ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 140, 1



Date: 18 June 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
Letter to the Editor
2. Enzyme logic network analyzing combinations of biochemical inputs and producing fluorescent output signals: Towards multi-signal digital biosensors
Pages 1-4
Tsz Kin Tam, Marcos Pita, Evgeny Katz
  General Section
3. Development of a potentiometric catechol biosensor by entrapment of tyrosinase within polypyrrole film
Pages 5-11
Qaisar Ameer, Samuel B. Adeloju
4. Multiparameter techniques for non-invasive measurement of blood glucose
Pages 12-16
Carlos F. Amaral, Martin Brischwein, Bernhard Wolf
5. Sensor response of sol–gel multiwalled carbon nanotubes-TiO2 composites deposited by screen-printing and dip-coating techniques
Pages 17-23
M. Sánchez, M.E. Rincón
6. External cavity widely tunable quantum cascade laser based hollow waveguide gas sensors for multianalyte detection
Pages 24-28
C. Young, S.-S. Kim, Y. Luzinova, M. Weida, D. Arnone, E. Takeuchi, T. Day, B. Mizaikoff
7. Off-flavours detection in alcoholic beverages by electronic nose coupled to GC
Pages 29-34
J.A. Ragazzo-Sanchez, P. Chalier, D. Chevalier-Lucia, M. Calderon-Santoyo, C. Ghommidh
8. 3D virtual viewer on mobile device for wireless sensor network-based RSSI indoor tracking system
Pages 35-42
Wan-Young Chung, Boon Giin Lee, Chi Shian Yang
9. An effective method for analysis of dynamic electronic nose responses
Pages 43-50
K. Brudzewski, J. Ulaczyk
10. Detection of nitrite using poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) modified SPCEs
Pages 51-57
Chia-Yu Lin, V.S. Vasantha, Kuo-Chuan Ho
11. On the amperometric detection and electrocatalytic analysis of ascorbic acid and dopamine using a poly(acriflavine)-modified electrode
Pages 58-64
Po-Chin Nien, Po-Yen Chen, Kuo-Chuan Ho
12. Room temperature metal–insulator–semiconductor (MIS) hydrogen sensors based on chemically surface modified porous silicon
Pages 65-72
J. Kanungo, H. Saha, S. Basu
13. Enhanced toluene sensing characteristics of TiO2-doped flowerlike ZnO nanostructures
Pages 73-78
Yi Zeng, Tong Zhang, Lijie Wang, Minghui Kang, Huitao Fan, Rui Wang, Yuan He
14. Field effect hydrogen sensor device with simple structure based on GaN
Pages 79-85
Tadamune Higuchi, Shinji Nakagomi, Yoshihiro Kokubun
15. Sprayed CdO thin films for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) detection
Pages 86-91
R.R. Salunkhe, D.S. Dhawale, D.P. Dubal, C.D. Lokhande
16. Copper nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes-based electrochemical sensing system for fast identification of tricresyl-phosphate in aqueous samples and air
Pages 92-97
Valber A. Pedrosa, Rigved Epur, Jessica Benton, Ruel A. Overfelt, Aleksandr L. Simonian
17. Citrate–nitrate synthesis of nano-structured titanium dioxide ceramics for gas sensors
Pages 98-103
Zachary Seeley, Young Jin Choi, Susmita Bose
18. Sensitivity of resorcinarene films towards aliphatic alcohols
Pages 104-108
I.A. Koshets, Z.I. Kazantseva, A.E. Belyaev, V.I. Kalchenko
19. High-temperature resistive hydrogen sensor based on thin nanoporous rutile TiO2 film on anodic aluminum oxide
Pages 109-115
Chi Lu, Zhi Chen
20. Research on gas-sensing properties of lead sulfide-based sensor for detection of NO2 and NH3 at room temperature
Pages 116-121
Tiexiang Fu
21. Detection of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) with an array of sensors based on non-specific interactions
Pages 122-127
Eyal Capua, Roberto Cao, Chaim N. Sukenik, Ron Naaman
22. Establishing and interpreting an electrical circuit representing a TiO2–WO3 series of humidity thick film sensors
Pages 128-133
P.M. Faia, A.J. Ferreira, C.S. Furtado
23. Moisture sensitivity of p-ZnO/n-Si heterostructure
Pages 134-138
Sayanee Majumdar, P. Banerji
24. AlInN resistive ammonia gas sensors
Pages 139-142
W.Y. Weng, S.J. Chang, T.J. Hsueh, C.L. Hsu, M.J. Li, W.C. Lai
25. Classification of data from electronic nose using relevance vector machines
Pages 143-148
Xiaodong Wang, Meiying Ye, C.J. Duanmu
26. Effect of the frequency on the gas sensing response of CoSb2O6 prepared by a colloidal method
Pages 149-154
Carlos R. Michel, Alma H. Martínez-Preciado, Juan P. Morán-Lázaro
27. Synthesis and characterization of poly(4-acetyl acryloyl ethyl acetate-co-acrylic acid) novel temperature/pH-sensitive hydrogels
Pages 155-161
Cong-Hui Yuan, Song-Bai Lin, Bo Liu, Ai-Ru Ke, Zhi-Long Quan
28. Colorimetric detection of mercuric ion (Hg2+) in aqueous media using chemodosimeter-functionalized gold nanoparticles
Pages 162-169
Bing Leng, Lei Zou, Jianbing Jiang, He Tian
29. Selective electrochemical oxidation of carbon by active oxygen for potential application as a sensor for diesel particulates
Pages 170-175
Shinya Teranishi, Kyohei Kondo, Akihito Tsuge, Takashi Hibino
30. Functional characterization of carbon nanotube networked films functionalized with tuned loading of Au nanoclusters for gas sensing applications
Pages 176-184
M. Penza, R. Rossi, M. Alvisi, G. Cassano, E. Serra
31. Synthesis and enhanced ethanol sensing properties of α-Fe2O3/ZnO heteronanostructures
Pages 185-189
C.L. Zhu, Y.J. Chen, R.X. Wang, L.J. Wang, M.S. Cao, X.L. Shi
32. Properties and mechanism study of SnO2 nanocrystals for H2S thick-film sensors
Pages 190-195
H. Liu, S.P. Gong, Y.X. Hu, J.Q. Liu, D.X. Zhou
33. Hydrogen sensing with Pt-functionalized GaN nanowires
Pages 196-199
J.S. Wright, Wantae Lim, B.P. Gila, S.J. Pearton, Jason L. Johnson, Ant Ural, F. Ren
34. Preliminary studies of application of eggshell membrane as immobilization platform in sandwich immunoassay
Pages 200-205
Jieli Tang, Juan Li, Jing Kang, Liangwei Zhong, Yihua Zhang
35. Chemiluminescent optical fiber immunosensor for the detection of IgM antibody to dengue virus in humans
Pages 206-215
Danit Atias, Yael Liebes, Vered Chalifa-Caspi, Laetitia Bremand, Leslie Lobel, Robert S. Marks, Phillipe Dussart
36. Oxygen sensing with mesoporous ceria–zirconia solid solutions
Pages 216-221
S. Abdollahzadeh Ghom, C. Zamani, S. Nazarpour, T. Andreu, J.R. Morante
37. Amperometric biosensor for hydrogen peroxide and nitrite based on hemoglobin immobilized on one-dimensional gold nanoparticle
Pages 222-226
Jianmin Hong, Zhihui Dai
38. Temperature, humidity and gas sensors integrated on plastic foil for low power applications
Pages 227-232
A. Oprea, J. Courbat, N. Bârsan, D. Briand, N.F. de Rooij, U. Weimar
39. Boronic acid-modified thin film interface for specific binding of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and electrochemical biosensing
Pages 233-239
Seung Yeon Song, Hyun C. Yoon
40. Microstructural and electrical properties of Ga2O3 nanowires grown at various temperatures by vapor–liquid–solid technique
Pages 240-244
Nguyen Duy Cuong, Yeon Woong Park, Soon Gil Yoon
41. Copper nanoparticles–carbon microparticles nanocomposite for electrooxidation and sensitive detection of sotalol
Pages 245-251
H. Heli, A. Jabbari, M. Zarghan, A.A. Moosavi-Movahedi
42. Biosensor based on platinum nanoparticles dispersed in ionic liquid and laccase for determination of adrenaline
Pages 252-259
Daniela Brondani, Carla Weber Scheeren, Jairton Dupont, Iolanda Cruz Vieira
43. Potentiometric biosensor for urea determination in milk
Pages 260-266
U.B. Trivedi, D. Lakshminarayana, I.L. Kothari, N.G. Patel, H.N. Kapse, K.K. Makhija, P.B. Patel, C.J. Panchal
44. Direct electrochemistry and biosensing of hydrogen peroxide of horseradish peroxidase immobilized at multiwalled carbon nanotube/alumina-coated silica nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 267-272
Jian-Lung Huang, Yu-Chen Tsai
45. The study of the voltage drift in high-temperature proton conductor-based hydrogen sensors adopting the solid reference electrode
Pages 273-277
Young-Chang Yang, Jinsu Park, Junwoong Kim, Angi Choi, C.O. Park
MicroTAS Section
46. Grafting of antibodies inside integrated microfluidic–microoptic devices by means of automated microcontact printing
Pages 278-286
Elie Bou Chakra, Benjamin Hannes, Julien Vieillard, Colin D. Mansfield, Radoslav Mazurczyk, Aude Bouchard, Jan Potempa, Stanislas Krawczyk, Michel Cabrera
47. Electrokinetic actuation of low conductivity dielectric liquids
Pages 287-294
R.V. Raghavan, J. Qin, L.Y. Yeo, J.R. Friend, K. Takemura, S. Yokota, K. Edamura
48. Spiropyran modified micro-fluidic chip channels as photonically controlled self-indicating system for metal ion accumulation and release
Pages 295-303
Fernando Benito-Lopez, Silvia Scarmagnani, Zarah Walsh, Brett Paull, Mirek Macka, Dermot Diamond
49. Carbon nanotubes based transistors as gas sensors: State of the art and critical review
Pages 304-318
Paolo Bondavalli, Pierre Legagneux, Didier Pribat
50. Gas sensors using hierarchical and hollow oxide nanostructures: Overview
Pages 319-336
Jong-Heun Lee





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