ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 123, 2



Date: 21 May 2007

DNA sensing with a quartz crystal device for determination of microorganisms
Pages 647-650
Kichiro Kon, Naoaki Tsukahara and Masato Shimomura
 Heading: General Section
Inkjet printed chemical sensor array based on polythiophene conductive polymers
Pages 651-660
Bo Li, Suresh Santhanam, Lawrence Schultz, Malika Jeffries-EL, Mihaela C. Iovu, Genevieve Sauvé, Jessica Cooper, Rui Zhang, Joseph C. Revelli, Aaron G. Kusne, et al.
Surface plasmon resonance based fiber-optic sensor for the detection of pesticide
Pages 661-666
Rajan, Subhash Chand and B.D. Gupta
Optical high temperature sensor based on green up-conversion emissions in Er3+ doped Al2O3
Pages 667-670
B. Dong, T. Yang and M.K. Lei
Comparative study between organic and inorganic entrapment matrices for urease biosensor development
Pages 671-679
A. Maaref, H. Barhoumi, M. Rammah, C. Martelet, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, C. Mousty and S. Cosnier
The effect of annealing on the sensing properties of porous silicon gas sensor: Use of screen-printed contacts
Pages 680-684
Be. Mahmoudi, N. Gabouze, M. Haddadi, Br. Mahmoudi, H. Cheraga, K. Beldjilali and D. Dahmane
Biological transport processes for microhydraulic actuation
Pages 685-695
Vishnu Baba Sundaresan, Christopher Homison, Lisa M. Weiland and Donald J. Leo
Development of an interference-free biosensor for glucose-6-phosphate using a bienzyme-based Clark-type electrode
Pages 696-700
Yue Cui, John P. Barford and Reinhard Renneberg
Enhanced response of porous ZnO nanobeads towards LPG: Effect of Pd sensitization
Pages 701-706
V.R. Shinde, T.P. Gujar and C.D. Lokhande
A biosensor chip by CMOS process for surface stress measurement in bioanalyte
Pages 707-714
S.M. Yang, T.I. Yin and C. Chang
Mediatorless catalytic oxidation of NADH at a disposable electrochemical sensor
Pages 715-719
K.S. Prasad, J.-C. Chen, C. Ay and J.-M. Zen
Preliminary investigations on a glucose biosensor based on the potentiometric principle
Pages 720-726
Cheng-Wei Liao, Jung-Chuan Chou, Tai-Ping Sun, Shen-Kan Hsiung and Jui-Hsiang Hsieh
An environmental sensor based on an integrated optical whispering gallery mode disk resonator
Pages 727-732
Aaron Schweinsberg, Sandrine Hocdé, Nick N. Lepeshkin, Robert W. Boyd, Christopher Chase and Julie E. Fajardo
Electrochemical behavior of Naphthol green B doped in polypyrrole film and its application for electrocatalytic oxidation of ascorbic acid
Pages 733-739
Alireza Mohadesi and Mohammad Ali Taher
AlGaN/GaN biosensor—effect of device processing steps on the surface properties and biocompatibility
Pages 740-748
I. Cimalla, F. Will, K. Tonisch, M. Niebelschütz, V. Cimalla, V. Lebedev, G. Kittler, M. Himmerlich, S. Krischok, J.A. Schaefer, et al.
Fabrication of microsensors using unmodified office inkjet printers
Pages 749-756
Hanjin Cho, M. (Ash) Parameswaran and Hua-Zhong Yu
Polytungstate clusters on zirconia as a sensing material for a selective ammonia gas sensor
Pages 757-762
Atsushi Satsuma, Ken-ichi Shimizu, Tadashi Hattori, Hiroyuki Nishiyama, Shiro Kakimoto, Satoshi Sugaya and Hitoshi Yokoi
Electrocatalytic oxidation of cysteine by quinizarine at glassy carbon electrode
Pages 763-768
M. Mazloum Ardakani, P. Rahimi, P. Ebrahimi Karami, Hamid R. Zare and H. Naeimi
Real-time assessment of cytotoxicity by impedance measurement on a 96-well plate
Pages 769-778
L. Ceriotti, J. Ponti, F. Broggi, A. Kob, S. Drechsler, E. Thedinga, P. Colpo, E. Sabbioni, R. Ehret and F. Rossi
Reactively sputtered InxVyOz films for detection of NOx, D2, and O2
Pages 779-783
M. Ali, V. Cimalla, V. Lebedev, Th. Stauden, Ch. Wang, G. Ecke, V. Tilak, P. Sandvik and O. Ambacher
Studies of metal ion binding by apo-metallothioneins attached onto preformed self-assembled monolayers using a highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance spectrometer
Pages 784-792
Yintang Zhang, Maotian Xu, Yanju Wang, Freddy Toledo and Feimeng Zhou
The preparation and gas-sensing properties of NiFe2O4 nanocubes and nanorods
Pages 793-797
Chu Xiangfeng, Jiang Dongli and Zheng Chenmou
A molecularly imprinted polymer for carbaryl determination in water
Pages 798-804
Israel Sánchez-Barragán, Kal Karim, José M. Costa-Fernández, Sergey A. Piletsky and Alfredo Sanz-Medel
Development of a source–drain electrode coated with an insulation layer for detecting concentration changes in a nitrate ion solution
Pages 805-815
T. Isoda, H. Makimoto, H. Imanaga, R. Imamura, J. Pawlat and T. Ueda
Experimental study of the fiber laser output intensity behavior and its application to a water flow sensor
Pages 816-821
M. Durán-Sánchez, G. Beltrán-Pérez, J. Castillo-Mixcóatl, S. Muñoz-Aguirre and M. Méndez-Otero
Photoinduced Agn0 cluster deposition: Photoreduction of Ag+ ions on a TiO2-coated quartz crystal microbalance monitored in real time
Pages 822-828
Hisao Hidaka, Haruo Honjo, Satoshi Horikoshi and Nick Serpone
Application of electrochemically prepared poly-N-methylpyrrole-p-toluene sulphonate films to cholesterol biosensor
Pages 829-839
Pratima R. Solanki, Sunil K. Arya, S.P. Singh, M.K. Pandey and B.D. Malhotra
Inkjet printing of palladium catalyst patterns on polyimide film for electroless copper plating
Pages 840-846
Stephan Busato, Alberto Belloli and Paolo Ermanni
Bioactivated PDMS microchannel evaluated as sensor for human CD4+ cells—The concept of a point-of-care method for HIV monitoring
Pages 847-855
Sara Thorslund, Rolf Larsson, Fredrik Nikolajeff, Jonas Bergquist and Javier Sanchez
A wireless magnetoelastic biosensor for convenient and sensitive detection of acid phosphatase
Pages 856-859
Shihui Wu, Xianjuan Gao, Qingyun Cai and Craig A. Grimes
Micromachined piezoelectric membranes with high nominal quality factors in newtonian liquid media: A Lamb's model validation at the microscale
Pages 860-868
Cédric Ayela and Liviu Nicu
Fluorescent 4-(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-4-ylamino)-1,8-naphthalimide pH chemosensor based on photoinduced electron transfer
Pages 869-876
Vladimir B. Bojinov and Temenushka N. Konstantinova
Ammonia bio-sniffer with flavin-containing monooxygenase
Pages 877-881
Hirokazu Saito, Yuki Kaneko, Yuki Hashimoto, Takeshi Shirai, Hiroyuki Kudo, Kimio Otsuka and Kohji Mitsubayashi
Development of morphological dependent chemically deposited nanocrystalline ZnO films for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensor
Pages 882-887
V.R. Shinde, T.P. Gujar, C.D. Lokhande, R.S. Mane and Sung-Hwan Han
Real-time monitoring of bovine serum albumin at femtogram/mL levels on antibody-immobilized tapered fibers
Pages 888-895
Angela Leung, P.M. Shankar and Raj Mutharasan
A nanowire WO3 humidity sensor integrated with micro-heater and inverting amplifier circuit on chip manufactured using CMOS-MEMS technique
Pages 896-901
Ching-Liang Dai, Mao-Chen Liu, Fu-Song Chen, Chyan-Chyi Wu and Ming-Wei Chang
Development of a voltammetric sensor for chromium(VI) determination in wastewater sample
Pages 902-908
Márcio F. Bergamini, Daniela P. dos Santos and Maria Valnice Boldrin Zanoni
Gas sensing characteristics of WO3 vacuum deposited thin films
Pages 909-914
Guangzhong Xie, Junsheng Yu, Xi Chen and Yadong Jiang
NO2/NO response of Cr2O3- and SnO2-based potentiometric sensors and temperature-programmed reaction evaluation of the sensor elements
Pages 915-921
Jiho Yoo and Eric D. Wachsman
A bioreporter bioluminescent integrated circuit for very low-level chemical sensing in both gas and liquid environments
Pages 922-928
R. Vijayaraghavan, S.K. Islam, M. Zhang, S. Ripp, S. Caylor, Nora D. Bull, S. Moser, S.C. Terry, B.J. Blalock and G.S. Sayler
High temperature amperometric total NOx sensors with platinum-loaded zeolite Y electrodes
Pages 929-936
Jiun-Chan Yang and Prabir K. Dutta
Fabrication of microcoil/microsprings for novel chemical and biological sensing
Pages 937-941
Yangqing Lu and Hai-Feng Ji
Carbon paste electrode incorporating multi-walled carbon nanotube/cobalt salophen for sensitive voltammetric determination of tryptophan
Pages 942-949
Saeed Shahrokhian and Leila Fotouhi
High temperature sensor array for simultaneous determination of O2, CO, and CO2 with kernel ridge regression data analysis
Pages 950-963
Pengbei Zhang, Chonghoon Lee, Henk Verweij, Sheikh A. Akbar, Gary Hunter and Prabir K. Dutta
Electrochemically polymerized composites of conducting poly(p-ABSA) and flavins (FAD, FMN, RF) films and their use as electrochemical sensors: A new potent electroanalysis of NADH and NAD+
Pages 964-977
S. Ashok Kumar and Shen-Ming Chen
Impedance monitoring of herpes simplex virus-induced cytopathic effect in Vero cells
Pages 978-982
Sungbo Cho, Sybille Becker, Hagen von Briesen and Hagen Thielecke
Optical sensitivity of a microelectrode in contact with an electrolyte
Pages 983-992
T. Isoda, N. Takahara, H. Imanaga, S. Hashizume and R. Imamura
An analytic model of the dynamic response of mass-sensitive chemical sensors
Pages 993-1001
Gerhard Fischerauer and Franz L. Dickert
Quantitative gas mixture analysis using temperature-modulated micro-hotplate gas sensors: Selection and validation of the optimal modulating frequencies
Pages 1002-1016
A. Vergara, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, P. Ivanov, C. Cané, I. Gràcia, X. Vilanova and X. Correig
Characterisation of Langmuir–Blodgett films of new multinuclear copper and zinc phthalocyanines and their sensing properties to volatile organic vapours
Pages 1017-1024
Yaser Açıkbaş, Murat Evyapan, Tanju Ceyhan, Rifat Çapan and Özer Bekaroğlu
Optical isomer piezoelectric crystal sensor for l-amino acid esters based on immobilized C60–lipase enzyme
Pages 1025-1033
Chiu-Hua Chen, Hung-Wei Chang and Jeng-Shong Shih
Improvement of dynamic gas sensing behavior of SnO2 acicular particles by microwave calcination
Pages 1034-1039
Pyeong-Seok Cho, Ki-Won Kim and Jong-Heun Lee
Comparative study of hydrogen sensing characteristics of a Pd/GaN Schottky diode in air and N2 atmospheres
Pages 1040-1048
Jun-Rui Huang, Wei-Chou Hsu, Huey-Ing Chen and Wen-Chau Liu
Multifrequency large amplitude pulse voltammetry: A novel electrochemical method for electronic tongue
Pages 1049-1056
Shi-Yi Tian, Shao-Ping Deng and Zhong-Xiu Chen
The study and application of a new IDE–PQC sensor
Pages 1057-1063
Fengjiao He, Jiali Ren and Zhenhua Liu
A logarithmic multi-parameter model using gas sensor main and cross sensitivities to estimate gas concentrations in a gas mixture for SnO2 gas sensors
Pages 1064-1070
A. Chaiyboun, R. Traute, T. Haas, O. Kiesewetter and T. Doll
Novel flexible resistive-type humidity sensor
Pages 1071-1076
Pi-Guey Su and Chao-Shen Wang
Photoreduction measurement of ozone using Pt/TiO2–SnO2 material at room temperature
Pages 1077-1082
Ren-Jang Wu, Chin-Yuen Chen, Min-Hung Chen and Yih-Lu Sun
Preparation of polypyrrole films containing ferrocyanide ions deposited onto thermally pre-treated and untreated iron substrate: Application in the electroanalytical determination of ascorbic acid
Pages 1083-1089
D. Oukil, L. Makhloufi and B. Saidani
Highly sensitive SnO2 thin film NO2 gas sensor operating at low temperature
Pages 1090-1095
Jaswinder Kaur, Somnath C. Roy and M.C. Bhatnagar
Development of bi-enzyme microbiosensor based on solid-contact ion-selective microelectrodes for protein detection
Pages 1096-1100
O.A. Biloivan, S.V. Dzyadevych, A.V. El'skaya, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, N. Zine, J. Bausells, J. Samitier and A. Errachid
Odor approximation of fruit flavors using a QCM odor sensing system
Pages 1101-1106
Severino Muñoz-Aguirre, Akihito Yoshino, Takamichi Nakamoto and Toyosaka Moriizumi
Fiber-optic sensors for the estimation of pH within natural biofilms on metals
Pages 1107-1112
A. Balaji Ganesh and T.K. Radhakrishnan
Sensing properties and mechanism of gas sensor for H2S and NO2 based on [Cu5(bipyO2)6Cl8]Cl2
Pages 1113-1119
Tiexiang Fu
Optimum sensitivity of single-mode D-type optical fiber sensor in the intensity measurement
Pages 1120-1124
Ming-Hung Chiu, Chih-Hsien Shih and Ming-Hsin Chi
Development a new method for the determination of paromomycin in trace amounts by fast Fourier continuous cyclic voltammetry at an Au microelectrode in a flowing system
Pages 1125-1132
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Parviz Norouzi, Parandis Daneshgar and Ali Sepehri
UTAS Section
Continuous sampling and analysis by on-chip liquid/solid chromatography
Pages 1133-1141
Mario Schlund, Scott E. Gilbert, Silvan Schnydrig and Philippe Renaud
Simulation of miscible diffusive mixing in microchannels
Pages 1142-1152
S.P. Sullivan, B.S. Akpa, S.M. Matthews, A.C. Fisher, L.F. Gladden and M.L. Johns
On-chip microfluidic transport and bio/chemical sensing based on electrochemical bubble formation
Pages 1153-1160
Wataru Satoh, Yoshifumi Shimizu, Takeshi Kaneto and Hiroaki Suzuki
A rapid field-free electroosmotic micropump incorporating charged microchannel surfaces
Pages 1161-1168
Segyeong Joo, Taek Dong Chung and Hee Chan Kim
Perovskite oxides for semiconductor-based gas sensors
Pages 1169-1179
Jeffrey W. Fergus
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Characterization of binding sites in molecularly imprinted polymers
Pages 1180-1194
J.A. García-Calzón and M.E. Díaz-García
Electrochemical nanobiosensors
Pages 1195-1205
Martin Pumera, Samuel Sánchez, Izumi Ichinose and Jie Tang






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