ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 121, 1


Date: 30 January 2007

25 years of Sensors and Actuators
Pages 1-2
Simon Middelhoek
High response and stability in CO and humidity measures using a single SnO2 nanowire
Pages 3-17
F. Hernández-Ramírez, A. Tarancón, O. Casals, J. Arbiol, A. Romano-Rodríguez and J.R. Morante
Metal oxide-based gas sensor research: How to?
Pages 18-35
N. Barsan, D. Koziej and U. Weimar
Improving blood compatibility of intravascular oxygen sensors via catalytic decomposition of S-nitrosothiols to generate nitric oxide in situ
Pages 36-46
Yiduo Wu, Alvaro P. Rojas, Grant W. Griffith, Amy M. Skrzypchak, Nathan Lafayette, Robert H. Bartlett and Mark E. Meyerhoff
Fabrication of polymer SAW sensor array to classify chemical warfare agents
Pages 47-53
Byung-Su Joo, Jeung-Soo Huh and Duk-Dong Lee
Redox properties of ferricyanide ion on layer-by-layer deposited poly(glutamic acid) film-coated electrodes and its use for electrocatalytic sensing of ascorbic acid
Pages 54-60
Ryoichi Takita, Kentaro Yoshida and Jun-ichi Anzai
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection of chemical and biological agents using a portable Raman integrated tunable sensor
Pages 61-66
Fei Yan and Tuan Vo-Dinh
Zearalenone sensing with molecularly imprinted polymers and tailored fluorescent probes
Pages 67-73
Fernando Navarro-Villoslada, Javier L. Urraca, María C. Moreno-Bondi and Guillermo Orellana
A ratiometric fluorescent pH glass optode based on a boron-dipyrromethene derivative
Pages 74-82
Yosuke Ando, Shinji Iino, Koji Yamada, Keitaro Umezawa, Naoko Iwasawa, Daniel Citterio and Koji Suzuki
Magnetically controlled sensor swarms
Pages 83-92
Jeffrey N. Anker, Yong-Eun Koo and Raoul Kopelman
Computer screen photo-assisted techniques for global monitoring of environmental and sanitary parameters
Pages 93-102
D. Filippini, C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, A. D’Amico and I. Lundström
Electrochemical immunosensors for the detection of 19-nortestosterone and methyltestosterone in bovine urine
Pages 103-112
Gráinne Conneely, Margaret Aherne, Huihui Lu and George G. Guilbault
Thiol-functionalized porous clay heterostructures (PCHs) deposited as thin films on carbon electrode: Towards mercury(II) sensing
Pages 113-123
Aurélien Jieumboué Tchinda, Emmanuel Ngameni and Alain Walcarius
Rapid and simultaneous multiple genotyping of human Y chromosome from a human blood sample by on-chip enzymatic digestion and microchannel array electrophoresis coupled with blood sample pretreatment, and microscale PCR
Pages 124-128
Lihua Zhang, Toshikatsu Shinka, Yutaka Nakahori, Noritada Kaji, Manabu Tokeshi and Yoshinobu Baba
Piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor for surfactant based on molecularly imprinted polypyrrole
Pages 129-134
D.R. Albano and F. Sevilla III
Solid-contact potentiometric polymer membrane microelectrodes for the detection of silver ions at the femtomole level
Pages 135-141
Nastassia Rubinova, Karin Chumbimuni-Torres and Eric Bakker
Monitoring chemical plumes in an environmental sensing chamber with a wireless chemical sensor network
Pages 142-149
Roderick Shepherd, Stephen Beirne, King Tong Lau, Brian Corcoran and Dermot Diamond
Antimicrobial peptides as new recognition molecules for screening challenging species
Pages 150-157
Nadezhda V. Kulagina, Kara M. Shaffer, Frances S. Ligler and Chris R. Taitt
Recent advancements in surface plasmon resonance immunosensors for detection of small molecules of biomedical, food and environmental interest
Pages 158-177
Dhesingh Ravi Shankaran, K. Vengatajalabathy Gobi and Norio Miura
Viability of allergy (IgE) detection using an alternative aptamer receptor and electrochemical means
Pages 178-186
Katerina I. Papamichael, Mark P. Kreuzer and George G. Guilbault
Towards parallelized surface plasmon resonance sensor platform for sensitive detection of oligonucleotides
Pages 187-193
Marek Piliarik, Hana Vaisocherová and Jiří Homola
NASICON based CO2 gas sensor with an auxiliary electrode composed of LiCO3-metal oxide mixtures
Pages 194-199
Yoshihiko Sadaoka
Nitrate-selective electrode based on a cyclic bis-thiourea ionophore
Pages 200-207
Amanda S. Watts, Vasilis G. Gavalas, Arthur Cammers, Pilar Sánchez Andrada, Mateo Alajarín and Leonidas G. Bachas
Synthesis and characterization of semiconducting nanowires for gas sensing
Pages 208-213
G. Sberveglieri, C. Baratto, E. Comini, G. Faglia, M. Ferroni, A. Ponzoni and A. Vomiero
Hydrogen bonding interaction between aminopurinethiol-monolayers and oligonucleotides by QCM and XPS measurements
Pages 214-218
Yukari Sato, Osamu Niwa and Fumio Mizutani
H2 sensing performance of anodically oxidized TiO2 thin films equipped with Pd electrode
Pages 219-230
Yasuhiro Shimizu, Takeo Hyodo and Makoto Egashira
Instrumentation for the monitoring of toxic pollutants in water resources by means of neural network analysis of absorption and fluorescence spectra
Pages 231-237
T. Kuzniz, D. Halot, A.G. Mignani, L. Ciaccheri, K. Kalli, M. Tur, A. Othonos, C. Christofides and D.A. Jackson
Metalloporphyrins based artificial olfactory receptors
Pages 238-246
Corrado Di Natale, Roberto Paolesse and Arnaldo D’Amico
Twenty-five years of field effect gas sensor research in Linköping
Pages 247-262
Ingemar Lundström, Hans Sundgren, Fredrik Winquist, Mats Eriksson, Christina Krantz-Rülcker and Anita Lloyd-Spetz
Multiphase flow in micro- and nanochannels
Pages 263-276
Lingling Shui, Jan C.T. Eijkel and Albert van den Berg
Highly stable amplified low-potential electrocatalytic detection of NAD+ at azure-chitosan modified carbon electrodes
Pages 277-281
Tanin Tangkuaram, Joseph Wang, Marcela C. Rodríguez, Rawiwan Laocharoensuk and Waret Veerasai
The potential for and challenges of detecting chemical hazards with temperature-programmed microsensors
Pages 282-294
D.C. Meier, J.K. Evju, Z. Boger, B. Raman, K.D. Benkstein, C.J. Martinez, C.B. Montgomery and S. Semancik
Electronic interfaces
Pages 295-329
Christian Falconi, Eugenio Martinelli, Corrado Di Natale, Arnaldo D’Amico, Franco Maloberti, Piero Malcovati, Andrea Baschirotto, Vincenzo Stornelli and Giuseppe Ferri
Physiochemical microparticle sensors based on nonlinear magnetic oscillations
Pages 330-340
Brandon H. McNaughton, Rodney R. Agayan, Jane X. Wang and Raoul Kopelman
Recessed nanoband electrodes fabricated by focused ion beam milling
Pages 341-347
Yvonne H. Lanyon and Damien W.M. Arrigan






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