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1. Folder The Biophysics of Nucleic Acids Sensing by Hybridization on a Lab-on-Chip Device Giorgio Ventimiglia, Salvatore Petralia and Enrico Alessi 139/4 April 2012 152-161
2. Folder A Novel MEMS Based Current Sensor Design for Smart Grid Applications A. Venkateswaran and A. Amalin Prince 138/3 March 2012 2-13
3. Folder A Novel Method of Linearizing Thermistor Characteristic Using Voltage Controlled Oscillator Narayana K. V. L and Bhujanga Rao A. 136/1 January 2012 1-11
4. Folder Modified AC Wheatstone Bridge Network for Accurate Measurement of Pressure Using Strain Gauge Type Subrata Chattopadhyay, Mahuya Banerjee and Sagarika Pal 136/1 January 2012 25-34
5. Folder Research in Nanothermometry. Part 1: Temperature of Micro- and Nano- sized Objects

Bohdan Stadnyk, Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Yaroslav Lutsyk

140/5 May 2012 1-7
6. Folder Mechanistic Modeling, Simulation and Control of Humidity Sensor Characteristics Vinod Kumar Khanna 137/2 February 2012 22-35
7. Folder Application of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Twin Sensor for Selective Label-free Immunoassay to Simultaneous Antigen-antibody Reactions Naoki Mizutani, Sergiy Korposh, Roman Selyanchyn, Shunichi Wakamatsu and Seung-Woo Lee 137/2 February 2012 1-9
8. Folder ARM Processor Based Multisensor System Design for the Measurement of Environmental Parameters Narasimha Murthy Yayavaram, Soundara Rajan and Vishnu Vardhan 136/1 January 2012 59-71
9. Folder Low Cost of Preparation of Infrared PbS Detector Using Copper Electrodes of PCB Hariyadi Soetedjo, Gunawan S. Prabowo and Darsono Bahrun 143/8 August 2012 120-126
10.Folder Initial Study on Optical Tomographic Instrumentation System Based on CMOS Area Image Sensors Mariani Idroas, Suhaila Mohd Najib, M. Nasir Ibrahim, Ruzairi Abd. Rahim, Muhammad Saiful Badri Mansor 139/4 April 2012 133-140
11.Folder Research in Nanothermometry. Part 7. Ultrasonic Thermometer Based on Nanostructured Thermometric Substance Bohdan Stadnyk, Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Yaroslav Lutsyk, Pylyp Skoropad, Zenoviy Kolodiy, Orysya Kozak 143/8 August 2012 1-9



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