ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 127, 1


Special Issue: Eurosensors XX The 20th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers,
Goteborg,Sweden, 17-20 September 2006
Edited by Cristina Rusu



Date: 20 October 2007



Flexible tag microlab development: Gas sensors integration in RFID flexible tags for food logistic
Pages 2-7
Estefania Abad, Stefano Zampolli, Santiago Marco, Andrea Scorzoni, Barbara Mazzolai, Aritz Juarros, David Gómez, Ivan Elmi, Gian Carlo Cardinali, José M. Gómez, et al.
Potentiometric electronic tongue based on integrated array of microelectrodes
Pages 8-14
Patrycja Ciosek, Renata Mamińska, Artur Dybko and Wojciech Wróblewski
Corrosion sensors for engine oils—laboratory evaluation and field tests
Pages 15-21
A. Agoston, N. Dörr and B. Jakoby
Correlation between atomic composition and gas sensing properties in tungsten–iron oxide thin films
Pages 22-28
E. Comini, L. Pandolfi, S. Kaciulis, G. Faglia and G. Sberveglieri
Electrochemical biosensor for targeted detection in blood using aligned Au nanowires
Pages 29-35
Shyam Aravamudhan, Niranjan S. Ramgir and Shekhar Bhansali
Analysis of volcanic gases by means of electronic nose
Pages 36-41
S. De Vito, E. Massera, L. Quercia and G. Di Francia
Investigation of tin oxides as sensing layers in conductimetric interdigitated pH sensors
Pages 42-53
K. Arshak, E. Gill, A. Arshak and O. Korostynska
Wireless Joule nanoheaters
Pages 54-62
Christian Falconi, Arnaldo D’Amico and Zhong Lin Wang
Sensing of CH4, CO and ethanol with in situ nanoparticle aerosol-fabricated multilayer sensors
Pages 63-68
Thorsten Sahm, Weizhi Rong, Nicolae Bârsan, Lutz Mädler and Udo Weimar
Non-selective NDIR array for gas detection
Pages 69-73
R. Rubio, J. Santander, L. Fonseca, N. Sabaté, I. Gràcia, C. Cané, S. Udina and S. Marco
Effect of varying the nanostructured porous-Si process parameters on the performance of Pd-doped hydrogen sensor
Pages 74-81
P.K. Sekhar, A. Sine and S. Bhansali
An automotive Bi-Source spectroscopic carbon dioxide sensor with pressure compensation
Pages 82-88
Robert Frodl and Thomas Tille
Effect of electrode geometry on the impedance evaluation of tissue and cell culture
Pages 89-96
Abdur Rub Abdur Rahman, Dorielle T. Price and Shekhar Bhansali
Electrical impedance tomography for sensing with integrated microelectrodes on a CMOS microchip
Pages 97-101
K.T.C. Chai, J.H. Davies and D.R.S. Cumming
Determination of the total hardness in tap water using acoustic wave sensors
Pages 102-106
Marta I.S. Veríssimo, João A.B.P. Oliveira and M. Teresa S.R. Gomes
Impact of sensor packaging on analytical performance and power consumption of metal oxide based gas sensor microarrays
Pages 107-111
R. Gmür, J. Goschnick, T. Hocker, H. Schwarzenbach and M. Sommer
Utilizing a chronopotentiometric sensor technique for metallothionein determination in fish tissues and their host parasites
Pages 112-119
Jitka Petrlova, Sona Krizkova, Ondrej Zitka, Jaromir Hubalek, Richard Prusa, Vojtech Adam, Joseph Wang, Miroslava Beklova, Bernd Sures and Rene Kizek
Mechanical investigation of perforated and porous membranes for micro- and nanofilter applications
Pages 120-125
A. Kovács, Á. Kovács, M. Pogány and U. Mescheder
Optimization of platinum adhesion in electrochemical etching process for multi-sensor systems
Pages 126-131
J. Kritwattanakhorn, M.-L. Bauersfeld, A. Kovacs, B. Müller, U. Mescheder, S. Rademacher and J. Wöllenstein
Nanoparticles for detecting pollutants and degradation processes with mass-sensitive sensors
Pages 132-136
Peter A. Lieberzeit, A. Afzal, A. Rehman and Franz L. Dickert
Hybrid metal oxide and multiwall carbon nanotube films for low temperature gas sensing
Pages 137-142
E.H. Espinosa, R. Ionescu, B. Chambon, G. Bedis, E. Sotter, C. Bittencourt, A. Felten, J.-J. Pireaux, X. Correig and E. Llobet
An RFID reader with onboard sensing capability for monitoring fruit quality
Pages 143-149
A. Vergara, E. Llobet, J.L. Ramírez, P. Ivanov, L. Fonseca, S. Zampolli, A. Scorzoni, T. Becker, S. Marco and J. Wöllenstein
Optical response of plasma-deposited zinc phthalocyanine films to volatile organic compounds
Pages 150-156
G. Maggioni, M.G. Manera, J. Spadavecchia, M. Tonezzer, S. Carturan, A. Quaranta, C. de Julián Fernández, R. Rella, P. Siciliano, G. Della Mea, et al.
Single step deposition of different morphology ZnO gas sensing films
Pages 157-160
Á. Németh, E. Horváth, Z. Lábadi, L. Fedák and I. Bársony
Hybrid gas sensor platform based on capacitive coupled field effect transistors: Ammonia and nitrogen dioxide detection
Pages 161-167
Alexandru Oprea, Heinz-Peter Frerichs, Christoph Wilbertz, Mirko Lehmann and Udo Weimar
Layered SAW gas sensor with single-walled carbon nanotube-based nanocomposite coating
Pages 168-178
M. Penza, P. Aversa, G. Cassano, W. Wlodarski and K. Kalantar-Zadeh
Application of carbon nano-powders for a gas micro-preconcentrator
Pages 179-185
C. Pijolat, M. Camara, J. Courbat, J.-P. Viricelle, D. Briand and N.F. de Rooij
Single chip interdigitated electrode capacitive chemical sensor arrays
Pages 186-192
M. Kitsara, D. Goustouridis, S. Chatzandroulis, M. Chatzichristidi, I. Raptis, Th. Ganetsos, R. Igreja and C.J. Dias
Bismuth-coated diamond-like carbon microelectrodes for heavy metals determination
Pages 193-197
Vlastimil Rehacek, Ivan Hotovy and Marian Vojs
Signal frequency studies of an environmental application of a 65 nm region ion sensitive field effect transistor sensor
Pages 198-203
Klas Risveden, Sunil Bhand, J. Fredrik Pontén, Thomas Andén, Nils Calander, Magnus Willander and Bengt Danielsson
Water and ammonia influence on the conduction mechanisms in polyacrylic acid films
Pages 204-209
M. Sahm, A. Oprea, N. Bârsan and U. Weimar
Optical gas sensitivity of a metaloxide multilayer system with gold-nano-clusters
Pages 210-216
A. Schleunitz, H. Steffes, R. Chabicovsky and E. Obermeier
Handheld measurement device for field-effect sensor structures: Practical evaluation and limitations
Pages 217-223
Torsten Wagner, Rob J. Maris, Hans-Josef Ackermann, Ralph Otto, Stefan Beging, Arshak Poghossian and Michael J. Schöning
Planar, impedance-metric NOx-sensor with spinel-type SE for high temperature applications
Pages 224-230
M. Stranzenbach, E. Gramckow and B. Saruhan
Volatile organic compounds detection using porphyrin-based metal-cladding leaky waveguides
Pages 231-236
R. Bernini, M. Tonezzer, F. Mottola, L. Zeni, A. Quaranta, G. Maggioni, S. Carturan and G. Della Mea
Multicomponent quantification with a novel method applied to gradient gas sensor microarray signal patterns
Pages 237-241
Joachim Goschnick, Daniel Haeringer and Ilia Kiselev
The mechanism of the formation of selective response of semiconductor gas sensor in mixture of CH4/H2/CO with air
Pages 242-247
N.N. Samotaev, A.A. Vasiliev, B.I. Podlepetsky, A.V. Sokolov and A.V. Pisliakov
Immunosensor utilizing a shear mode thin film bulk acoustic sensor
Pages 248-252
G. Wingqvist, J. Bjurström, A.-C. Hellgren and I. Katardjiev
Improvement of ultrasonic atomizer method for deposition of gas-sensing film on QCM
Pages 253-259
Bartosz Wyszynski, Agustin Gutierrez Galvez and Takamichi Nakamoto
Novel design and characterisation of SOI CMOS micro-hotplates for high temperature gas sensors
Pages 260-266
P.K. Guha, S.Z. Ali, C.C.C. Lee, F. Udrea, W.I. Milne, T. Iwaki, J.A. Covington and J.W. Gardner
Correlating e-nose responses to wine sensorial descriptors and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry profiles using partial least squares regression analysis
Pages 267-276
Jesús Lozano, José Pedro Santos, Teresa Arroyo, Margarita Aznar, Juan Mariano Cabellos, Mar Gil and María del Carmen Horrillo
Discrimination of volatile compounds through an electronic nose based on ZnO SAW sensors
Pages 277-283
María Jesús Fernández, José Luís Fontecha, Isabel Sayago, Manuel Aleixandre, Jesús Lozano, Javier Gutiérrez, Isabel Gràcia, Carles Cané and María del Carmen Horrillo
Measurements of odours based on response analysis of insect olfactory receptor neurons
Pages 284-287
Matti Huotari and Vilho Lantto
Improvement of the gas sensor response via silicon μ-preconcentrator
Pages 288-294
Peter Ivanov, Fernando Blanco, Isabel Gràcia, N. Sabaté, A. Ruiz, Xavier Vilanova, Xavier Correig, Luis Fonseca, E. Figueras, J. Santander, et al.
Metal-free phthalocyanine and palladium sensor structure with a polyethylene membrane for hydrogen detection in SAW systems
Pages 295-303
Wiesław Jakubik, Marian Urbańczyk and Erwin Maciak
Preparation of a gabapentin potentiometric sensor and its application to pharmaceutical analysis
Pages 304-309
Fahimeh Jalali, Elham Arkan and Gholamreza Bahrami






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