ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 138, 1



Date: 24 April 2009


  Editorial Board
Page CO2
 Letters to the Editor
Enhanced detection resonance frequency shift of a piezoelectric microcantilever sensor by a DC bias electric field in humidity detection
Pages 1-4
Qing Zhu, Wan Y. Shih, Wei-Heng Shih
Silver nanoparticles in multiwalled carbon nanotube–Nafion for surface-enhanced Raman scattering chemical sensor
Pages 5-8
Yu-Chen Tsai, Ping-Chieh Hsu, Yen-Wen Lin, Tzong-Ming Wu
General Section
Spectral characters of Rhodamine B as a multi-information fluorescence probe for bovine serum albumins
Pages 9-13
Jian Zhu, Jian-Jun Li, Jun-Wu Zhao
Gas sensing response of NiO nanoparticle films made by reactive gas deposition
Pages 14-20
C. Luyo, R. Ionescu, L.F. Reyes, Z. Topalian, W. Estrada, E. Llobet, C.G. Granqvist, P. Heszler
Integrated microfluidic components on a printed wiring board platform
Pages 21-27
Keryn Lian, Shawn O’Rourke, Daniel Sadler, Manes Eliacin, Claudia Gamboa, Robert Terbrueggen, Marc Chason
Raman and MASNMR studies to support the mechanism of low temperature hydrogen sensing by Pd doped mesoporous SnO2
Pages 28-34
P. Manjula, L. Satyanarayana, Y. Swarnalatha, Sunkara V. Manorama
The Novel CO sensing material CoOOH–WO3 with Au and SWCNT performance enhancement
Pages 35-41
Ren-Jang Wu, Wei-Chen Chang, Kun-Ming Tsai, Jhih-Gan Wu
The application of leaky anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguides as optical sensors (L-ARROW)
Pages 42-47
John P. Hulme, Seong Soo A. An
Electrochemical pneumatic actuators utilising carbon nanotube electrodes
Pages 48-54
Binbin Xi, Philip G. Whitten, Adrian Gestos, Van-Tan Truong, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace
Prediction of relative sensitivity of the olfactory and nasal trigeminal chemosensory systems for a series of the volatile organic compounds based on local lazy regression method
Pages 55-63
Hongying Du, Jie Wang, Zhide Hu, Mancang Liu, Xiaojun Yao
An optical MEMS sensor utilizing a chitosan film for catechol detection
Pages 64-70
Peter Dykstra, Junjie Hao, Stephan T. Koev, Gregory F. Payne, Liangli Yu, Reza Ghodssi
Electrical and gas sensing properties of Li and Ti codoped NiO/PVDF thin film
Pages 71-75
Anjum Qureshi, Ahmet Altindal, Ayhan Mergen
Studies on tin oxide-intercalated polyaniline nanocomposite for ammonia gas sensing applications
Pages 76-84
N.G. Deshpande, Y.G. Gudage, Ramphal Sharma, J.C. Vyas, J.B. Kim, Y.P. Lee
Layered SAW gas sensor based on CSA synthesized polyaniline nanofiber on AlN on 64° YX LiNbO3 for H2 sensing
Pages 85-89
M.Z. Atashbar, A.Z. Sadek, W. Wlodarski, S. Sriram, M. Bhaskaran, C.J. Cheng, R.B. Kaner, K. Kalantar-zadeh
Electronic nose for black tea quality evaluation by an incremental RBF network
Pages 90-95
Bipan Tudu, Arun Jana, Animesh Metla, Devdulal Ghosh, Nabarun Bhattacharyya, Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Optical sensor for online-monitoring of oxygen traces in hydrogen electrolysis
Pages 96-99
Benjamin Scherer, Juergen Woellenstein
New perspectives of gas sensor technology
Pages 100-107
Noboru Yamazoe, Kengo Shimanoe
Density functional study of the interaction of CO with undoped and Pd doped SnO2(1 1 0) surface
Pages 108-112
Y.B. Xue, Z.A. Tang
Metal-oxide nanostructure and gas-sensing performance
Pages 113-119
R.L. Vander Wal, G.W. Hunter, J.C. Xu, M.J. Kulis, G.M. Berger, T.M. Ticich
Radio-frequency tag with optoelectronic interface for distributed wireless chemical and biological sensor applications
Pages 120-125
Ivana Murković Steinberg, Matthew D. Steinberg
Sensitive detection of a pseudo-polyrotaxane ultrathin film by SPR and QCM-D methods
Pages 126-133
Keiko Tawa, Norihito Kuboyama, Saleh A. Ahmed, Mutsuo Tanaka, Takahiko Nakaoki
Directed fluorescence sensor element for standoff detection of uranium in soil
Pages 134-137
Dmitry Pestov, Chien-Cheng Chen, Jean D. Nelson, John E. Anderson, Gary Tepper
Conductive Polymer nano-bioComposites (CPC): Chitosan-carbon nanoparticle a good candidate to design polar vapour sensors
Pages 138-147
Audrey Bouvree, Jean-François Feller, Mickaël Castro, Yves Grohens, Marguerite Rinaudo
Detection of an uncharged steroid with a silicon nanowire field-effect transistor
Pages 148-153
Ko Shing Chang, Chen Chia Chen, Jeng Tzong Sheu, Yaw-Kuan Li
A novel fiber Fabry–Perot filter based mixed-gas sensing system
Pages 154-159
Hui Ding, Jianqi Liang, Junhong Cui, Xiangnan Wu
Atmospheric pressure fabrication of SnO2-nanowires for highly sensitive CO and CH4 detection
Pages 160-167
Anton Köck, Alexandra Tischner, Thomas Maier, Michael Kast, Christian Edtmaier, Christian Gspan, Gerald Kothleitner
On-chip fabrication of ZnO-nanowire gas sensor with high gas sensitivity
Pages 168-173
M.-W. Ahn, K.-S. Park, J.-H. Heo, D.-W. Kim, K.J. Choi, J.-G. Park
Simultaneous electrochemical determination of dopamine, ascorbic acid and uric acid using poly(acid chrome blue K) modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 174-181
Rui Zhang, Gen-Di Jin, Da Chen, Xiao-Ya Hu
Layer-by-layer assembled hybrid film of carbon nanotubes/iron oxide nanocrystals for reagentless electrochemical detection of H2O2
Pages 182-188
Yuqing Miao, Hua Wang, Yuyan Shao, Zhiwen Tang, Jun Wang, Yuehe Lin
Selective sensing of hydrogen sulphide using silver nanoparticle decorated carbon nanotubes
Pages 189-192
D.W.H. Fam, A.I.Y. Tok, Al. Palaniappan, P. Nopphawan, Anup Lohani, S.G. Mhaisalkar
Investigation of the perovskite ceramic Li0.30La0.56TiO3 by Pulsed Force Mode AFM for pH sensor application
Pages 193-200
Mickaël Roffat, Olivier Noël, Olivier Soppera, Odile Bohnke
Plasma treatment of SnO2 nanocolumn arrays deposited by liquid injection plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for gas sensors
Pages 201-206
Hui Huang, Y.C. Lee, C.L. Chow, O.K. Tan, M.S. Tse, J. Guo, T. White
Transition from n- to p-type electrical conductivity induced by ethanol adsorption on α-tellurium dioxide nanowires
Pages 207-213
T. Siciliano, A. Tepore, G. Micocci, A. Genga, M. Siciliano, E. Filippo
Impedimetric aflatoxin M1 immunosensor based on colloidal gold and silver electrodeposition
Pages 214-220
Attila Vig, Antonio Radoi, Xavier Muñoz-Berbel, Gyongyi Gyemant, Jean-Louis Marty
Structural properties and sensing performance of high-k Sm2O3 membrane-based electrolyte–insulator–semiconductor for pH and urea detection
Pages 221-227
Min-Hsien Wu, Chih-Hung Cheng, Chao-Sung Lai, Tung-Ming Pan
Improving humidity selectivity in formaldehyde gas sensing by a two-sensor array made of Ga-doped ZnO
Pages 228-235
Ning Han, Yajun Tian, Xiaofeng Wu, Yunfa Chen
Development of biosensor based on ionic liquid and corn peroxidase immobilized on chemically crosslinked chitin
Pages 236-243
Daniela Brondani, Jairton Dupont, Almir Spinelli, Iolanda Cruz Vieira
Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin immobilized in an amphiphilic diblock copolymer film
Pages 244-250
Shanshan Jia, Junjie Fei, Junjie Deng, Yuanli Cai, Junan Li
Development and characterization of a copper optical sensor based on immobilization of synthesized 1-phenyl-1,2-propanedione-2-oxime thiosemicarbazone on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 251-256
M. Arab Chamjangali, S. Soltanpanah, N. Goudarzi
Voltammetric sensing of the fuel dye marker Solvent Blue 14 by screen-printed electrodes
Pages 257-263
Magno Aparecido Gonçalves Trindade, Maria Valnice Boldrin Zanoni
In vivo wireless ethanol vapor detection in the Wistar rat
Pages 264-269
C. Parks Cheney, B. Srijanto, D.L. Hedden, A. Gehl, T.L. Ferrell, J. Schultz, E.A. Engleman, W.J. McBride, S. O’Connor
An impedimetric biosensor for real-time monitoring of bacterial growth in a microbial fermentor
Pages 270-277
Young-Hun Kim, Jae-Sung Park, Hyo-Il Jung
Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on direct electron transfer of horseradish peroxidase with vapor deposited quantum dots
Pages 278-282
Zhan Wang, Qiao Xu, Hai-Qiao Wang, Qin Yang, Jiu-Hong Yu, Yuan-Di Zhao
A novel pyrene-based binary pressure sensitive paint with low temperature coefficient and improved stability
Pages 283-288
Bharathibai J. Basu, N. Vasantharajan, Channa Raju
The sensor response of tin oxide thin films to different gas concentration and the modification of the gas diffusion theory
Pages 289-295
Jianqiao Liu, Shuping Gong, Jing Xia, Lin Quan, Huan Liu, Dongxiang Zhou
Formation of a porous alumina electrode as a low-cost CMOS neuronal interface
Pages 296-303
Anthony H.D. Graham, Chris R. Bowen, Jon Robbins, John Taylo
ZnS and DDT (dodacanthiol-1) capping in CdSe nanoparticles
Pages 304-309
Radheshyam Rai, Abhilasha Srivastava, Kiran Jain
Numerical design of a card and related physicochemical phenomena occurring inside agarose-immobilized bacteria: A valuable tool for increasing our knowledge of biosensors
Pages 310-317
Mahmoud Affi, Camille Solliec, Patrick Legentillomme, Jacques Comiti, Jack Legrand, Gérald Thouand
Polyaniline/silver nanocomposites: Dielectric properties and ethanol vapour sensitivity
Pages 318-325
Arup Choudhury
Experimental and numerical characterization of an electrode-matrix cell for electrochemical measurements
Pages 326-335
A. Manzin, C. Boveri, P.P. Capra, F. Durbiano, O. Bottauscio
Laser patterning and packaging of CCD-CE-Chips made of PMMA
Pages 336-343
Wilhelm Pfleging, Robert Kohler, Phillip Schierjott, Werner Hoffmann
An amperometric glucose biosensor based on the immobilization of glucose oxidase on the ZnO nanotubes
Pages 344-350
Tao Kong, Yang Chen, Yiping Ye, Kun Zhang, Zhenxing Wang, Xiaoping Wang
SWCNT nano-composite optical sensors for VOC and gas trace detection
Pages 351-361
M. Consales, A. Crescitelli, M. Penza, P. Aversa, P. Delli Veneri, M. Giordano, A. Cusano
Current collection efficiency of micro- and nano-ring-recessed disk electrodes and of arrays of these electrodes
Pages 362-367
Denis Menshykau, F. Javier del Campo, Francesc Xavier Muñoz, Richard G. Compton
A humidity sensor based on KCl-doped SnO2 nanofibers
Pages 368-373
Xiaofeng Song, Qi Qi, Tong Zhang, Ce Wang
 MicroTAS Section
Monitoring SAW-actuated microdroplets in view of biological applications
Pages 374-382
Alan Renaudin, Jean-Pierre Sozanski, Bernard Verbeke, Victor Zhang, Pierre Tabourier, Christian Druon
Surface plasmon resonance reflectance from nanoparticles in a liquid matrix: Retrieval of the optical properties using the maximum entropy model
Pages 383-395
Jarkko J. Saarinen, Erik M. Vartiainen, Kai-Erik Peiponen





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