ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 124, 2



Date: 26 June 2007

General Section
Design and characteristics of a sulfide and sulfite optode based on immobilization of methyl violet on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 285-289
Abbas Afkhami and Nahid Sarlak
Hybridization biosensor using diaquabis[N-(2-pyridinylmethyl)benzamide-κ2N,O]-cadmium(II) dinitrate as a new electroactive indicator for detection of human hepatitis B virus DNA
Pages 290-296
Shusheng Zhang, Qianqian Tan, Feng Li and Xiaoru Zhang
Oxides of platinum metal group as potential catalysts in carbonaceous amperometric biosensors based on oxidases
Pages 297-302
Petr Kotzian, Petra Brázdilová, Kurt Kalcher, Karel Handlíř and Karel Vytřas
In situ synthesized composite thin films of MWCNTs/PMMA doped with KOH as a resistive humidity sensor
Pages 303-308
Pi-Guey Su and Chao-Shen Wang
Gas concentration estimation in ternary mixtures with room temperature operating sensor array using tapped delay architectures
Pages 309-316
Saverio De Vito, Anna Castaldo, Fausta Loffredo, Ettore Massera, Tiziana Polichetti, Ivana Nasti, Paolo Vacca, Luigi Quercia and Girolamo Di Francia
Voltammetric detection of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening gels
Pages 317-322
Philippe Westbroek, Jean Hakuzimana, Emmanuel Gasana, Pol Lombaert and Paul Kiekens
Miniaturized electrochemical methanol sensor without gas diffusion backings
Pages 323-328
Myoung Seok Lee, Juhee Sohn, Jaehee Shim and Woong Moo Lee
Influence of temperature stability on the sensing properties of SAW NOx sensor
Pages 329-335
Namrata Dewan, S.P. Singh, K. Sreenivas and Vinay Gupta
Development of a system for the continuous monitoring of odours from a composting plant: Focus on training, data processing and results validation methods
Pages 336-346
Selena Sironi, Laura Capelli, Paolo Céntola and Renato Del Rosso
A highly water-resistive humidity sensor based on silicon-containing polyelectrolytes prepared by one-pot method
Pages 347-351
Xin Lv, Yang Li, Lijie Hong, Dan Luo and Mujie Yang
An alternative global feature extraction of temperature modulated micro-hotplate gas sensors array using an energy vector approach
Pages 352-359
Alexander Vergara, Eugenio Martinelli, Eduard Llobet, Franco Giannini, Arnaldo D’Amico and Corrado Di Natale
Sensors for organic vapor detection based on composites of carbon nonotubes functionalized with polymers
Pages 360-367
H.C. Wang, Y. Li and M.J. Yang
Electrochemical stripping analysis of methyl-parathion (MPT) using carbon fiber microelectrodes (CFME) modified with combinations of poly-NiTSPc and Nafion® films
Pages 368-375
Mohammed Sbaï, Hortense Essis-Tome, Ulrich Gombert, Tony Breton and Maxime Pontié
High-performance fiber-optic oxygen sensors based on fluorinated xerogels doped with Pt(II) complexes
Pages 376-382
Chen-Shane Chu and Yu-Lung Lo
A study on radial basis function neural network size reduction for quantitative identification of individual gas concentrations in their gas mixtures
Pages 383-392
Ali Gulbag, Fevzullah Temurtas, Cihat Tasaltin and Zafer Ziya Öztürk
Classification of Chinese drinks by a gas sensors array and combination of the PCA with Wilks distribution
Pages 393-397
Y. Yin and X. Tian
Molecular shape-selective detection by tin oxide film sensor modified with chemical vapor deposition of molecular-sieving silica overlayer using organic template
Pages 398-406
Masahiro Sekiyama, Naonobu Katada and Miki Niwa
Normalization approach to the stochastic gradient radial basis function network algorithm for odor sensing systems
Pages 407-412
Namyong Kim, Hyung-Gi Byun and Krishna C. Persaud
Direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin in TATP film: Application in biological sensor
Pages 413-420
Fangfang Jian, Yuanbiao Qiao and Ruirui Zhuang
SnO2:Sb – A new material for high-temperature MEMS heater applications: Performance and limitations
Pages 421-428
J. Spannhake, A. Helwig, G. Müller, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, T. Doll, T. Wassner and M. Eickhoff
Comparative study on micromorphology and humidity sensitive properties of thick film and disc humidity sensors based on semiconducting SnWO4–SnO2 composites
Pages 429-436
R. Sundaram
A feature extraction method and a sampling system for fast recognition of flammable liquids with a portable E-nose
Pages 437-443
Shunping Zhang, Changsheng Xie, Dawen Zeng, Qinyi Zhang, Huayao Li and Zikui Bi
Benzo(α)pyrene imprinted polyacrylate nanosurfaces: Adsorption and binding characteristics
Pages 444-451
Reddithota J. Krupadam, Rashmi Ahuja and Satish R. Wate
Stop band shift based chemical sensing with three-dimensional opal and inverse opal structures
Pages 452-458
Cheng-Yu Kuo, Shih-Yuan Lu, Shengfu Chen, Matt Bernards and Shaoyi Jiang
SPR waveguide sensor based on transition of modes at abrupt discontinuity
Pages 459-465
R. Levy and S. Ruschin
Rheological, dielectric and diffusion analysis of mucin/carbopol matrices used in amperometric biosensors
Pages 466-476
Raúl H. Capra, Ana M. Baruzzi, Lidia M. Quinzani and Miriam C. Strumia
Electrochemical microsystem with porous matrix packed-beds for enzyme analysis
Pages 477-485
Katsuya Morimoto, Sanjay Upadhyay, Terutaka Higashiyama, Naoto Ohgami, Hitoshi Kusakabe, Junji Fukuda and Hiroaki Suzuki
Simultaneous determination of dopamine and serotonin on gold nanocluster/overoxidized-polypyrrole composite modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 486-493
Jing Li and Xiangqin Lin
Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on the bioelectrocatalysis of horseradish peroxidase incorporated in a new hydrogel film
Pages 494-500
Yi-Xin Sun, Jian-Tao Zhang, Shi-Wen Huang and Sheng-Fu Wang
Phase separation in mixed self-assembled monolayers and its effect on biomimetic membranes
Pages 501-509
Lars J.C. Jeuken, Nikolaos N. Daskalakis, Xiaojun Han, Khizar Sheikh, Andreas Erbe, Richard J. Bushby and Stephen D. Evans
Using a cross-flow microfluidic chip and external crosslinking reaction for monodisperse TPP-chitosan microparticles
Pages 510-516
Chih-Hui Yang, Keng-Shiang Huang, Po-Wen Lin and Yu-Cheng Lin
Swelling and electroresponsive characteristics of gelatin immobilized onto multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 517-528
Sajjad Haider, Soo-Young Park, Khalid Saeed and B.L. Farmer
Selective uricase biosensor based on polyaniline synthesized in ionic liquid
Pages 529-534
Yan Jiang, Aiyin Wang and Jinqing Kan
Comprehensive investigation of hydrogen-sensing properties of Pt/InAlP-based Schottky diodes
Pages 535-541
Yan-Ying Tsai, Ching-Wen Hung, Ssu-I. Fu, Po-Hsien Lai, Hung-Chi Chang, Huey-Ing Chen and Wen-Chau Liu
Synthesis, characterization and humidity sensing properties of Sr(II)-added BaAl2O4 composites
Pages 542-548
J. Judith Vijaya, L. John Kennedy, G. Sekaran and K.S. Nagaraja
Three-terminal-controlled field-effect resistive hydrogen sensor
Pages 549-556
Ching-Wen Hung, Kun-Wei Lin, Hung-Chi Chang, Yan-Ying Tsai, Po-Hsien Lai, Ssu-I Fu, Tzu-Pin Chen, Huey-Ing Chen and Wen-Chau Liu
Realization of recording a wide range of odor by utilizing both of transient and steady-state sensor responses in recording process
Pages 557-563
Pakpum Somboon, Bartosz Wyszynski and Takamichi Nakamoto
Hybridization of DNA hairpin probes monolabelled with gold nanoparticles grafted on different oxide films: A fluorescence microscopy study
Pages 564-571
V. Lavalley, A. Laurent, A. Zebda, J.E. Mendez and V. Stambouli






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