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Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 1, January 2004


1. Nikolay V. Kirianaki,

    A Letter from the President


2. Zheng Jiao, Minghong Wu, Jianzhong Gu, Deqing Wang, Yanli Wang,

    Detect Different Gases with a Single Sensor by Dynamic Measurements


3. Dan Xie, Yadong Jiang, Tianling Ren, Litian Liu,

    Gas-sensing Properties of a Field-Effect Transistor with a Bis[phthalocyaninato] Samarium Complex/SiO2/Si Structure


4. Yadong Jiang, Dan Xie

    Lanthanide Doping Bis[octakis(octyloxy)phthalocyaninato] Complexes Based Langmuir-Blodgett Films for NO2 Gas Sensors



5. Walter Katsumi SAKAMOTO, Josй Antonio MALMONGE, Sérgio Henrique FERNANDES,

    Ferroelectric Ceramic/Polymer Composite for Soil-Humidity Detection


6. Sergio Francisco PICHORIM, Raul Jose Fernandes de OLIVEIRA, Paulo Jose ABATTI,

    Development of a Telemetric System Employing a Passive Force Sensor and a Resonance Frequency Detector with

    Intelligent Sweeping


7. Andrea Mohn

    Underwater ICP Blast Pressure Sensors


8. Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer is Ideal for Biomechanics Research Applications


9. Peter Munschauer,

    High Capacity Three-Component Force Sensors


10.Bill Andrews,

    Piezoelectric Sensor Signal Conditioner


11.CMP Introducing 0.35 u CMOS-Opto Process



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 2, February 2004


1. Mariusz R. Rząsa, Jan Sawicki,

    A Flowmeter for Measurements of Very Small Gas Flows


2. Der Ho Wu, Wen Tung Chien, Yng Jyi Tsai,

    An Efficient Piezoelectric Analysis for Quartz Crystal Nanobalance Gas Sensor


3. Rembeza S., Rembeza E., Svistova T.,

    Electrophysical Properties of Gas Sensitive Films SnO2 Doped with Palladium


4. Dazhong Shen, Fei Wang, Qi Kang, Duanling Yang,

    In Situ Monitor the Adsorption of Triton X-100 on Quartz Surface by an Electrode-Separated Piezoelectric Sensor


5. Tu Yifeng,

    Study on the Properties of an Electrochemical Sensor of Modified Methylene Blue on Vitreous Carbon Electrode


6. Craig S. Aszkler,

    Miniature ICP Accelerometer with Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS)


7. Dan Cummiskey,

    Intrinsically Safe, Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors Satisfy Dynamic Pressure Measurement Requirements


8. Peter Munschauer,

    In-Line Strain Gage Signal Conditioner


9. Tim Geiger,

    4-20 mA Side Exit Vibration Sensor


10.Tony Ingham,

    New Torque Sensor Will Revolutionise Machine Control


11.John Carey,

    Multi-Channel Vibration Analyzer



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 3, March 2004


1. Sergey Y. Yurish,

    Forecasts and Modern Sensors Market: Today’s Revolution Changes


2. A. Zhukov, K. García, M. Kuzminski, V. Zhukova, H. Lachowicz , J. Gonzalez and M. Vazquez,

    GMI Effect in Co-rich Glass Coated Microwires for Sensor Applications


3. A. Rajendran, P. Neelamegam,

    Microcontroller Based Dielectric Constant Measurement


4. Tu Yifeng, Zhu Yueqing,

   Studies of Two Disposable Electrochemical Biosensors


5. Holger Zeltwanger,

   Cascadable Sensor Network


6. Peter Munschauer,

    High-Accuracy Strain Gage Load Cells


7. New $89.00 Model 6050 Accelerometer


8. Dan Cummiskey,

    Pressure Sensors Detect High Intensity Acoustic Sound Pressure Levels


9. Shari Worthington,

    New Line of Low Cost, High Accuracy Laser Level Transmitters


10.Peter Munschauer,

    DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioner



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 4, April 2004


1. Andrew Kalach,

    Multisensor System Application for CO2–extracts of Spices Identification


2. Alexander Chizhik, Arcady Zhukov, Juan Mari Blanko, Julian Gonzalez,

    Magnetization Reversal in System of Two Co-rich Amorphous Microwires


3. Weiling Fu, Qing Huang, Jianghua Wang, Minghua Liu, Junfu Huang, Bing Chen,

    Detection of Human Papilloma Virus with Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Genesensors


4. Robert Lamour, David S. Beach, Marty Berger, Eli Marianovsky,

    Advances in Electrolytic Sensor Design and their use in the New Generation of Crash Dummies


5. Eileen Swanson,

    General Purpose Accelerometer with Integral Cable


6. Tim Geiger,

    ATEX Approved Measurement Sensors


7. Werner Hentscholek,

    New Early Condensation Detector


8. Peter Munschauer,

    Dynamic Strain Sensors Monitor Machinery Forces


9. Bill Coffta,

    USB Powered, Two Channel ICP® Sensor Powered Conditioner


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 5, May 2004


1. Sergey Y. Yurish,

    How Internet Development will Influence on Sensors Industry ?


2. Andrew Kalach,

    Application of Chemometrics Methods for Alkanes Qualitative Detection


3. Eli Marianovsky,

    Advanced Electronic Compass for Mining Applications


4. Andrew Kalach and Nikolay Klochkov,

    Determination of Nitromethane in the Air with the use of a Piezoelectric Sensors Set and Pattern Recognition Technique


5. Accelerometer Accurately Measures Rotational or Torsional Accelerations


6. Tim Geiger,

    Multi-purpose 4-20 mA Sensor


7. High Precision/High Torque, Direct-drive Rotary Positioning Stages


8. Kevin Hambrice,

    Float Level Switches Feature Lowest Cost and Largest Selection of Float Designs


9. John Warburton,

    Infrared Gas Sensors - the IRceLTM


10.Kevin Hambrice,

    New Robust Laser Transmitter Accurately Measures Level, Distance and Position



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 6, June 2004


1. Nestor O. SHPAK, 

    How to Advertise Sensors Products in Internet Efficiently ? A Practical Approach


2. Fang Li and Yin Yue Hong,

    Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Indoor Alarm


3. Andreas von Flotow, Michael J. Drumm,

    High Temperature, Through The Case, Eddy Current Blade Tip Sensors


4. Stanislaw Rembeza, Ekaterina Rembeza,Tamara Svistova, Andrew Kalach,Vladimir Loginov,

    Application of Metaloxide Sensors and Chemometric Methods for Organic Substances Vapor Detection


5. Bill Coffta,

    High Amplitude Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers


6. Simon Smith,

    ABR1000 Air Bearing Rotary Stage Redefines Accuracy and Performance Benchmarks


7. Werner Hentscholek,

    New EE80: CO2, RH and Temperature Transmitter for Building Control


8. Gerard E Mayers,

    Affordable Sensor Measures Heat Distribution


9. Kevin Hambrice,

    Explosion-Proof Laser Transmitter Measures Level, Distance and Position in Challenging Environments



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 7, July 2004


1. Nikolay V. Kirianaki,

    International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Supports IEEE 1451 Standardization Process


2. Dan Cummiskey,

    High Sensitivity Acoustic Pressure Sensors


3. Scot Wlodarczak,

    Charge-Type High Temperature 4000 Series of EEPE Accelerometers


4. Peter Munschauer,

    Strain Gage Signal Conditioners


5. Bill Coffta,

    Piezoresistive Crash Test Accelerometer


6. Roy Carter,

    T2SR Time and Temperature Scanning Rheometer


7. Peter Munschauer,

    Dynamic Force Sensors Measure Fast-Rising, Short-Duration Events


8. John Carey,

    New Microphone Preamplifier Supports TEDS


9. Bill Andrews,

    Signal Conditioners and Electronics Support TEDS Sensors


10.Evgenii Rudnyi,

    Model Order Reduction Software for MEMS-based Devices and Sensors



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 8, Agust 2004


1.Victor G. Patyukov,

    Increasing of Signal Processing Efficiency for Frequency Sensors



    Selection of the Most Efficient Sensors for Methanol Detection in Fake Alcohol


3. Bill Coffta,

    Filtered Triaxial Accelerometer


4. Brian Rogove,

    Automotive, Industrial Infrared (IR) Thermometer for Remote Temperature Sensing


5. Bill Andrews,

    Capacitive Accelerometer Signal Conditioners


6. Patrick Pordage,

    Smart Glasses


7. Dan Larsson,

    MEMS-based Digital Sensor for Inertial Navigation System


8. Peter Munschauer,

    Maintenance Free Torque Transducers


9. Pelishok Iryna,

    EcotestCARD Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter


10.John Carey,

    Multi-channel Analyzer for Acoustic and Vibration Applications


11.Kevin Hambrice,

    Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter


12.Eric Yax,

    4-20 mA Rotating Machinery Fault Detector



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 9, September 2004


1. Nikolay V. Kirianaki,

    Happy 5th, IFSA ! 1999- 2004 Activity Report


2. Dan Cummiskey

    Dynamic Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors


3. Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner


4. Michael Scandling,

    Data Acquisition Instrumentation Systems on Palm Handhelds


5. Peter Munschauer,

    Three-Component Force Sensors


6. Digital Signal Conditioner Unit for Strain Gage Transducers


7. Pelishok Iryna,

    Dosimeter-Radiometer for Domestic Applications


8. Tim Geiger,

    Electronic Vibration Switch



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 10, October 2004


1. Sergey Y. Yurish,

    Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1): a Revolution in Analog-to-Digital Conversion


2. Dan Cummiskey,

    TEDS Pressure Sensors


3. Matthias Ashauer,

    Microsystem Technology Breaks Mew Ground in Dew Point and Fluidic Metering


4. Pelishok Iryna,

    Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter with Search Function


5. Michael Scandling,

    Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Data Acquisition Module


6. Werner Hentscholek,

    Accurate Humidity / Temperature Measurement Module


7. Kevin Hambrice,

    Guided Wave Radar Interface Level Transmitter Withstands Extreme Pressures and Highest Temperatures


8. Dennis Horwitz,

    Fiber Optic Incremental Rotary Encoder for Harsh Environments


9. LVDT Smart Indicator


10.Full-featured Single Axis Motion/Machine Controller



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 11, November 2004


1. Sergey Y. Yurish,

    Sensors and Transducers: Frequency Output Versus Voltage Output


2. Eric Yax,

    4 to 20 mA Temperature / Vibration Output Sensor


3. Marleen Roosen,

    Highly Integrated Pressure Sensors for Automotive Applications


4. Peter Munschauer,

    Triaxial Force Sensor Monitors Machine Tools and Presses


5. Alicia Becker,

    Torque Flange Sensor for Complete Measurement


6. Peter Munschauer,

    Strain Gage Sensor Signal Conditioners


7. Michael Scandling,

    PDA Displays Vibration Spectrum Analysis Using Accelerometers


8. John Carey,

    Sound Level Meter with Extended Capability to Measure Wind and Rotational Speed


9. Bill Andrews,

    Sensor Simulators for Verifying Test Set-ups


10.Gary Clueit,

    The Ectropyx Integration Platform for Sensors


11.Bill Andrews,

    Filters and Attenuators for ICP and Charge Output Sensor Signals



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 12, December 2004


1. Dan Cummiske,

    Slurry Pulsation Pressure Sensors


2. Werner Hentscholek,

    Air Velocity and Temperature Measurements in HVAC Installations


3. Andrea Mohn,

    Hand-held Pistonphone Calibrates Acoustic Pressure Sensors


4. Roy E. Carter,

    Miniature Differential Pressure Sensors


5. Peter Munschauer,

    Quartz Force Rings


6. Roy E. Carter,

    Radio Telemetry Input-Output Module


7. Bill Andrews,

    Dual Sensitivity Charge Converter


8. Jim Jeffords,

    New Features for SensorProbe Devices


9. Dan Cummiske,

    Peak Monitoring System Combines Amplifier and Peak Meter


10.Antonio Beasain Aranda,

    Rotary Position Sensor with 360º Electrical Angle


11.Bill Coffta,

    Primary Calibration Services for Accelerometers







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