ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 124, 1



Date: 10 June 2007

General Section
An electrochemical sensor for Cd2+ based on the inducing adsorption ability of I
Pages 1-5
Gang Li, Chidan Wan, Zhiming Ji and Kangbing Wu
Charge quantity as a sole factor quantitatively governing curvature of Selemion
Pages 6-11
Hirohisa Tamagawa, Fumio Nogata and Minoru Sasaki
Hydrogen sensors based on aligned carbon nanotubes in an anodic aluminum oxide template with palladium as a top electrode
Pages 12-17
Dongyan Ding, Zhi Chen, Suresh Rajaputra and Vijay Singh
Exploitation of thermo-effect of rhodamine B entrapped in sol–gel matrix and silica gel for temperature detection
Pages 18-23
Hong Dinh Duong and Jong Il Rhee
WO3 sensor response according to operating temperature: Experiment and modeling
Pages 24-29
M. Bendahan, J. Guérin, R. Boulmani and K. Aguir
Cholesterol oxidase modified gold electrodes as bioanalytical devices
Pages 30-37
A. Parra, E. Casero, F. Pariente, L. Vázquez and E. Lorenzo
Calix[4]arene based molecules for amino-acid detection
Pages 38-45
Walid Mohamed Hassen, Claude Martelet, Frank Davis, Séamus P.J. Higson, Adnane Abdelghani, Saloua Helali and Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Biofunctional structural design of SAW sensor chip surfaces in a microfluidic sensor system
Pages 46-52
Adrian Jung, Thomas M.A. Gronewold, Michael Tewes, Eckhard Quandt and Peter Berlin
Classification and characterization of atmospheric VOCs based on sorption/desorption behaviors of plasma polymer films
Pages 53-61
Iwao Sugimoto, Toshihiko Nagaoka, Michiko Seyama, Masayuki Nakamura and Kazuhiko Takahashi
Fast response methane sensor using nanocrystalline zinc oxide thin films derived by sol–gel method
Pages 62-67
P. Bhattacharyya, P.K. Basu, H. Saha and S. Basu
An optical sensor based on covalent immobilization of 1-aminopyrene using Au nanoparticles as bridges and carriers
Pages 68-73
Shu-Zhen Tan, Yan-Jun Hu, Ji-Wei Chen, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Sensor performance of nanostructured TiO2 thin films derived from particulate sol–gel route and polymeric fugitive agents
Pages 74-83
M.R. Mohammadi, D.J. Fray and M.C. Cordero-Cabrera
A continuous electrical cell lysis device using a low dc voltage for a cell transport and rupture
Pages 84-89
Dong Woo Lee and Young-Ho Cho
Behavior of riboflavin on plain carbon paste and aza macrocycles based chemically modified electrodes
Pages 90-98
Rahul M. Kotkar, Purvi B. Desai and Ashwini K. Srivastava
Gas detection with SnO2 sensors modified by zeolite films
Pages 99-110
Montserrat Vilaseca, Joaquin Coronas, Albert Cirera, Albert Cornet, Joan Ramon Morante and Jesus Santamaria
Aluminum-doped TiO2 nano-powders for gas sensors
Pages 111-117
Young Jin Choi, Zachary Seeley, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose and Sheikh A. Akbar
Conductive polymer composites as gas sensors with size-related molecular discrimination capability
Pages 118-126
Wei Zeng, Ming Qiu Zhang, Min Zhi Rong and Qiang Zheng
The determination of tetracycline residues in food using a disposable screen-printed gold electrode (SPGE)
Pages 127-132
Prinya Masawat and Jonathan Mark Slater
Structural distinctions of Fe2O3–In2O3 composites obtained by various sol–gel procedures, and their gas-sensing features
Pages 133-142
Maria I. Ivanovskaya, Dzmitry A. Kotsikau, Antonietta Taurino and Pietro Siciliano
Electromechanical identification of molecules adsorbed on microcantilevers
Pages 143-146
Dongkyu Lee, Thomas Thundat and Sangmin Jeon
Fluorescence amplification using colloidal photonic crystal platform in sensing dye-labeled deoxyribonucleic acids
Pages 147-152
Hee Jin Kim, Sunghwan Kim, Heonsu Jeon, Jangseok Ma, Soo Hyung Choi, Soosuk Lee, Christopher Ko and Wounjhang Park
Anti-fouling epoxy coatings for optical biosensor application based on phosphorylcholine
Pages 153-160
Kyu Ho Chae, Young Min Jang, Yu Ho Kim, Ok-Jae Sohn and Jong Il Rhee
Ultrasensitive detection of biomolecules using functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 161-166
PingAn Hu, Takashi Tanii, Guo-Jun Zhang, Takumi Hosaka and Iwao Ohdomari
Feasibility study on the use of a head space mass spectrometry electronic nose (MS e_nose) to monitor red wine spoilage induced by Brettanomyces yeast
Pages 167-171
Wies Cynkar, Daniel Cozzolino, Bob Dambergs, Les Janik and Mark Gishen
ζ-Potential analyses using micro-electrical field flow fractionation with fluorescent nanoparticles
Pages 172-178
Moon-Hwan Chang, Dosi Dosev and Ian M. Kennedy
Gold nanoparticles-mesoporous silica composite used as an enzyme immobilization matrix for amperometric glucose biosensor construction
Pages 179-186
Yu Bai, Hua Yang, Weiwei Yang, Yancai Li and Changqing Sun
Ozone sensing properties of ZnO nanostructures grown by the aqueous chemical growth technique
Pages 187-191
George Kenanakis, Dimitra Vernardou, Emmanuel Koudoumas, George Kiriakidis and Nikos Katsarakis
High temperature zirconia oxygen sensor with sealed metal/metal oxide internal reference
Pages 192-201
John V. Spirig, Ramasamy Ramamoorthy, Sheikh A. Akbar, Jules L. Routbort, Dileep Singh and Prabir K. Dutta
A multichannel electrochemical detector coupled with an ELISA microtiter plate for the immunoassay of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Pages 202-208
An-Ping Deng and Hong Yang
High performance of a gas identification system using sensor array and temperature modulation
Pages 209-216
Kieu An Ngo, Pascal Lauque and Khalifa Aguir
SnO2 thin films from metalorganic precursors: Synthesis, characterization, microelectronic processing and gas-sensing properties
Pages 217-226
Mauro Epifani, Luca Francioso, Pietro Siciliano, Andreas Helwig, Gerhard Mueller, Raül Díaz, Jordi Arbiol and Joan R. Morante
Study of low molecular weight effectors on the binding between cell membrane receptor IGF-1R and its substrate protein IRS-1 by SPR biosensor
Pages 227-236
Xueling Li, Minghui Huang, Huimin Cao, Jianlong Zhao and Mengsu Yang
Piezoelectric-excited millimeter-sized cantilever sensors detect density differences of a few micrograms/mL in liquid medium
Pages 237-244
Kishan Rijal and Raj Mutharasan
Simplified models for SnO2 sensors during chemical and thermal transients in mixtures of inert, oxidizing and reducing gases
Pages 245-259
Ada Fort, Marco Mugnaini, Santina Rocchi, M. Belén Serrano-Santos, Valerio Vignoli and Roberto Spinicci
Sorption and condensation phenomena of volatile compounds on solid-state metalloporphyrin films
Pages 260-268
Antonella Macagnano, Emanuela Sgreccia, Roberto Paolesse, Fabrizio De Cesare, Arnaldo D’Amico and Corrado Di Natale
Amperometric biosensor for lactate based on lactate dehydrogenase and Meldola Blue coimmobilized on multi-wall carbon-nanotube
Pages 269-276
Arnaldo C. Pereira, Marina R. Aguiar, Alexandre Kisner, Denise V. Macedo and Lauro T. Kubota
Erratum to "Selection of polymeric sensor arrays for quantitative analysis"
Page 277
PDF (62 K)
Selection of polymeric sensor arrays for quantitative analysis
Pages 278-283
Hua Lei and William G. Pitt






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