ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 125, 2



Date: 8 August 2007

Letter to Editor
Template assisted deposition of Ag nanoparticle arrays for surface-enhanced Raman scattering applications
Pages 353-356
I. Lombardi, P.L. Cavallotti, C. Carraro and R. Maboudian
Self-encoded polymer beads for microarray technologies
Pages 357-359
J. Pablo Bravo-Vasquez, Ramon A. Alvarez-Puebla and Hicham Fenniri
General Section
Waveguiding properties of fiber-optic capillaries for chemical sensing applications
Pages 360-371
B.K. Keller, M.D. DeGrandpre and C.P. Palmer
An optical fibre based ultra violet and visible absorption spectroscopy system for ozone concentration monitoring
Pages 372-378
S. O’Keeffe, C. Fitzpatrick and E. Lewis
Real-time, label-free, all-electrical detection of Salmonella typhimurium using lead titanate zirconate/gold-coated glass cantilevers at any relative humidity
Pages 379-388
Qing Zhu, Wan Y. Shih and Wei-Heng Shih
Evidence of improvement in gas sensing properties of nanostructured bismuth cobaltite prepared by solution-polymerization method
Pages 389-395
Carlos R. Michel, Emilio Delgado and Alma H. Martínez
Modeling carbon black/polymer composite sensors
Pages 396-407
Hua Lei, William G. Pitt, Lucas K. McGrath and Clifford K. Ho
Field-effect hydrogen sensor device with floating gate exhibiting unique behavior
Pages 408-414
Shinji Nakagomi, Takashi Shida, Hyuma Hoshi and Yoshihiro Kokubun
Discrimination of eight varieties of apricot (Prunus armeniaca) by electronic nose, LLE and SPME using GC–MS and multivariate analysis
Pages 415-421
H.M. Solis-Solis, M. Calderon-Santoyo, P. Gutierrez-Martinez, S. Schorr-Galindo and J.A. Ragazzo-Sanchez
Enhanced sensitivity of SAW gas sensor coated molecularly imprinted polymer incorporating high frequency stability oscillator
Pages 422-427
Wang Wen, He Shitang, Li Shunzhou, Liu Minghua and Pan Yong
An ion-focusing aspiration condenser as an ion mobility spectrometer
Pages 428-434
Stefan Zimmermann, Nora Abel, Wolfgang Baether and Sebastian Barth
Application of layered perovskite type proton conducting KCa2Nb3O10 in H2 sensors: Pt particle size and temperature dependence
Pages 435-440
M. Sakthivel and W. Weppner
Chemical modification of parylene C coatings for SAW biosensors
Pages 441-446
Kerstin Länge, Sebastian Grimm and Michael Rapp
Light-on fluorescent chemosensor for fluoride in aqueous solution based on ternary complex of Zr-EDTA and 4′-N,N-dimethylamino-6-methyl-3-hydroxylflavone
Pages 447-452
Jia-Sheng Wu, Fang Wang, Wei-Min Liu, Peng-Fei Wang, Shi-Kang Wu, Xiaohua Wu and Xiao-Hong Zhang
Thiocyanate selective sensor based on tripodal zinc complex for direct determination of thiocyanate in biological samples
Pages 453-461
Ashok Kumar Singh, Udai P. Singh, Sameena Mehtab and Vaibhave Aggarwal
Classification of multiple defect concentrations in white wine by platinum microelectrode voltammetry
Pages 462-467
L. Francioso, R. Bjorklund, T. Krantz-Rülcker and P. Siciliano
Determination of dye concentration in water using mesoporous particle coated QCR sensor
Pages 468-473
Young Min Park, Young Han Kim and Takuji Yamamoto
Immobilization of lactate dehydrogenase within multiwalled carbon nanotube-chitosan nanocomposite for application to lactate biosensors
Pages 474-481
Yu-Chen Tsai, Siao-Yun Chen and Hong-Wei Liaw
Enhanced gas sensing properties of In2O3:Ag composite nanoparticle layers; electronic interaction, size and surface induced effects
Pages 482-488
Vidya N. Singh, Bodh R. Mehta, Rakesh K. Joshi, Frank E. Kruis and Sonnada M. Shivaprasad
A pattern recognition method for electronic noses based on an olfactory neural network
Pages 489-497
Jun Fu, Guang Li, Yuqi Qin and Walter J. Freeman
ZnO nanowire-based CO sensors prepared on patterned ZnO:Ga/SiO2/Si templates
Pages 498-503
Ting-Jen Hsueh, Yi-Wen Chen, Shoou-Jinn Chang, Sea-Fue Wang, Cheng-Liang Hsu, Yan-Ru Lin, Tzer-Shen Lin and I-Cherng Chen
H2 sensing properties in highly oriented SnO2 thin films
Pages 504-509
Yun-Hyuk Choi and Seong-Hyeon Hong
A new B-PAn-P system for the detection of bacteria population
Pages 510-516
Jiali Ren, Fengjiao He, Lingling Zhang, Changwei Su and Zhenhua Liu
Direct and rapid monitoring the biochemical reaction of interleukin-6 in human using a flow-injection capacitive immunosensor in clinical immunoassay
Pages 517-525
Jin Pan
Impedimetric immunosensor for atrazine detection using interdigitated μ-electrodes (IDμE's)
Pages 526-537
Enrique Valera, Javier Ramón-Azcón, Ángel Rodríguez, Luis M. Castañer, F.-J. Sánchez and M.-P. Marco
Urea sensing film prepared by extrusion from DBSA-doped polyaniline-poly(styrene-co-potassium acrylate) in a poly(n-butyl methacrylate) matrix
Pages 538-543
M.M. Castillo-Ortega, T. Del Castillo-Castro, V.J. Ibarra-Bracamontes, S.M. Nuño-Donlucas, J.E. Puig and P.J. Herrera-Franco
Solid-state potentiometric H2S sensor combining NASICON with Pr6O11-doped SnO2 electrode
Pages 544-549
Xishuang Liang, Yuehua He, Fengmin Liu, Biao Wang, Tiegang Zhong, Baofu Quan and Geyu Lu
Cr2−xTixO3 (x ≤ 0.5) as CH3COCH3 sensitive resistors
Pages 550-555
Suman Pokhrel, Yang Ming, Lihua Huo, Hui Zhao and Shan Gao
Soil volatile fingerprints: Use for discrimination between soil types under different environmental conditions
Pages 556-562
A.C. Bastos and N. Magan
A fiber optic Raman sensor for hydrocarbon detection
Pages 563-568
Sunil K. Khijwania, Vidhu S. Tiwari, Fang-Yu Yueh and Jagdish P. Singh
Mechanically adjustable chemostats based on stimuli-responsive polymers
Pages 569-573
Andreas Richter, Jan Wenzel and Katja Kretschmer
Detection of DNA hybridization on indium tin oxide surfaces
Pages 574-580
Selina Moses, Scott H. Brewer, Stephan Kraemer, Ryan R. Fuierer, Lisa B. Lowe, Chiamaka Agbasi, Marc Sauthier and Stefan Franzen
Sandwich-type, antibody microarrays for the detection and quantification of cardiovascular risk markers
Pages 581-588
Ozgur Gul, Ediz Calay, Ugur Sezerman, Huveyda Basaga and Yasar Gurbuz
Colorimetric detection of volatile organic compounds using a colloidal crystal-based chemical sensor for environmental applications
Pages 589-595
Tatsuro Endo, Yasuko Yanagida and Takeshi Hatsuzawa
Cluster validation for electronic nose data
Pages 596-606
M. Falasconi, M. Pardo, M. Vezzoli and G. Sberveglieri
A multispot DNA chip fabricated with mixed ssDNA/oligo (ethylene glycol) self-assembled monolayers for detecting the effect of secondary structures on hybridization by SPR imaging
Pages 607-614
W.Y. Chen, W.P. Hu, Y.D. Su, A. Taylor, S. Jiang and G.L. Chang
Immobilization of biotinylated bacteriophages on biosensor surfaces
Pages 615-621
L. Gervais, M. Gel, B. Allain, M. Tolba, L. Brovko, M. Zourob, R. Mandeville, M. Griffiths and S. Evoy
Correlation between rf-sputtering parameters and WO3 sensor response towards ozone
Pages 622-627
R. Boulmani, M. Bendahan, C. Lambert-Mauriat, M. Gillet and K. Aguir
Actuation of polypyrrole films in propylene carbonate electrolytes
Pages 628-634
Rudolf Kiefer, Paul A. Kilmartin, Graham A. Bowmaker, Ralph P. Cooney and Jadranka Travas-Sejdic
Mix-to-mimic odor synthesis for electronic noses
Pages 635-643
Liran Carmel and David Harel
Fabrication and gas sensitivity of polyaniline–titanium dioxide nanocomposite thin film
Pages 644-650
Huiling Tai, Yadong Jiang, Guangzhong Xie, Junsheng Yu and Xuan Chen
Resistive humidity sensitivity of arrayed multi-wall carbon nanotube nests grown on arrayed nanoporous silicon pillars
Pages 651-655
Wei Fen Jiang, Shun Hua Xiao, Chun Yue Feng, Hua Yang Li and Xin Jian Li
Potentiometric liquid membrane pH sensors based on calix[4]-aza-crowns
Pages 656-663
Xiao-Jie Liu, Bo Peng, Fang Liu and Yu Qin
 UTAS Section
A full micro-fluidic system for single oocyte manipulation including an optical sensor for cell maturity estimation and fertilisation indication
Pages 664-671
Rabah Zeggari, Bruno Wacogne, Christian Pieralli, Christophe Roux and Tijani Gharbi
An analysis of interdigitated electrode geometry for dielectrophoretic particle transport in micro-fluidics
Pages 672-679
N. Crews, J. Darabi, P. Voglewede, F. Guo and A. Bayoumi
Microfluidic chip integrated with amperometric detector array for in situ estimating oxygen consumption characteristics of single bovine embryos
Pages 680-687
Ching-Chou Wu, Takeshi Saito, Tomoyuki Yasukawa, Hitoshi Shiku, Hiroyuki Abe, Hiroyoshi Hoshi and Tomokazu Matsue
A review of fiber-optic biosensors
Pages 688-703
Angela Leung, P. Mohana Shankar and Raj Mutharasan






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