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Date: 15 July 2010



Editorial Board
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Letter to the Editor


Surface acoustic wave humidity sensor based on polycrystalline AlN thin film coated with sol–gel derived nanocrystalline zinc oxide film
Pages 347-352
Hoang-Si Hong, Gwiy-Sang Chung


General Section
3. Acetone sensing property of ZnO quantum dots embedded on PVP
Pages 353-357
S.S. Nath, M. Choudhury, D. Chakdar, G. Gope, R.K. Nath
4. Characterization of Langmuir–Blodgett films of a calix[8]arene and sensing properties towards volatile organic vapors
Pages 358-365
R. Çapan, Z. Özbek, H. Göktaş, S. Şen, F.G. İnce, M.E. Özel, G.A. Stanciu, F. Davis
5. Near infrared spectroscopy integrated with chemometrics for rapid detection of E. coli ATCC 25922 and E. coli K12
Pages 366-370
U. Siripatrawan, Y. Makino, Y. Kawagoe, S. Oshita
6. Concept design of a UV light-emitting diode based fluorescence sensor for real-time bioparticle detection
Pages 371-378
N. Ryškevič, S. Juršėnas, P. Vitta, E. Bakienė, R. Gaska, A. Žukauskas
7. Tunable gas sensing properties of p- and n-doped ZnO thin films
Pages 379-387
V. Kobrinsky, E. Fradkin, V. Lumelsky, A. Rothschild, Y. Komem, Y. Lifshitz
8. Pd/n-SiC nanofilm sensor for molecular hydrogen detection in oxygen atmosphere
Pages 388-391
Ievgen I. Nedrygailov, Eduard G. Karpov
9. MIP-based sensor platforms for the detection of histamine in the nano- and micromolar range in aqueous media
Pages 392-398
F. Horemans, J. Alenus, E. Bongaers, A. Weustenraed, R. Thoelen, J. Duchateau, L. Lutsen, D. Vanderzande, P. Wagner, T.J. Cleij
10. Trimethylamine sensing properties of sensors based on MoO3 microrods
Pages 399-403
Xiangfeng Chu, Shiming Liang, Wenqi Sun, Wangbing Zhang, Tongyun Chen, Qianfeng Zhang
11. Fabrication and integration of metal oxide nanowire sensors using dielectrophoretic assembly and improved post-assembly processing
Pages 404-412
Xiaopeng Li, Erica Chin, Hongwei Sun, Pradeep Kurup, Zhiyong Gu
12. Sol–gel processed (Mg–Zn–Ti) oxide nanocomposite film deposited on prism base as an opto-electronic humidity sensor
Pages 413-419
B.C. Yadav, Ramesh C. Yadav, Prabhat K. Dwivedi
13. Using copper perchlorate doped liquid crystals for the detection of organophosphonate vapor
Pages 420-426
Maricar L. Bungabong, Peng Bin Ong, Kun-Lin Yang
14. Photoconductivity in In2O3 nanoscale thin films: Interrelation with chemisorbed-type conductometric response towards oxygen
Pages 427-438
V. Brinzari, M. Ivanov, B.K. Cho, M. Kamei, G. Korotcenkov
15. Influence of the morphology of platinum combined with β-Ga2O3 on the VOC response of work function type sensors
Pages 439-449
S. Stegmeier, M. Fleischer, P. Hauptmann
16. Stepwise improvement of (hetero-) polysiloxane sensing layers for CO2 detection operated at room temperature by modification of the polymeric network
Pages 450-45
S. Stegmeier, M. Fleischer, A. Tawil, P. Hauptmann
17. Evaluation of functionalized isoreticular metal organic frameworks (IRMOFs) as smart nanoporous preconcentrators of RDX
Pages 459-468
Ruichang Xiong, Khorgolkhuu Odbadrakh, Andrea Michalkova, Johnathan P. Luna, Tetyana Petrova, David J. Keffer, Donald M. Nicholson, Miguel A. Fuentes-Cabrera, James P. Lewis, Jerzy Leszczynski
18. Development and testing of a miniaturized hydrogen safety sensor prototype
Pages 469-477
Praveen K. Sekhar, Eric. L. Brosha, Rangachary Mukundan, Mark A. Nelson, Todd L. Williamson, Fernando H. Garzon
19. CO sensitive nanocrystalline LaCoO3 perovskite sensor prepared by high energy ball milling
Pages 478-485
Mohammad Ghasdi, Houshang Alamdari
20. Fabrication of reagentless glucose biosensors: A comparison of mono-enzyme GOD and bienzyme GOD–HRP systems
Pages 486-491
Ming Gu, Jianwen Wang, Yifeng Tu, Junwei Di
21. Determination of epinephrine in urine using multi-walled carbon nanotube modified with cobalt phthalocyanine in a paraffin composite electrode
Pages 492-497
Fernando C. Moraes, Diego L.C. Golinelli, Lucia H. Mascaro, Sergio A.S. Machado
22. Passive chemiresistor sensor based on iron (II) phthalocyanine thin films for monitoring of nitrogen dioxide
Pages 498-503
John H. Shu, Howard C. Wikle, Bryan A. Chin
23. Micropatterned Fibrous Scaffolds Fabricated Using Electrospinning and Hydrogel Lithography: New Platforms to Create Cellular Micropatterns
Pages 504-510
Hyun Jong Lee, Seung Hee Nam, Kyung Jin Son, Won-Gun Koh
24. Surface plasmon resonance imaging based multiplex biosensor: Integration of biomolecular screening, detection and kinetics estimation
Pages 511-521
Ganeshram Krishnamoorthy, Edwin T. Carlen, Albert van den Berg, Richard B.M. Schasfoort
25. The stop-flow mode of operation applied to a single chemiresistor
Pages 522-530
A. Szczurek, M. Maciejewska, B. Flisowska-Wiercik, L. Bodzoj
26. Spatially resolved local intracellular chemical sensing using magnetic particles
Pages 531-538
S. Shekhar, A. Klaver, C.G. Figdor, V. Subramaniam, J.S. Kanger
27. Gas sensitivity modulation of oxide thin films by means of an electrical method
Pages 539-543
Jaehyun Moon, Jin-Ah Park, Su-Jae Lee, Hye Yong Chu, Taehyoung Zyung, Il-Doo Kim
28. High-performance compact SPR sensor for multi-analyte sensing
Pages 544-549
Milan Vala, Karel Chadt, Marek Piliarik, Jiří Homola
29. A neural net implementation of SPCA pre-processor for gas/odor classification using the responses of thick film gas sensor array
Pages 550-558
N.S. Rajput, R.R. Das, V.N. Mishra, K.P. Singh, R. Dwivedi
30. Anchoring of self-curable ionene-containing polyesters to electrode surface by UV irradiation and their humidity-sensitive properties
Pages 559-568
Myoung-Seon Gong
31. Photochromic spiropyran monolithic polymers: Molecular photo-controllable electroosmotic pumps for micro-fluidic devices
Pages 569-576
Zarah Walsh, Silvia Scarmagnani, Fernando Benito-López, Silvija Abele, Fu-Qiang Nie, Conor Slater, Robert Byrne, Dermot Diamond, Brett Paull, Mirek Macka
32. ZnO nanowire biosensors for detection of biomolecular interactions in enhancement mode
Pages 577-582
Ahmi Choi, Kyoungwon Kim, Hyo-Il Jung, Sang Yeol Lee
33. Two-enzyme lactose biosensor based on β-galactosidase and glucose oxidase deposited by AC-electrophoresis: Characteristics and performance for lactose determination in milk
Pages 583-589
Malika Ammam, Jan Fransaer
34. Electrocatalytic oxidation of acetylsalicylic acid at multiwalled carbon nanotube-alumina-coated silica nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrodes
Pages 590-594
Tzu-Lung Lu, Yu-Chen Tsai
35. Synthesis and gas sensing characteristics of highly crystalline ZnO–SnO2 core–shell nanowires
Pages 595-600
In-Sung Hwang, Sun-Jung Kim, Joong-Ki Choi, Jaewan Choi, Hyunjin Ji, Gyu-Tae Kim, Guozhong Cao, Jong-Heun Lee
36. A novel iTongue for Indian black tea discrimination
Pages 601-609
Amol P. Bhondekar, Mopsy Dhiman, Anupma Sharma, Arindam Bhakta, Abhijit Ganguli, S.S. Bari, Renu Vig, Pawan Kapur, Madan L. Singla
37. Micro gas preconcentrator in porous silicon filled with a carbon absorbent
Pages 610-619
E.H.M. Camara, P. Breuil, D. Briand, L. Guillot, C. Pijolat, N.F. de Rooij
Short Communications
38. Software-based quantitation of bioassays on CD
Pages 620-623
Manu Pallapa, Lily M.L. Ou, M. (Ash) Parameswaran, Hua-Zhong Yu
39. Detection of water droplets on exhaust gas sensors
Pages 624-629
D. Schönauer, R. Moos



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