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During 2008 we published information about many new sensors products from different manufacturers. Here's our editorial selection of those that we found the most interesting from innovation point of view. All these products have passed a two-stage selection: fist - for publication in the Sensors & Transducers Magazine as most interesting and relevant products; second - as most innovative products among all published in the Magazine during 2008. You'll find a brief description of products. If your interesting in more detailed description please check out the online version of this press release, which provides links to the vendors mentioned.



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UFDC-1 in MLF package

SWP, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada. Both popular ICs of Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters UFDC-1 and UFDC-1M-16 are available now in 5 x 5 x 1.0 mm body, lead pitch 0.50 mm 32-pad Micro Lead Frame package (MLF). This miniaturized package lets use such ICs in different pen-size measuring instruments and built it in various quasi-digital sensors and transducers in order to convert frequency-time parameters of electrical signals of sensing elements to digital similar like ADC converts voltage or current to digital for analog sensor’s output ...

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Accelerometer KXTE9

Kionix, Ithaca, New York. World’s Lowest Power Consumption Accelerometer with Embedded Algorithms KXTE9 has digital-output and tri-axis With embedded algorithms for orientation and activity monitoring, the KXTE9 simplifies the adoption of increasingly-popular, motion-based functionality in consumer electronics while reducing operating power consumption to the world’s lowest levels for such feature-rich products. The advanced, orientation-detection feature of the KXTE9 reports changes in landscape, portrait, face-up, and face-down conditions. This sophisticated, embedded algorithm eliminates the need for continuous data collection and complex calculations by a microprocessor ...

LCF400 Tension & Compression Load Cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc. The LCF400 Tension and Compression Load Cell's new design features structural changes and complete welding which drastically improves this models output symmetry and accuracy. In addition to this, the LCF400 is now available with USB output and metric threads. The model is offered in 500 to 5,000 lbs, various outputs (3 mV/V, +/-5VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20 mA). The modified LCF400 has advantages of zero-joint failure, low impact due to extraneous loads, and has the capability of handling off center loading more efficiently and effectively. LCF Series is also available with TEDS / IEEE1451.4 option ...


FOP-F125 pressure sensor

FISO Technologies Inc., Quebec, Canada. The World Smallest Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor  FOP-F125  has a diameter of 125 microns instead of 550 microns for the current smallest FISO pressure sensor, is a major breakthrough. The MD&M West exhibition, which is attended by key-decision makers in the medical market, has allowed FISO to present the product to potential customers, but also to current collaborators. With dimensions smaller than any competitive product, FISO is again establishing the new standard of the industry and clearly positioning itself as the world technology leader ...


Rejustor-enhanced Analog Integrated Circuit MBSTC-02

Microbridge Technologies, Inc. The world’s first Rejustor-enhanced integrated CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit, the MBSTC-02 simplifies the design process allowing sensor calibration and temperature compensation after final assembly, which negates cumulative errors associated with the assembly processes, such as manufacturing tolerance errors, error introduced by stress, packaging, etc. Low-cost and high-precision adjustment replaces the requirement for digital signal conditioning. The MBSTC-02 enables the use of lower cost sensors in precision applications, thereby increasing their value in the market ...


TFSS433D SAW temperature sensor

SenGenuity (Vectron International's division). TFSS433D SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Temperature Sensor for OEM System Integrators is based on the latest advancement in SenGenuity’s suite of sensing solutions can be integrated to a wireless interrogator and instrumentation platform. The TFSS433D SAW temperature sensor is a 433.786 MHz one-port SAW resonator structure specifically designed to have a linear frequency versus temperature characteristic.  With a temperature coefficient of frequency of 16.2 ppm/°C (~7028 Hz/°C), it is operable from 0 to 120°C and has an unloaded Q of 8000.  It is a low loss structure (2.5 dB max) and is designed for a 50-ohm system ...


Presens transmitter

Presens AS. The PRECISE is a rock solid pressure and temperature transmitter designed for calibrators, digital gauges and other applications where high accuracy, low drift and high resolution is required. In comparison to conventional silicon pressure sensors that use diaphragms with a piezoresistive resistor bridge to measure stress, Presens pressure sensors measure pressure-induced compressive stress with a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge integrated on a tubular silicon structure. With a guaranteed total error band (all possible errors) of < ± 0.01% FS, high pressure turndown ratio and an inherent tolerance to over-pressure and pressure spikes, the PRECISE sensor offers a level of performance unparallel to none ...


BMP085 pressure sensor

Robert Bosch GmbH. The new MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensor BMP085 enters the market as the smallest and most accurate micromechanical (MEMS) pressure sensor with a digital I2C output. Maintaining pin and software compatibility with Bosch Sensortec's 1st generation SMD500, customers can now achieve even greater performance without impacting designs already in production. With a 25 percent package height reduction and a remarkable reduction to a seventh in standby current to 0.1 µ, BMP085 makes way for navigation applications in the mobile space. Both enhancements add to the attractiveness of the device for manufacturers of mobile consumer electronics ...


Multi-Sensor Interface Circuit ZMD21013

ZMD AG. The ZMD21013 Multi-Sensor Interface Circuit  (MUSic)  series offer multi-channel and multi-use sensor interfaces for microcontroller-based systems. Known for very high precision and ultra low power, these ICs are ideal for wearable medical instruments; sports and activity monitors that incorporate altimeters, barometers, navigation, and other tools; and industrial systems executing multiple sensor-based measurements such as flowmonitors or scales.  The first device in the MUSic family, the ZMD21013, is a highly integrated smart-power architecture that offers programmable interfaces for up to three resistive bridge sensors ...

Digital Load Cell Interface

Loadstar Sensors Inc., Fremont, California. New Digital Load Cell Interface DI-1000 designed to work seamlessly with conventional resistive load cells. The DI-1000 provides a simple, convenient method to convert the millivolt output from a load cell into a PC friendly digital USB output. Just plug in your load cell into one end of the DI-1000 and plug the other end to a PC and you get a PC ready load cell. The DI-1000 provides many key features in order to simplify the process of building a PC friendly load measurement system ...




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