ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 148, 1



Date: 30 June 2010


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General Section


Gas sensing properties of WO3-based ceramics to ethanol vapors
Pages 1-5
A.Yu. Lyashkov, A.S. Tonkoshkur, V.O. Makarov



Design and synthesis of highly photostable fluorescence sensing 1,8-naphthalimide-based dyes containing s-triazine UV absorber and HALS units
Pages 6-16
Vladimir B. Bojinov, Nikolai I. Georgiev, Nevena V. Marinova



Electrochemical cysteine biosensor based on the selective oxidase–peroxidase activities of copper, zinc superoxide dismutase
Pages 17-22
Pitchaimani Dharmapandian, Seenivasan Rajesh, Sarkkarai Rajasingh, Ayyappan Rajendran, Chandran Karunakaran



Numerical investigation of finite thickness metal-insulator-metal structure for waveguide-based surface plasmon resonance biosensing
Pages 23-28
Yifen Liu, Jaeyoun Kim



Chemically modified MEMS probe driven by self-alignment mechanism for photooxidative cell membrane perforation
Pages 29-33
Wataru Tonomura, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takashi K. Saito, Satoshi Konishi



Sensors based on monochromatic interrogation of a localised surface plasmon resonance
Pages 34-40
Catherine S. Kealley, Matthew D. Arnold, Alexander Porkovich, Michael B. Cortie



Poly(o-anisidine)–tin oxide nanocomposite: Synthesis, characterization and application to humidity sensing
Pages 41-48
Dewyani Patil, Pradip Patil, You-Kyong Seo, Young Kyu Hwang



A highly selective fluorescent sensor for mercury ions in aqueous solution: Detection based on target-induced aggregation
Pages 49-53
Hong-Wei Li, Bin Wang, Yong-Qiang Dang, Lei Li, Yuqing Wu



Fluorescein mercuric acetate—A novel sensor for oral malodour detection
Pages 54-58
Sujatha Jayaraman, Ritu Walia, Nethaji Alagirisamy



New amperometric glucose biosensor based on cross-linking of glucose oxidase on silica gel/multiwalled carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile nanocomposite film
Pages 59-65
Ruska Nenkova, Danka Ivanova, Janina Vladimirova, Tzonka Godjevargova



Size- and photoelectric characteristics-dependent formaldehyde sensitivity of ZnO irradiated with UV light
Pages 66-73
Liang Peng, Jiali Zhai, Dejun Wang, Yu Zhang, Ping Wang, Qidong Zhao, Tengfeng Xie



Thickness changes in polythiophene gas sensors exposed to vapor
Pages 74-80
F. Liao, M.F. Toney, V. Subramanian



Urea type of fluorescent organic nanoparticles with high specificity for HCO3 anions
Pages 81-86
Huijuan Yan, Haibing Li



Improvement and mechanism for the fast response of a Pt/TiO2 gas sensor
Pages 87-92
Maolin Zhang, Zhanheng Yuan, Jianping Song, Cheng Zheng



Electrocatalytic detection of dopamine at single-walled carbon nanotubes–iron (III) oxide nanoparticles platform
Pages 93-102
Abolanle S. Adekunle, Bolade O. Agboola, Jeseelan Pillay, Kenneth I. Ozoemena



A new microbial biosensor for organic water pollution based on measurement of carbon dioxide production
Pages 103-109
Santiago A. Chiappini, Diego J. Kormes, María C. Bonetto, Natalia Sacco, Eduardo Cortón



A ratiometric fluorescent probe for cyanide: Convenient synthesis and the proposed mechanism
Pages 110-116
Haibo Yu, Qin Zhao, Zhongxing Jiang, Jingui Qin, Zhen Li



Chitin–polyaniline blend as humidity sensor
Pages 117-125
A.T. Ramaprasad, Vijayalakshmi Rao



Selectivity, stability and repeatability of In2O3 thin films towards NOx at high temperatures (≥500 °C)
Pages 126-134
S. Kannan, H. Steinebach, L. Rieth, F. Solzbacher



A new fabrication method for glass microfluidic devices used in micro chemical system
Pages 135-146
Li Zhu, Li-ya Hou, Wei-yi Zhang



Chemiresistors for ethanol detection in hydrocarbons
Pages 147-152
Alberto Zanelli, Serena Bassini, Marco Giorgetti, Yang Li, Mu Jie Yang



Real-time electronic nose based pathogen detection for respiratory intensive care patients
Pages 153-157
Chung-Hung Shih, Yuh-Jiuan Lin, Kun-Feng Lee, Pei-Yu Chien, Philip Drake



Polymer composite-based OFET sensor with improved sensitivity towards nitro based explosive vapors
Pages 158-165
Ravishankar S. Dudhe, Jasmine Sinha, Anil Kumar, V. Ramgopal Rao



Single-piece solid-contact ion-selective electrodes with polymer–carbon nanotube composites
Pages 166-172
Jingwei Zhu, Xue Li, Yu Qin, Yunhong Zhang



Comparison of Y-doped Bazro3 thin films for high temperature humidity sensors by RF sputtering and pulsed laser deposition
Pages 173-180
XiaoXin Chen, Loren Rieth, Mark S. Miller, Florian Solzbacher



Polarization optimization for a full sensitivity in azimuthal grating coupled surface plasmon resonance
Pages 181-185
K.H. Lee, F. Romanato, H.K. Kang, C.C. Wong



Electrochemical detection of the toxic organohalide 2,4-DB using a Co-porphyrin based electrosynthesized molecularly imprinted polymer
Pages 186-194
Elisabetta Mazzotta, Cosimino Malitesta



Grain boundaries dependent hydrogen sensitivity in MAO-TiO2 thin films sensors
Pages 195-199
Fujian Ren, Liang Huang, Yunhan Ling, Jiayou Feng



From doping to phase transformation: Ammonia sensing performances of chloroalkoxide-derived WO3 powders modified with chromium
Pages 200-206
Mauro Epifani, Teresa Andreu, Carlos R. Magaña, Raül Díaz, Jordi Arbiol, Pietro Siciliano, Joan R. Morante



Enzyme immobilization on nitrocellulose film for pH-EGFET type biosensors
Pages 207-213
Li-Te Yin, Ya-Ting Lin, Ying-Chen Leu, Chih-Yu Hu



Trace determination of molybdenum by anodic adsorptive stripping voltammetry using a multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified carbon paste electrode
Pages 214-220
Pei-Hong Deng, Jun-Jie Fei, Yong-Lan Feng



Chemical sensing using a polymer coated long-period fiber grating interrogated by ring-down spectroscopy
Pages 221-226
J.A. Barnes, R.S. Brown, A.H. Cheung, M.A. Dreher, G. Mackey, H.-P. Loock



Atomic layer deposition of tin dioxide sensing film in microhotplate gas sensors
Pages 227-232
Antti J. Niskanen, Aapo Varpula, Mikko Utriainen, Gomathi Natarajan, David C. Cameron, Sergey Novikov, Veli-Matti Airaksinen, Juha Sinkkonen, Sami Franssila



Colorimetric and fluorescent sensor constructing from the nanofibrous membrane of porphyrinated polyimide for the detection of hydrogen chloride gas
Pages 233-239
Yuan-Yuan Lv, Jian Wu, Zhi-Kang Xu



Humidity sensors based on Aurivillius type Bi2MO6 (M = W, Mo) oxide films
Pages 240-246
Kaibo Zheng, Ying Zhou, Leilei Gu, Xiaoliang Mo, Greta. R. Patzke, Guorong Chen



Preparation and application of a novel vanillin sensor based on biosynthesis of Au–Ag alloy nanoparticles
Pages 247-252
Dongyun Zheng, Chengguo Hu, Tian Gan, Xueping Dang, Shengshui Hu



A reagentless nitric oxide biosensor based on the direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin adsorbed on the gold colloids modified carbon paste electrode
Pages 253-258
Yanxia Xu, Chengguo Hu, Shengshui Hu



An intense green emitting LiSrPO4:Eu2+, Tb3+ for phosphor-converted LED
Pages 259-263
Yan Chen, Jing Wang, Xinguo Zhang, Gongguo Zhang, Menglian Gong, Qiang Su



Using clathrate pseudopolymorphism for a single sensor detection of target component in the headspace of liquid mixture
Pages 264-268
Goulnaz D. Safina, Laura R. Validova, Marat A. Ziganshin, Ivan I. Stoikov, Igor S. Antipin, Valery V. Gorbatchuk



Reflectometric detection of influenza virus in human saliva using nanoimprint lithography-based flexible two-dimensional photonic crystal biosensor
Pages 269-276
Tatsuro Endo, Satoshi Ozawa, Norimichi Okuda, Yasuko Yanagida, Satoru Tanaka, Takeshi Hatsuzawa



Composite electrode coatings in amperometric sensors. Effects of differently encapsulated gold nanoparticles in poly(3,4-ethylendioxythiophene) system
Pages 277-282
Chiara Zanardi, Fabio Terzi, Renato Seeber



Metal-oxide nanowire sensors for CO detection: Characterization and modeling
Pages 283-291
A. Fort, M. Mugnaini, S. Rocchi, V. Vignoli, E. Comini, G. Faglia, A. Ponzoni



A novel cataluminescence gas sensor based on MgO thin film
Pages 292-297
Ying Tao, Xiaoan Cao, Yan Peng, Yonghui Liu



Information-theoretic optimization of chemical sensors
Pages 298-306
Alexander Vergara, Mehmet K. Muezzinoglu, Nikolai Rulkov, Ramon Huerta



Metal-induced fluorescence enhancement as a new detection mechanism for vapor sensing
Pages 307-314
Wout Knoben, Peter Offermans, Sywert H. Brongersma, Mercedes Crego-Calama



Robust fabrication of selective and reversible polymer coated carbon nanotube-based gas sensors
Pages 315-322
Christopher R. Field, Junghoon Yeom, Amin Salehi-Khojin, Richard I. Masel


Micro TAS Section


Sol–gel based fabrication of hybrid microfluidic devices composed of PDMS and thermoplastic substrates
Pages 323-329
Yusuke Suzuki, Masumi Yamada, Minoru Seki



Microchannel edge refractometry
Pages 330-336
Annick Marin, Mathieu Joanicot, Patrick Tabeling


Short Communications


A selective turn-on fluorescent sensor for Cu(II) and its application in imaging in living cells
Pages 337-341
Pinxian Xi, Jinyan Dou, Liang Huang, Ming Xu, Fengjuan Chen, Yongjie Wu, Decheng Bai, Wenguang Li, Zhengzhi Zeng



Base pair mismatch identification with DNA nanoswitch and long lifetime acridine fluorophore
Pages 342-346
Colin D. McGuinness, David Keszenman-Pereyra, Paul Dickinson, Colin J. Campbell, Beatrice A. Maltman, Till T. Bachmann, Peter Ghazal, Jason Crain



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