ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 121, 2


Date: 20 February 2007

  A PVC-based membrane electrode for nickel (II) ions incorporating a tetraazamacrocycle as an ionophore
Pages 349-355
Ashok Kumar Singh and Puja Saxena
  Fiber-optic SERS sensor with optimized geometry
Pages 356-364
Andrea Lucotti and Giuseppe Zerbi
  Analysis of transient response of single quartz crystal nanobalance for determination of volatile organic compounds
Pages 365-371
A. Mirmohseni, H. Abdollahi and K. Rostamizadeh
  Sensing characteristics of high-frequency shear mode resonators in glycerol solutions
Pages 372-378
Mathias Link, Jan Weber, Matthias Schreiter, Wolfram Wersing, Omar Elmazria and Patrick Alnot
  Rapid and non-destructive identification of strawberry cultivars by direct PTR-MS headspace analysis and data mining techniques
Pages 379-385
Pablo M. Granitto, Franco Biasioli, Eugenio Aprea, Daniela Mott, Cesare Furlanello, Tilmann D. Märk and Flavia Gasperi
  Potentiometric performance of 2-aminothiophenol based dipodal ionophore as a silver sensing material
Pages 386-395
Susheel K. Mittal, Ashok S.K. Kumar, Sukhdeep Kaur and Subodh Kumar
  Agarose film coated glass slides for preparation of pH optical sensors
Pages 396-400
Payman Hashemi, Razieh Afzari Zarjani, Mir Mehdi Abolghasemi and Ĺke Olin
  The properties of barium stannate and aluminum oxide-based gas sensor: The role of Al2O3 in this system
Pages 401-405
I. Kocemba, M. Wróbel-Jędrzejewska, A. Szychowska, J. Rynkowski and M. Główka
  Investigation of the oxygen, nitrogen and water vapour cross-sensitivity to NO2 of tellurium-based thin films
Pages 406-413
D. Tsiulyanu, I. Stratan, A. Tsiulyanu, H.-D. Liess and I. Eisele
  Microfabricated thermal conductivity detector for the micro-ChemLab™
Pages 414-422
D. Cruz, J.P. Chang, S.K. Showalter, F. Gelbard, R.P. Manginell and M.G. Blain
  Novel amperometric biosensor based on composite film assembled by polyelectrolyte-surfactant polymer, carbon nanotubes and hemoglobin
Pages 423-429
Liang Chen and Gongxuan Lu
  Optimization of the DPV potential waveform for determination of ascorbic acid on PEDOT-modified electrodes
Pages 430-435
A. Bello, M. Giannetto, G. Mori, R. Seeber, F. Terzi and C. Zanardi
  Transient transverse electrical field induced by selective adsorbtion on low gap semiconducting thin films
Pages 436-444
Stéphane Neuville
  Architecture and method of fabrication PDMS system for uric acid determination
Pages 445-451
I. Grabowska, D. Stadnik, M. Chudy, A. Dybko and Z. Brzózka
  Design, modeling and characterization of microfluidic devices for ultrasonic manipulation
Pages 452-461
Adrian Neild, Stefano Oberti and Jürg Dual
  Modeling oligonucleotide probes for SNP genotyping assays using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
Pages 462-468
Bahram G. Kermani
  Charge and water in need for the precise control of Selemion bending
Pages 469-475
Hirohisa Tamagawa and Fumio Nogata
  A wireless magnetoelastic α-amylase sensor
Pages 476-481
Shihui Wu, Yi Zhu, Qingyun Cai, Kefeng Zeng and Craig A. Grimes
  Development of a protease biosensor utilizing silica nanobeads
Pages 482-489
Sheila A. Grant, Craig Weilbaecher and Darcy Lichlyter
  Post flight analysis of the surface plasmon resonance enhanced photoelastic modulated ellipsometry
Pages 490-495
Yu-Faye Chao and Chien-Yuan Han
  n-Type gas sensing characteristics of chemically modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes and PMMA composite
Pages 496-500
Yang Li, Hui-cai Wang and Mu-jie Yang
  Low potential detection of NADH with Prussian Blue bulk modified screen-printed electrodes and recombinant NADH oxidase from Thermus thermophilus
Pages 501-506
A. Radoi, D. Compagnone, E. Devic and G. Palleschi
  Additional thermodynamic feature extraction from chemoresistive carbon black-polymer composite sensors by temperature modulation
Pages 507-514
Yong Shin Kim and Yoon Seok Yang
  Immobilized tyrosinase reactor for on-line HPLC application: Development and characterization
Pages 515-521
Anna Maria Girelli, Enrico Mattei and Antonella Messina
  Surface acoustic wave immunosensors based on immobilized C60-proteins
Pages 522-529
Hung-Wei Chang and Jeng-Shong Shih
  Cobalt salophen-modified carbon-paste electrode incorporating a cationic surfactant for simultaneous voltammetric detection of ascorbic acid and dopamine
Pages 530-537
Saeed Shahrokhian and Hamid Reza Zare-Mehrjardi
  Pegylated lipids as coatings for QCM odor-sensors
Pages 538-544
Bartosz Wyszynski, Pakpum Somboon and Takamichi Nakamoto
  Development of a double-microcantilever for surface stress measurement in microsensors
Pages 545-551
S.M. Yang, T.I. Yin and C. Chang
  A microRNA biosensor based on direct chemical ligation and electrochemically amplified detection
Pages 552-559
Zhiqiang Gao and Yuan Hong Yu
  Capture of airborne nanoparticles in swirling flows using non-uniform electrostatic fields for bio-sensor applications
Pages 560-566
Jaesung Jang, Demir Akin, Kwan Seop Lim, Steven Broyles, Michael R. Ladisch and Rashid Bashir
  Novel method based on carbon paste electrodes for the evaluation of bitterness in extra virgin olive oils
Pages 567-575
C. Apetrei, F. Gutierez, M.L. Rodríguez-Méndez and J.A. de Saja
  A microfluidic system utilizing molecularly imprinted polymer films for amperometric detection of morphine
Pages 576-582
Chen-Hsun Weng, Wei-Ming Yeh, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Gwo-Bin Lee
  Novel odor recorder for extending range of recordable odor
Pages 583-589
P. Somboon, B. Wyszynski and T. Nakamoto
  A study on transient and steady state sensor data for identification of individual gas concentrations in their gas mixtures
Pages 590-599
Ali Gulbag and Fevzullah Temurtas
  Fast response and selective perchlorate polymeric membrane electrode based on bis(dibenzoylmethanato) nickel(II) complex as a neutral carrier
Pages 600-605
B. Rezaei, S. Meghdadi and V. Nafisi
  Salmonella detection with a direct-binding optical grating coupler immunosensor
Pages 606-615
Namsoo Kim, In-Seon Park and Woo-Yeon Kim
  A novel “dual mode” actuation in chitosan/polyaniline/carbon nanotube fibers
Pages 616-621
Geoffrey M. Spinks, Su Ryon Shin, Gordon G. Wallace, Philip G. Whitten, In Young Kim, Sun I. Kim and Seon Jeong Kim
  Electrochromic properties of a soluble conducting polymer of 1-benzyl-2,5-di(thiophene-2-yl)-1H-pyrrole
Pages 622-628
S. Tarkuc, E. Sahmetlioglu, C. Tanyeli, I.M. Akhmedov and L. Toppare
  Microcontroller-based portable instrument for stabilised optical oxygen sensor
Pages 629-638
Alberto J. Palma, Javier López-González, Luis J. Asensio, Maria Dolores Fernández-Ramos and Luis Fermin Capitán-Vallvey
  Development of zirconia-based potentiometric NOx sensors for automotive and energy industries in the early 21st century: What are the prospects for sensors?
Pages 639-651
Serge Zhuiykov and Norio Miura
  Materials for high temperature electrochemical NOx gas sensors
Pages 652-663
Jeffrey W. Fergus
  Practical aspects in design of one-electrode semiconductor gas sensors: Status report
Pages 664-678
G. Korotcenkov
uTAS Section
  Integrated microfluidic gas sensor for detection of volatile organic compounds in water
Pages 679-688
L. Zhu, D. Meier, Z. Boger, C. Montgomery, S. Semancik and D.L. DeVoe
  A fabrication technology for multi-layer polymer-based microsystems with integrated fluidic and electrical functionality
Pages 689-697
Eileen D. Moss, Arum Han and A. Bruno Frazier
  Low azeotropic solvent for bonding of PMMA microfluidic devices
Pages 698-705
Che-Hsin Lin, Chien-Hsiang Chao and Che-Wei Lan
 Letter to the Editor
  A fiber-top cantilever for hydrogen detection
Pages 706-708
D. Iannuzzi, M. Slaman, J.H. Rector, H. Schreuders, S. Deladi and M.C. Elwenspoek






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