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Dear Readers and Authors !


It is my great pleasure to present ten best articles published in our Sensors & Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726-5479) in 2009. In this year 230 articles were published in 12 regular and 3 special issues: Robotics and Sensors Environments (selected papers from the 6th IEEE International Workshop on Robotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE´ 2008), 17-18 October 2008, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada); Modern Sensing Technologies II (selected papers from the 3rd International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST ´2008),  30 November  - 3 December, 2008, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan) and MEMS: from Micro Devices to Wireless Systems (selected papers from the 12th Annual NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show,  3-7 May, 2009 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, USA).


At this year a request for articles selection was sent to our 9 editors and more than 300 editorial board members (from academia and industry) from 47 countries. The criterion was the same as in the past years: novelty, innovation, outstanding new research and current importance. We have got a good feedback and I would like thanks to all editors and editorial board members who help us in this very important matter. At the first selection stage 68 articles were nominated and at the second stage ten best articles were chosen on the majority basis. All selected articles are shown in the table below. You can download its full pages versions free of charges.


Taking into account a big number of very good articles published in Sensors & Transducers Journal in 2009 no all of them can be included into the 10 top list of the best articles, but all are available on the Journal's CD.


I hope you will enjoy these selected articles.




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Prof., Dr., Sergey Y. Yurish


Sensors & Transducers Journal


10 Best Articles Published in 2009

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1 .Folder Non-invasive Blood Glucose Quantification Using a Hybrid Sensor Sundararajan Jayapal, Dr. V. Palanisamy, Sandeep Mandyam 101/2 February 132-151
2. Folder Smart Wireless Sensors Integrated in Clothing: an Electrocardiography System in a Shirt Powered Using Human Body Heat
Vladimir Leonov, Tom Torfs, Chris Van Hoof, Ruud J. M. Vullers
107/8 August 165-176
3. Folder Precise Frequency and Period Measurements for Slow Slew Rate Signals Based on the Modified Method of the Dependent Count Sergey Y. Yurish 107/8 August 1-16
4. Folder Frontiers of Nanosensor Technology
Vinod Kumar Khanna
103/4 April 1-16
5. Folder Wireless Sensor Networks for Space Applications: Network Architecture and Protocol Enhancements Driss Benhaddou, Manikanden Balakrishnan, Xiaojing Yuan, Ji Chen, Mukesh Rungta, Rick Barton, Heng Yang 7/Special October 203-212
6. Folder Field-Effect-Transistor Behavior of a Multiwall Carbon Nano Fiber Directly Grown on Nickel Electrodes

L. W. Chang, P. S. Wu, J. T. Lue, Z. P. Chen

100/1 January 137-145
7. Folder Respiration and Heartbeat Measurement for Sleep Monitoring Using a Flexible AlN Piezoelectric Film Sensor
Nan Bu, Naohiro Ueno, Osamu Fukuda
109/10 October 131-142
8. Folder A Review of Material Properties Estimation Using Eddy Current Testing and Capacitor Imaging Mohd. Amri Yunus, S. C. Mukhopadhyay and G. Sen Gupta 100/1 January 92-115
9. Folder Problems of Terminology in the Field of Measuring Instruments with Elements of Artificial Intelligence
R. Taymanov, K. Sapozhnikova
102/3 March 51-61
10.Folder Modeling of micromachined thermopiles powered from the human body for energy harvesting in wearable devices
Vladimir Leonov, Ziyang Wang, Paolo Fiorini, Chris Van Hoof
103/4 April 29-43



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