ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 162/1



Date: 20 February 2012




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General Section



Decoupling sensor morphology and material: Atomic layer deposition onto nanocolumn scaffolds
Pages 1-6
M.T. Taschuk, K.D. Harris, D.P. Smetaniuk, M.J. Brett



Detection of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) using a thermodynamic based gas sensor
Pages 7-13
Matin Amani, Yun Chu, Kellie L. Waterman, Caitlin M. Hurley, Michael J. Platek, Otto J. Gregory



Low temperature CO sensitive nanostructured WO3 thin films doped with Fe
Pages 14-21
M. Ahsan, T. Tesfamichael, M. Ionescu, J. Bell, N. Motta



Chemical capacitive sensing using ultrathin flexible nanoporous electrodes
Pages 22-26
Maryna N. Kavalenka, Christopher C. Striemer, Jon-Paul S. DesOrmeaux, James L. McGrath, Philippe M. Fauchet



Novel cellulose and polyamide halochromic textile sensors based on the encapsulation of Methyl Red into a sol–gel matrix
Pages 27-34
Lien Van der Schueren, Karen De Clerck, Giovanna Brancatelli, Giuseppe Rosace, Els Van Damme, Winnok De Vos



Self-referenced sensing based on a waveguide-coupled surface plasmon resonance structure for background-free detection
Pages 35-42
Yuhang Wan, Zheng Zheng, Zhiting Lu, Jiansheng Liu, Jinsong Zhu



Optical response to stress in pyrene labelled polydimethylsiloxane elastomers: Monitoring strain in 1D and 2D
Pages 43-56
David R.T. Roberts, Mogon Patel, Julian J. Murphy, Simon J. Holder



Reusable anion detection kit: An aqueous medium anion detection
Pages 57-62
Sasanka Dalapati, Md. Akhtarul Alam, Sankar Jana, Rajat Saha, Nikhil Guchhait



Quartz crystal microbalance sensor based on affinity interactions between organic thiols and molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles
Pages 63-67
G. Mustafa, M. Hussain, N. Iqbal, F.L. Dickert, P.A. Lieberzeit



Temperature independent resistive oxygen sensor prepared using zirconia-doped ceria powders
Pages 68-75
Chin-Yi Chen, Kai-Hsin Chang



Tunable carbon nanotube ionic polymer actuators that are operable in dry conditions
Pages 76-81
Joanne Yip, Feng Ding, Kit-Lun Yick, Chun-Wah Marcus Yuen, Ting-Ting Lee, Wing-Hang Choy



UV-enhanced room temperature NO2 sensor using ZnO nanorods modified with SnO2 nanoparticles
Pages 82-88
Geyu Lu, Jing Xu, Jianbo Sun, Yingshuo Yu, Yiqun Zhang, Fengmin Liu



Performance characterization of micromachined particle separation system based on Zweifach–Fung effect
Pages 89-94
Zoltán Fekete, Péter Nagy, Gergely Huszka, Ferenc Tolner, Anita Pongrácz, Péter Fürjes



Elaboration of SWNTs-based gas sensors using dispersion techniques: Evaluating the role of the surfactant and its influence on the sensor response
Pages 95-101
Amadou L. Ndiaye, Christelle Varenne, Pierre Bonnet, Elodie Petit, Laurent Spinelle, Jérôme Brunet, Alain Pauly, Bernard Lauron



NO2 gas sensor fabrication through AC electrophoretic deposition from electrospun In2O3 nanoribbons
Pages 102-107
P. Sowti Khiabani, A. Hosseinmardi, E. Marzbanrad, S. Ghashghaie, C. Zamani, M. Keyanpour-Rad, B. Raissi



Palladium nanoparticles modified carbon nanotube/nickel composite rods (Pd/CNT/Ni) for hydrogen sensing
Pages 108-113
Tzu-Ching Lin, Bohr-Ran Huang



Application of metal organic framework crystals for sensing of volatile organic gases
Pages 114-119
Amir H. Khoshaman, Behraad Bahreyni



A simple approach for DNA detection on carbon nanotube microelectrode arrays
Pages 120-127
Merce Pacios, Nihan Yilmaz, Ińigo Martín-Fernández, Rosa Villa, Philippe Godignon, Manel Del Valle, Jordi Bartrolí, Maria Jose Esplandiu



A contact lens with an integrated lactate sensor
Pages 128-134
N. Thomas, I. Lähdesmäki, B.A. Parviz



Morphology-controllable gold nanostructures on phosphorus doped diamond-like carbon surfaces and their electrocatalysis for glucose oxidation
Pages 135-142
Aiping Liu, Qinghua Ren, Tao Xu, Ming Yuan, Weihua Tang



Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin immobilized into halloysite nanotubes/room temperature ionic liquid composite
Pages 143-148
Yang Zhang, Hongmei Cao, Weiwei Fei, Daxiang Cui, Nengqin Jia



Vapour sensing properties of InP quantum dot luminescence
Pages 149-152
R. De Angelis, M. Casalboni, F. Hatami, A. Ugur, W.T. Masselink, P. Prosposito



Preparation of new molecularly imprinted nanosensor for cholic acid determination
Pages 153-158
Aytaç Gültekin, Arzu Ersöz, Adil Denizli, Rıdvan Say



A solid-state particulate matter sensor based on electrochemical oxidation of carbon by active oxygen
Pages 159-165
Y.B. Shen, T. Harada, S. Teranishi, T. Hibino



One novel chemiluminescence sensor for determination of fenpropathrin based on molecularly imprinted porous hollow microspheres
Pages 166-172
Peini Zhao, Jinghua Yu, Shiquan Liu, Mei Yan, Dejin Zang, Liang Gao



DNA-coated MWNT microfibers for electrochemical actuator
Pages 173-177
Su Ryon Shin, Chang Kee Lee, Tae Won Eom, Sung-Ho Lee, Cheong Hoon Kwon, Insuk So, Seon Jeong Kim



An electrochemical DNA biosensor for highly sensitive detection of phosphinothricin acetyltransferase gene sequence based on polyaniline-(mesoporous nanozirconia)/poly-tyrosine film
Pages 178-183
Jie Yang, Xueliang Wang, Huaqiang Shi



Development of a flexural plate-wave (FPW) immunoglobulin-E (IgE) allergy bio-sensing microsystem
Pages 184-193
I.-Y. Huang, M.-C. Lee, C.-H. Hsu, C.-C. Wang



Carbon nanoparticle–chitosan composite electrode with anion, cation, and neutral binding sites: Dihydroxybenzene selectivity
Pages 194-200
Mandana Amiri, Shahnaz Ghaffari, Abolfazl Bezaatpour, Frank Marken



Electrochemical aptasensor for the detection of tetracycline with multi-walled carbon nanotubes amplification
Pages 201-208
Ling Zhou, Du-Juan Li, Ling Gai, Jian-Ping Wang, Yan-Bin Li



Surface ionization detection of amphetamine-type illicit drugs
Pages 209-215
Angelika Hackner, Sebastian Beer, Gerhard Müller, Thomas Fischer, Sanjay Mathur



Saccharide/glycoprotein recognition inside synthetic ion channels modified with boronic acid
Pages 216-222
Quoc Hung Nguyen, Mubarak Ali, Reinhard Neumann, Wolfgang Ensinger



Optimization and characterization of a microscale thermal field-flow fractionation system
Pages 223-228
Himanshu J. Sant, Bruce K. Gale



Synthesis process induced improvement on the gas sensing characteristics of nano-crystalline magnesium zinc ferrite particles
Pages 229-236
K. Mukherjee, S.B. Majumder



ZnO nanorod gas sensor for ethanol detection
Pages 237-243
Liwei Wang, Yanfei Kang, Xianghong Liu, Shoumin Zhang, Weiping Huang, Shurong Wang



Room temperature NO2-sensing properties of Ti-added nonstoichiometric tungsten oxide nanowires
Pages 244-250
Yuxiang Qin, Xuebin Sun, Xiao Li, Ming Hu



Novel sensor array based on doped tin oxide nanowires for organic vapor detection
Pages 251-258
Xiaopeng Li, Jung Hwan Cho, Pradeep Kurup, Zhiyong Gu



Acetone detection properties of single crystalline tungsten oxide plates synthesized by hydrothermal method using cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide supermolecular template
Pages 259-268
Shuyang Liu, Fei Zhang, He Li, Ting Chen, Yude Wang



Substructures high resolution imaging of individual IgG and IgM antibodies with piezoelectric tuning fork atomic force microscopy
Pages 269-277
Ali Makky, Thomas Berthelot, Cécile Feraudet-Tarisse, Hervé Volland, Pascal Viel, Jérôme Polesel-Maris



Development of a well-of-the-well system-based embryo culture plate with an oxygen sensing photoluminescent probe
Pages 278-283
Kikuo Komori, Sho Fujii, Kevin Montagne, Hiroko Nakamura, Hiroshi Kimura, Katsuto Otake, Teruo Fujii, Yasuyuki Sakai



Mathematical modeling and experimental results of a sandwich-type amperometric biosensor
Pages 284-291
Marcelo Ricardo Romero, Ana M. Baruzzi, Fernando Garay



Water-evaporation-induced self-assembly of α-MnO2 hierarchical hollow nanospheres and their applications in ammonia gas sensing
Pages 292-299
Weixin Zhang, Chunyan Zeng, Mei Kong, Yanmei Pan, Zeheng Yang



Ethanol sensors based on ZnO nanotubes with controllable wall thickness via atomic layer deposition, an O2 plasma process and an annealing process
Pages 300-306
Sungkwon Cho, Dai-Hong Kim, Byoung-Sun Lee, Joohyun Jung, Woong-Ryeol Yu, Seong-Hyeon Hong, Seonghoon Le



Optical chemical sensors using polythiophene derivatives as active layer for detection of volatile organic compounds
Pages 307-312
V.C. Gonçalves, D.T. Balogh



A selective turn-on fluorescent chemosensor based on rhodamine for Hg2+ and its application in live cell imaging
Pages 313-320
Fanyong Yan, Donglei Cao, Ning Yang, Qiuhua Yu, Meng Wang, Li Chen



A new wide bandgap organic semiconductor and its application in organic UV sensors with tunable response wavelength
Pages 321-326
Jing-Lin Zhang, Ya-Xiong Nan, Hai-Guo Li, Wei-Ming Qiu, Xi Yang, Gang Wu, Hong-Zheng Chen, Mang Wang



Development of a very sensitive electrochemical magneto immunosensor for the direct determination of ochratoxin A in red wine
Pages 327-333
Patricio René Perrotta, Fernando Javier Arévalo, Nelio Roberto Vettorazzi, María Alicia Zón, Héctor Fernández



Synthesis of chitosan-Prussian blue-graphene composite nanosheets for electrochemical detection of glucose based on pseudobienzyme channeling
Pages 334-340
Xia Zhong, Ruo Yuan, Ya-Qin Chai



Facile synthesis of zirconia nanoparticles-decorated graphene hybrid nanosheets for an enzymeless methyl parathion sensor
Pages 341-347
Jingming Gong, Xingju Miao, Huifang Wan, Dandan Song



A sensing medium exchangeable hydrogen sensor using Lamb waves
Pages 348-352
Hyeong-Doo Song, Seung Hyun Cho, Insu Jeon, Chang-Doo Kee



One-step unipolar pulse electrodeposition of nickel hexacyanoferrate/chitosan/carbon nanotubes film and its application in hydrogen peroxide sensor
Pages 353-360
Zhongde Wang, Xiaogang Hao, Zhonglin Zhang, Shibin Liu, Zhenhai Liang, Guoqing Guan



The use of nano-carbon as an alternative to multi-walled carbon nanotubes in modified electrodes for adsorptive stripping voltammetry
Pages 361-368
Tsz W.B. Lo, Leigh Aldous, Richard G. Compton



Novel sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer/silicate nanocomposite membranes with controlled ion channels and their IPMC transducers
Pages 369-376
Jang-Woo Lee, Soon Man Hong, Joohoon Kim, Chong Min Koo



Analyzer for continuous monitoring of H2S in gas streams based on a novel thermometric detection

Pages 377-383
Sayed A.M. Marzouk, Mohamed H. Al-Marzouqi



Ultrasensitive DNA detection based on coulometric measurement of enzymatic silver deposition on gold nanoparticle-modified screen-printed carbon electrode
Pages 384-390
Jing Liu, Xiaqing Yuan, Qiang Gao, Honglan Qi, Chengxiao Zhang



A selective “turn-on” fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ based on “reactive” 7-hydroxycoumarin compound
Pages 391-395
Bei Gao, Wei-Tao Gong, Qing-Lan Zhang, Jun-Wei Ye, Gui-Ling Ning



Label-free and enhanced DNA sensing platform for PML/RARA fusion gene detection based on nano-ZnO functionalized carbon ionic liquid electrode
Pages 396-399
Wei Zhang, Xiuwen Zheng, Kui Jiao



Metal–polymer composite sensors for volatile organic compounds: Part 1. Flow-through chemi-resistors
Pages 400-408
Philip J.W. Hands, Paul J. Laughlin, David Bloor



Compact, DC-electrical biased sulfur dioxide sensing elements for use at high temperatures
Pages 409-417
David L. West, Fred C. Montgomery, Beth L. Armstrong

MicroTAS Section



Improving the measurement sensitivity of interdigital dielectric capacitors (IDC) by optimizing the dielectric property of the homogeneous passivation layer
Pages 418-424
Christian Jungreuthmayer, Gerald M. Birnbaumer, Peter Ertl, Jürgen Zanghellini



Surface modification of PDMS by atmospheric-pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and analysis of long-lasting surface hydrophilicity
Pages 425-434
Donghee Lee, Sung Yang



A bio-inspired microfluidic concentrator for regenerated silk fibroin solution
Pages 435-440
Jie Luo, Yaopeng Zhang, Yan Huang, Huili Shao, Xuechao Hu

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