ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 139, 1



Date: 20 May 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Europtrode IX
Page 1
Colette McDonagh, Brian D. MacCraith
3 Protein microarray for the analysis of human melanoma biomarkers
Pages 2-8
Patrick Domnanich, Ursula Sauer, Johanna Pultar, Claudia Preininger
4. Coupled long range surface plasmons for the investigation of thin films and interfaces
Pages 9-12
Jakub Dostálek, Robert F. Roskamp, Wolfgang Knoll
5. Monitoring of enzymatic proteolysis on a electroluminescent-CCD microchip platform using quantum dot-peptide substrates
Pages 13-21
Kim E. Sapsford, Dorothy Farrell, Steven Sun, Avraham Rasooly, Hedi Mattoussi, Igor L. Medintz
6. Multiple surface plasmon resonance quantification of dextromethorphan using a molecularly imprinted β-cyclodextrin polymer: A potential probe for drug–drug interactions
Pages 22-29
Philip J.R. Roche, Sing Muk Ng, Ramaier Narayanaswamy, Nicholas Goddard, Ken M. Page
7. Fibre optical sensor for C2H2 gas using gas-filled photonic bandgap fibre reference cell
Pages 30-34
Ed Austin, Adriaan van Brakel, Marco N. Petrovich, David J. Richardson
8. Characterisation of the humidity and temperature responses of a reflection hologram recorded in acrylamide-based photopolymer
Pages 35-38
Izabela Naydenova, Raghavendra Jallapuram, Vincent Toal, Suzanne Martin
9. A porous silicon-based Bragg grating waveguide sensor for chemical monitoring
Pages 39-43
Ilaria Rea, Mario Iodice, Giuseppe Coppola, Ivo Rendina, Antigone Marino, Luca De Stefano
10. Compact point-of-care system for clinical diagnostics
Pages 44-51
Manuel Kemmler, Birgit Koger, Gerd Sulz, Ursula Sauer, Erwin Schleicher, Claudia Preininger, Albrecht Brandenburg
11. Fluorescent poly(styrene-block-vinylpyrrolidone) nanobeads for optical sensing of pH
Pages 52-58
Sergey M. Borisov, Danielle L. Herrod, Ingo Klimant
12. Long-range surface plasmons for sensitive detection of bacterial analytes
Pages 59-63
M. Vala, S. Etheridge, J.A. Roach, J. Homola
13. An optical PMMA biochip based on fluorescence anisotropy: Application to C-reactive protein assay
Pages 64-68
Francesco Baldini, Adolfo Carloni, Ambra Giannetti, Giampiero Porro, Cosimo Trono
14. Surface plasmon resonance biosensors for detection of Alzheimer disease biomarker
Pages 69-73
K. Hegnerová, M. Bocková, H. Vaisocherová, Z. Krištofiková, J. Říčný, D. Řípová, J. Homola
15. Multiple surface plasmon biosensor assay as new tool for probing metabolic evaluation of CYP2D6
Pages 74-82
P.J.R. Roche, S-M. Ng, R. Narayanaswamy
16. A complete miniaturised genotyping system for the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms in human DNA samples
Pages 83-90
Mazher-Iqbal Mohammed, Graeme J. Sills, Martin J. Brodie, Elizabeth. M. Ellis, John. M. Girkin
17. Mercaptoacetic acid capped CdS quantum dots as fluorescence single shot probe for mercury(II)
Pages 91-96
Masilamany Koneswaran, Ramaier Narayanaswamy
18. Surface plasmon resonance sensor in the analysis of caffeine binding to CYP1A2 p450 monoxygenase in the presence and absence of NADPH
Pages 97-103
P.J.R. Roche, S.-M. Ng, K. Page, N. Goddard, R. Narayanaswamy
19. l-Cysteine-capped ZnS quantum dots based fluorescence sensor for Cu2+ ion
Pages 104-109
Masilamany Koneswaran, Ramaier Narayanaswamy
20. Towards an autonomous integrated sensor system
Pages 110-117
Chinmay P. Joshi, Albert H. Titus
21. Deep UV sensing of the interaction of porphyrin with bovine serum albumin protein
Pages 118-124
Qiang Li, Stefan Seeger
22. Optical ligand–thorium complex sensors using various reagents and the comparison of formation constants obtained in dip probe, flow cell and microchip systems
Pages 125-131
O. Gumrah, N. Malcik, P. Caglar
23. Dual lifetime referenced trace ammonia sensors
Pages 132-138
K. Waich, S. Borisov, T. Mayr, I. Klimant
24. Fiber-optic detection of chlorine in water
Pages 139-142
Ivan Kasik, Jan Mrazek, Ondrej Podrazky, Miroslav Seidl, Jan Aubrecht, Petr Tobiska, Marie Pospisilova, Vlastimil Matejec, Barna Kovacs, Akos Markovics, Monika Szili
25. Hollow waveguide-based full-field absorbance biosensor
Pages 143-149
V.J. Cadarso, A. Llobera, C. Fernández-Sánchez, M. Darder, C. Domínguez
26. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) studies on silver nanorod substrates
Pages 150-155
Rukiye Sancı, Mürvet Volkan
27. Molecularly imprinted β-cyclodextrin polymer as potential optical receptor for the detection of organic compound
Pages 156-165
Sing Muk Ng, R. Narayanaswamy
28. Single and Multiple Internal Reflection poly(dimethylsiloxane) absorbance-based biosensors
Pages 166-173
S. Demming, A. Llobera, R. Wilke, S. Büttgenbach
29. Enhancing performance in optical sensing with magnetic nanoparticles
Pages 174-180
Günter Mistlberger, Sergey M. Borisov, Ingo Klimant
30. Continuous monitoring of pO2 and pCO2 by microdialysis indicates physiologic status of the critically ill patients
Pages 181-186
M. Cajlakovic, A. Bizzarri, M. Suppan, C. Konrad, V. Ribitsch
31. Monitoring of cell growth in vitro using biochips packaged with indium tin oxide sensors
Pages 187-193
Eric Moore, Orla Rawley, Terri Wood, Paul Galvin
32. A compact refractometric sensor based on grated silicon photonic wires
Pages 194-198
L.J. Kauppinen, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra, R.M. de Ridder
33. Novel concept of multi-channel fiber optic surface plasmon resonance sensor
Pages 199-203
Barbora Špačková, Marek Piliarik, Pavel Kvasnička, Christos Themistos, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Jiří Homola
34. Read-out of multiple optical chemical sensors by means of digital color cameras
Pages 204-207
Matthias I.J. Stich, Sergey M. Borisov, Ulrich Henne, Michael Schäferling
35. High performance optical ratiometric sol–gel-based pH sensor
Pages 208-213
D. Wencel, B.D. MacCraith, C. McDonagh
36. Polymeric luminol on pre-treated screen-printed electrodes for the design of performant reagentless (bio)sensors
Pages 214-221
Audrey Sassolas, Loïc J. Blum, Béatrice D. Leca-Bouvier
37. Effect of plasticizers on a PVC sensing phase for evaluation of water contamination by aromatic hydrocarbons and fuels using infrared spectroscopy
Pages 222-230
Andréa Monteiro Santana Silva, Maria Fernanda Pimentel, Ivo M. Raimundo Jr., Yeda M.B. Almeida
38. Bio-sensing textile based patch with integrated optical detection system for sweat monitoring
Pages 231-236
Deirdre Morris, Shirley Coyle, Yanzhe Wu, King Tong Lau, Gordon Wallace, Dermot Diamond
39. A critical comparison between two different ratiometric techniques for optical luminescence sensing
Pages 237-244
M. Valledor, Juan Carlos Campo, Francisco Ferrero, Israel Sánchez-Barragán, José M. Costa-Fernández, Alfredo Sanz-Medel
40. Biochip readout system for point-of-care applications
Pages 245-251
Albrecht Brandenburg, Franziska Curdt, Gerd Sulz, Frank Ebling, Jörg Nestler, Kai Wunderlich, Dirk Michel
41. Reflection-based sensor for gaseous ammonia
Pages 252-257
Ákos Markovics, Géza Nagy, Barna Kovács





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