ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 125, 1



Date: 16 July 2007

General Section
Bi-enzyme biosensor based on NAD+- and glutathione-dependent recombinant formaldehyde dehydrogenase and diaphorase for formaldehyde assay
Pages 1-9
Oxana Nikitina, Sergey Shleev, Galina Gayda, Olha Demkiv, Mykhaylo Gonchar, Lo Gorton, Elisabeth Csöregi and Mihaela Nistor
Amperometric biosensors based on multiwalled carbon nanotube-Nafion-tyrosinase nanobiocomposites for the determination of phenolic compounds
Pages 10-16
Yu-Chen Tsai and Chian-Cheng Chiu
Electron transfer reactivity and catalytic activity of structurally rigidized hemoglobin
Pages 17-21
Jing Wang, Zhiqiang Liang, Lihua Wang, Chunhai Fan and Genxi Li
On the hydrogen sensing properties of a Pd/GaAs transistor-type gas sensor in a nitrogen ambiance
Pages 22-29
Ching-Wen Hung, Kun-Wei Lin, Rong-Chau Liu, Yan-Ying Tsai, Po-Hsien Lai, Ssu-I Fu, Tzu-Pin Chen, Huey-Ing Chen and Wen-Chau Liu
Promoting selectivity and sensitivity for a high temperature YSZ-based electrochemical total NOx sensor by using a Pt-loaded zeolite Y filter
Pages 30-39
Jiun-Chan Yang and Prabir K. Dutta
MOS-based artificial olfactory system for the assessment of egg products freshness
Pages 40-47
M. Suman, G. Riani and E. Dalcanale
Immobilization of mushroom tyrosinase on controlled pore glass: Effect of chemical modification
Pages 48-54
Anna Maria Girelli, Enrico Mattei, Antonella Messina and Domenica Papaleo
Dielectrophoretically assembled polymer nanowires for gas sensing
Pages 55-59
Yaping Dan, Yanyan Cao, Tom E. Mallouk, Alan T. Johnson and Stephane Evoy
Conducting polypyrrole modified with ferrocene for applications in carbon monoxide sensors
Pages 60-65
S. Radhakrishnan and Santhosh Paul
Optical fiber hydrogen sensor based on core diameter mismatch and annealed Pd–Au thin films
Pages 66-71
Donato Luna-Moreno, David Monzón-Hernández, Joel Villatoro and Gonçal Badenes
A silicon beam-based microcantilever nanoelectrosprayer
Pages 72-78
Steve Arscott, Bernard Legrand, Lionel Buchaillot and Alison E. Ashcroft
H2S sensing characteristics of Pt-doped α-Fe2O3 thick film sensors
Pages 79-84
Yan Wang, Shurong Wang, Yingqiang Zhao, Baolin Zhu, Fanhong Kong, Da Wang, Shihua Wu, Weiping Huang and Shoumin Zhang
Polymer-based micro-sensor paired arrays for the determination of primary alcohol vapors
Pages 85-91
Christopher A. Mills, James Beeley, Cathy Wyse, David R.S. Cumming, Andrew Glidle and Jonathan M. Cooper
Novel amperometric carbon monoxide sensor based on multi-wall carbon nanotubes grafted with polydiphenylamine—Fabrication and performance
Pages 92-99
P. Santhosh, K.M. Manesh, A. Gopalan and Kwang-Pill Lee
Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone), an ion conducting polymer, as alternative polymeric membrane for the construction of anion-selective electrodes
Pages 100-105
Anna González-Bellavista, Jorge Macanás, Maria Muńoz and Esteve Fabregas
An iridium nanoparticles dispersed carbon based thick film electrochemical biosensor and its application for a single use, disposable glucose biosensor
Pages 106-113
Jie Shen, Laurie Dudik and Chung-Chiun Liu
Effect of polymerization time on the humidity sensing properties of polypyrrole
Pages 114-119
Wangchang Geng, Nan Li, Xiaotian Li, Rui Wang, Jinchun Tu and Tong Zhang
Electric properties of polyelectrolyte films in moist solvents
Pages 120-125
G. Casalbore-Miceli, A. Zanelli, A.W. Rinaldi, N. Camaioni, M.J. Yang, Y. Li and E.M. Girotto
Acetone vapour sensing characteristics of cobalt-doped SnO2 thin films
Pages 126-130
Shriram B. Patil, P.P. Patil and Mahendra A. More
A humidity sensor based on interpenetrating polymer network prepared from poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) and poly(glycidyl methacrylate)
Pages 131-137
Yang Li, Yousi Chen, Cong Zhang, Tianxiang Xue and Mujie Yang
A bad-smell sensing network using gas detector tubes and mobile phone cameras
Pages 138-143
Hong Phuc Ninh, Yukinobu Tanaka, Takamichi Nakamoto and Kazuo Hamada
Simple synthesis of CuFe2O4 nanoparticles as gas-sensing materials
Pages 144-148
Zhipeng Sun, Lang Liu, Dian zeng Jia and Weiyu Pan
Using support vector machine regression to model the retention of peptides in immobilized metal-affinity chromatography
Pages 149-157
B.G. Kermani, I. Kozlov, P. Melnyk, C. Zhao, J. Hachmann, D. Barker and M. Lebl
Influence of methane in the electrical properties of polypyrrole films doped with dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid
Pages 158-166
M. Campos, F.R. Simőes and E.C. Pereira
PVDF coated quartz crystal microbalance sensor for DMMP vapor detection
Pages 167-172
Zhihua Ying, Yadong Jiang, Xiaosong Du, Guangzhong Xie, Junsheng Yu and Hua Wang
Development of a compact sample pre-concentration system for the detection of a trace amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Pages 173-179
Kyuseok Song and Sang-Ku Lee
Investigation of an aqueous lithium iodide/triiodide electrolyte for dual-chamber electrochemical actuators
Pages 180-188
Kavita M. Jeerage, Richard D. Noble and Carl A. Koval
Deposition of organic metalocomplexes for sensor applications by MAPLE
Pages 189-194
R. Fryček, F. Vysloužil, V. Myslík, M. Vrňata, D. Kopecký, O. Ekrt, P. Fitl, M. Jelínek, T. Kocourek and R. Šipula
Electrochemical sensor for H2O2 based on thionin immobilized 3-aminopropyltrimethoxy silane derived sol–gel thin film electrode
Pages 195-201
K. Thenmozhi and S. Sriman Narayanan
New polymer additives for photoelectric sensing
Pages 202-206
G. Carotenuto, A. Longo, P. Repetto, P. Perlo and L. Ambrosio
A surface acoustic wave sensor modified from a wireless transmitter for the monitoring of the growth of bacteria
Pages 207-213
Ku-Shang Chang, Chen-Kai Chang and Chien-Yuan Chen
CMOS-compatible fabrication of thermopiles with high sensitivity in the 3–5 μm atmospheric window
Pages 214-223
A. Roncaglia, F. Mancarella and G.C. Cardinali
Catalytic combustion type hydrogen gas sensor using TiO2 and UV-LED
Pages 224-228
Chi-Hwan Han, Dae-Woong Hong, Sang-Do Han, Jihye Gwak and Krishan C. Singh
Improving the detection limits of near infrared spectroscopy in the determination of aromatic hydrocarbons in water employing a silicone sensing phase
Pages 229-233
Kássio M.G. Lima, Ivo M. Raimundo Jr. and M. Fernanda Pimentel
Sulfhydryl oxidase modified composite electrode for the detection of reduced thiolic compounds
Pages 234-239
Suna Timur, Dilek Odaci, Ayse Dincer, Figen Zihnioglu, Azmi Telefoncu and Lo Gorton
Electrocatalytic property of poly-chromotrope 2B modified glassy carbon electrode on dopamine and its application
Pages 240-245
Xinhua Lin, Qian Zhuang, Jinghua Chen, Shaobo Zhang and Yanjie Zheng
Enhancing multiple classifier system performance for machine olfaction using odor-type signatures
Pages 246-253
Ekachai Phaisangittisagul and H. Troy Nagle
Sol–gel derived carbon nanotubes ceramic composite electrodes for electrochemical sensing
Pages 254-261
Liande Zhu, Chunyuan Tian, Jiangli Zhai and Ruilan Yang
Temperature influence on a differential capacitive rain sensor performances
Pages 262-267
Isabelle Bord, Pascal Tardy and Francis Menil
Preparation, characterization and gas sensing properties of lead tetra-(tert-butyl)-5,10,15,20-tetraazaporphyrin spin-coating films
Pages 268-273
B. Wang, X. Zuo, Y.Q. Wu and Z.M. Chen
The open-ended photothermal cell with LiTaO3 and its use in determining the photochemical loss
Pages 274-277
M.H. de Paula, S.F. Melo Filho, G.M. Lemos, C.A.T. Lopes Júnior, G.S. Maeoca, M.A.A. Cortez, A.A. de Carvalho, C. Kitano, J.G. da Silva and W.L.B. Melo
A versatile electrochemical fuel sensor for direct membrane fuel cell applications
Pages 278-283
King-Tsai Jeng, Wan-Min Huang, Chun-Ching Chien and Ning-Yih Hsu
Controlling solubility of polymeric anions in supramolecular assemblies with poly(aniline) for microsensors and actuators in human tissue
Pages 284-300
S. Hanstein, A. Martinez-Bonastre, U. Nestler and P.N. Bartlett
Neural network and Bayesian network fusion models to fuse electronic nose and surface acoustic wave sensor data for apple defect detection
Pages 301-310
Changying Li, Paul Heinemann and Richard Sherry
A comparative study of three evolutionary algorithms for surface acoustic wave sensor wavelength selection
Pages 311-320
Changying Li and Paul H. Heinemann
Potentialities of a modified QCM sensor for the detection of analytes interacting via H-bonding and application to the determination of ethanol in bread
Pages 321-325
Alessandra Bello, Federica Bianchi, Maria Careri, Marco Giannetto, Valentina Mastria, Giovanni Mori and Marilena Musci
 UTAS Section
AC electroosmotic generated in-plane microvortices for stationary or continuous fluid mixing
Pages 326-336
Shih-Hao Huang, Shou-Kai Wang, Hwa Seng Khoo and Fan-Gang Tseng
Reinforced vesicles withstand rigors of microfluidic electroporation
Pages 337-342
David B. Robinson, Eunice S. Lee, Zohora Iqbal, Judith L. Rognlien and Rafael V. Davalos
Integrated plastic microfluidic device for ssDNA separation
Pages 343-351
Jun Zheng, James R. Webster, Carlos H. Mastrangelo, Victor M. Ugaz, Mark A. Burns and David T. Burke






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