorder
Pages 388-393
Bartosz Wyszynski, Takao Yamanaka and Takamichi Nakamoto
A hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on nano-Au/PAMAM dendrimer/cystamine modified gold electrode
Pages 394-400
Zhi-Min Liu, Yu Yang, Hua Wang, Yan-Li Liu, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Zn(II)-ion-selective electrodes based on GeSe2–Sb2Se3–ZnSe glasses
Pages 401-406
V.S. Vassilev, S.H. Hadjinikolova and S.V. Boycheva
Evidence of a correlation between the non-linearity of chemical sensors and the asymmetry of their response and recovery curves
Pages 407-423
Francis Ménil, Marc Susbielles, Hélène Debéda, Claude Lucat and Pascal Tardy
Effect of long-term aging on oxygen sensitivity of luminescent Pd-tetraphenylporphyrin/PMMA films
Pages 424-430
K. Õige, T. Avarmaa, A. Suisalu and R. Jaaniso
Nanoparticle-structured sensing array materials and pattern recognition for VOC detection
Pages 431-441
Li Han, Xiajing Shi, Wendy Wu, F. Louis Kirk, Jin Luo, Lingyan Wang, Derrick Mott, Lisa Cousineau, Stephanie I-Im Lim, Susan Lu and Chuan-Jian Zhong
Detection of hydrocarbon species using silicon MOS field-effect transistors operated in a non-stationary temperature-pulse mode
Pages 442-449
P. Kreisl, A. Helwig, G. Müller, E. Obermeier and S. Sotier
Screen-printed disposable urease-based biosensors for inhibitive detection of heavy metal ions
Pages 450-454
Dominika Ogończyk, Łukasz Tymecki, Iwona Wyżkiewicz, Robert Koncki and Stanisław Głąb
Development of a piezoelectric immunosensor for the detection of alpha-fetoprotein
Pages 455-460
Wen-Chi Tsai and I-Chien Lin
Thick films of In, Bi and Pd metal oxides impregnated in LaCoO3 perovskite as carbon monoxide sensor
Pages 461-467
A.V. Salker, N.-J. Choi, J.-H. Kwak, B.-S. Joo and Duk-Dong Lee
Cryptand/metal ion coated piezoelectric quartz crystal sensors with artificial back propagation neural network analysis for nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide
Pages 468-476
Chia-Wen Kuo and Jeng-Shong Shih
Electrospun fibrous polyacrylic acid membrane-based gas sensors
Pages 477-483
Bin Ding, Michiyo Yamazaki and Seimei Shiratori
A refractometric sensor using index-sensitive mode resonance between single-mode fiber and thin film amorphous silicon waveguide
Pages 484-488
Andrey Andreev, Blagoy Pantchev, Parvaneh Danesh, Blagovesta Zafirova, Elka Karakoleva, Emilia Vlaikova and Emilia Alipieva






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