ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 153, 1



Date: 31 March 2011



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General Section


Development and evaluation of piezoelectric-polymer thin film sensors for low concentration detection of volatile organic compounds related to food safety applications
Pages 1-10
Lav R. Khot, Suranjan Panigrahi, Dongqing Lin


Influence of morphology and structure geometry on NO2 gas-sensing characteristics of SnO2 nanostructures synthesized via a thermal evaporation method
Pages 11-16
N.M. Shaalan, T. Yamazaki, T. Kikuta


A colorimetric biosensor for the detection of foodborne bacteria
Pages 17-23
Ana Clarissa dos Santos Pires, Nilda de Fátima Ferreira Soares, Luis Henrique Mendes da Silva, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da Silva, Mauro Vieira De Almeida, Mireille Le Hyaric, Nélio José de Andrade, Rêmili Freitas Soares, Aparecida Barbosa Mageste, Samira Gama Reis


High sensitive optode for selective determination of Ni2+ based on the covalently immobilized thionine in agarose membrane
Pages 24-28
Payman Hashemi, Mohammad Hosseini, Kiomars Zargoosh, Kamal Alizadeh


Fully transparent and flexible humidity sensors fabricated by layer-by-layer self-assembly of thin film of poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate) and its salt complex
Pages 29-36
Pi-Guey Su, Wei-Chen Li, Jiun-Yi Tseng, Chao-Jen Ho


A route to high sensitivity and rapid response Nb2O5-based gas sensors: TiO2 doping, surface embossing, and voltage optimization
Pages 37-43
Hi Gyu Moon, Ho Won Jang, Jin-Sang Kim, Hyung-Ho Park, Soek-Jin Yoon


Fabrication of novel chitosan nanofiber/gold nanoparticles composite towards improved performance for a cholesterol sensor
Pages 44-49
Palanisamy Gomathi, Dhanusuraman Ragupathy, Jin Hyun Choi, Jeong Hyun Yeum, Soo Chool Lee, Jae Chang Kim, Sang Hak Lee, Han Do Ghim


Lateral field excited Y-cut langasite bulk acoustic wave sensor
Pages 50-53
Tingfeng Ma, Chao Zhang, Guanping Feng


Finite element analysis and experiments on a silicon membrane actuated by an epitaxial PZT thin film for localized-mass sensing applications
Pages 54-63
D. Isarakorn, D. Briand, A. Sambri, S. Gariglio, J.-M. Triscone, F. Guy, J.W. Reiner, C.H. Ahn, N.F. de Rooij


Piezoelectric cantilever sensors with asymmetric anchor exhibit picogram sensitivity in liquids
Pages 64-70
Harsh Sharma, Ramji S. Lakshmanan, Blake N. Johnson, Raj Mutharasan


Electrochemical performance of a DNA-based sensor device for detecting toxic algae
Pages 71-77
Jahir Orozco, Linda K. Medlin


A nano-copper electrochemical sensor for sensitive detection of chemical oxygen demand
Pages 78-82
Jinquan Yang, Jianwei Chen, Yikai Zhou, Kangbing Wu


Fabrication of N-type Fe2O3 and P-type LaFeO3 nanobelts by electrospinning and determination of gas-sensing properties
Pages 83-88
Huitao Fan, Tong Zhang, Xiujuan Xu, Ning Lv


Effect of thickness of platinum catalyst clusters on response of SnO2 thin film sensor for LPG
Pages 89-95
Divya Haridas, Arijit Chowdhuri, K. Sreenivas, Vinay Gupta


Surface imprinted macroporous film for high performance protein recognition in combination with quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 96-102
Dezhong Zhou, Tianying Guo, Ying Yang, Zhengpu Zhang


Electronic chip based on self-oriented carbon nanotube microelectrode array to enhance the sensitivity of indoor air pollutants capacitive detection
Pages 103-109
Fan-Li Meng, Lei Zhang, Yong Jia, Jin-Yun Liu, Yu-Feng Sun, Tao Luo, Min-Qiang Li, Jin-Huai Liu, Xing-Jiu Huang


Synthesis of ZnO nanorods and its application in NO2 sensors
Pages 110-116
Shouli Bai, Xin Liu, Dianqing Li, Song Chen, Ruixian Luo, Aifan Chen


Structural and gas-sensing properties of CuO–CuxFe3−xO4 nanostructured thin films
Pages 117-124
Audrey Chapelle, Mohd H. Yaacob, Isabelle Pasquet, Lionel Presmanes, Antoine Barnabé, Philippe Tailhades, Johan Du Plessis, Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh


One-step maskless grayscale lithography for the fabrication of 3-dimensional structures in SU-8
Pages 125-134
Amritha Rammohan, Prabhat K. Dwivedi, Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, Hari Katepalli, Marc J. Madou, Ashutosh Sharma


Systematic investigation of biomolecular interactions using combined frequency and motional resistance measurements
Pages 135-144
Henrik Anderson, Gunilla Wingqvist, Thomas Weissbach, Daniel Wallinder, Ilia Katardjiev, Björn Ingemarsson


Micromachined dissolved oxygen sensor based on solid polymer electrolyte
Pages 145-151
Peng Wang, Yi Liu, Héctor D. Abruña, Jason A. Spector, William L. Olbricht


Enhanced room temperature response of SnO2 thin film sensor loaded with Pt catalyst clusters under UV radiation for LPG
Pages 152-157
Divya Haridas, Arijit Chowdhuri, K. Sreenivas, Vinay Gupta


Amperometric glucose biosensor based on integration of glucose oxidase with platinum nanoparticles/ordered mesoporous carbon nanocomposite
Pages 158-163
Xiaoyan Jiang, Yanhui Wu, Xuyan Mao, Xiujun Cui, Liande Zhu


Determination of 3-nitrotyrosine in human urine samples by surface plasmon resonance immunoassay
Pages 164-169
Jing Jin, Chunyan Wang, Yi Tao, Yingjun Tan, Dacan Yang, Yin Gu, Huihua Deng, Yanqiang Bai, Hua Lu, Yumin Wan, Zuhong Lu, Yinghui Li


Hydrothermal synthesis of hollow ZnSnO3 microspheres and sensing properties toward butane
Pages 170-175
Huitao Fan, Yi Zeng, Xiujuan Xu, Ning Lv, Tong Zhang


A simple 96-well microfluidic chip combined with visual and densitometry detection for resource-poor point of care testing
Pages 176-181
Minghui Yang, Steven Sun, Yordan Kostov, Avraham Rasooly


The optimisation of a paired emitter–detector diode optical pH sensing device
Pages 182-187
Dylan Orpen, Stephen Beirne, Cormac Fay, King Tong Lau, Brian Corcoran, Dermot Diamond


Gas sensing properties at room temperature of a quartz crystal microbalance coated with ZnO nanorods
Pages 188-193
Nguyen Van Quy, Vu Anh Minh, Nguyen Van Luan, Vu Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Van Hieu


Surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensor for the detection of low water content in ethanol
Pages 194-198
Sachin K. Srivastava, Roli Verma, Banshi D. Gupta


Irreversible sensing of oxygen ingress
Pages 199-204
Stefan Wilhelm, Otto S. Wolfbeis


Emission based sub-nanomolar silver sensing with electrospun nanofibers
Pages 205-213
Sibel Kacmaz, Kadriye Ertekin, Aslihan Suslu, Mehtap Ozdemir, Yavuz Ergun, Erdal Celik, Umit Cocen


An all-optical photoacoustic spectrometer for trace gas detection
Pages 214-218
Qiaoyun Wang, Jianwei Wang, Liang Li, Qingxu Yu


An amperometric glucose biosensor based on layer-by-layer GOx-SWCNT conjugate/redox polymer multilayer on a screen-printed carbon electrode
Pages 219-225
Qiang Gao, Yanyan Guo, Wenyan Zhang, Honglan Qi, Chengxiao Zhang


Design of a highly sensitive and responsive electrode for particulate matter monitoring
Pages 226-231
Y.B. Shen, T. Takeuchi, T. Hibino


Nanogold based electrochemical sensor for determination of norepinephrine in biological fluids
Pages 232-238
Rajendra N. Goyal, Md. Abdul Aziz, Munetaka Oyama, Sanghamitra Chatterjee, Anoop Raj Singh Rana


A sensitive hydrazine electrochemical sensor based on electrodeposition of gold nanoparticles on choline film modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 239-245
Jing Li, Huaqing Xie, Lifei Chen


Electrocatalytic determination of hydrazine by a glassy carbon electrode modified with PEDOP/MWCNTs–Pd nanoparticles
Pages 246-251
Seul Ki Kim, Yu Na Jeong, Mohammad Shamsuddin Ahmed, Jung-Min You, Hyun Chul Choi, Seungwon Jeon


Single particle detection in a system of two microdisks
Pages 252-255
N. Lagos, M.M. Sigalas


Multifunctional mesoporous silica nanoparticles as sensitive labels for immunoassay of human chorionic gonadotropin
Pages 256-260
Qin Wei, Ru Li, Bin Du, Dan Wu, Yanyan Han, Yanyan Cai, Yanfang Zhao, Xiaodong Xin, He Li, Minghui Yang


Application of rhodamine B thiolactone to fluorescence imaging of Hg2+ in Arabidopsis thaliana
Pages 261-265
Yangyang Zhang, Wen Shi, Duan Feng, Huimin Ma, Yan Liang, Jianru Zuo


Imine-functionalized, turn-on fluorophore for DCP
Pages 266-270
Hyun Jung Kim, Seunghyun Jang, Wen Xiu Ren, Richard A. Bartsch, Honglae Sohn, Jong Seung Kim

Micro TAS Section


Detecting very small quantity of molecular probes in solution using nano-mechanically made Au-cavities array with SERS-active effect
Pages 271-276
Chia-Wei Chang, Jiunn-Der Liao, Yin-Yi Lin, Chih-Chiang Weng


On-demand particle enrichment in a microfluidic channel by a locally controlled floating electrode
Pages 277-283
Sinan E. Yalcin, Ashutosh Sharma, Shizhi Qian, Sang W. Joo, Oktay Baysal


Numerical simulation on fluid mixing by effects of geometry in staggered oriented ridges micromixers
Pages 284-292
Zhongbin Xu, Chunhui Li, Damien Vadillo, Xiaodong Ruan, Xin Fu



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