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No. 8-9, August-September 2003



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Measurement of Capacitances Based on a Flip-Flop Sensor


This paper deals with a new type of system for measuring capacitances with the use of a flip-flop sensor controlled by a so-called fast-rise current control pulse. The theoretical considerations are compared with experimental results, and good agreement is reported.

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Martin Kollar,

Dept. of Theoretical Electrotechnics and Electrical Measurement,

Technical University of Kosice, Park Komenskeho 3,

041 01 Kosice, Slovak Republic

Phone: ++421-55-6022579, 

E-mail: Martin.Kollar@tuke.sk





AKCP ties up with alarmTILT


AKCP - the world leader in SNMP based environmental sensors, ties up with Alarmtilt to offer text messaging (SMS) to alert users whenever the thresholds are exceeded for critical conditions like temperature, humidity, security. With features like alarm escalation and confirmation management and connectivity with 500+ mobile networks, you are certain to be the first one to know. AKCP customers can now avail Alarmtilt at a special introductory price.


AKCP's cutting edge sensorProbe™ series has been certified by Ipswitch (www.ipswitch.com) for WhatsUp Gold. Integrating sensorProbe with WhatsUp Gold, facilitates organizations to watch over their infrastructure and proactively avert any potential network crashes or catastrophes.


Today SensorProbe family includes Sensor Probe 2A, SensorProbe 8, SensorProbe 8 - X20, SensorProbe 8-X60 and different intelligent sensors. All products are available online in Sensors Web Portal's online store.


For detailed information, prices and order please see

Sensors Web Portal's online store.

SensorProbe 8-X60



Dynamic Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors



Depew, NY - Quartz pressure sensors from the Pressure Division of PCB Piezotronics are designed for dynamic measurements of compression, combustion, explosion, pulsation, cavitation, blast, shock wave, pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid, and other such pressures.


ICP® or charge output pressure sensors, structured with naturally piezoelectric, stable quartz sensing elements, are well-suited to measure rapidly-changing pressure fluctuations over a wide amplitude and frequency range. Solid-state construction, hermetically-sealed housings, and laser-welded flush diaphragms provide undistorted high frequency response, ruggedness, and durability, even in adverse environmental conditions.


PCB's Series 111/112/113 pressure sensors are available with dynamic ranges to 20k psi, resonant frequencies to 500k Hz, and sensitivities to 100 mV/psi. Stock models and alternate mountings are available.


Andrea Mohn, Marketing Assistant

Pressure Division of PCB Piezotronics,

Phone: 888-684-0011 or 716-684-0001

Fax: 716-686-9129

E-mail: pressure@pcb.com

Dynamic Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors 111/112/113



In-Line Charge Converters Enable Charge Mode Piezoelectric Sensors

with TEDS Capabilities

Depew, NY - The T422 Series of In-Line Charge Converters from the Electronics Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., convert charge mode piezoelectric sensor signals into low-impedance voltage signals for operation with ICP® sensor signal conditioners or readout devices which have an ICP® sensor input. These in-line charge converters are now available with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) capabilities, which enable the devices to store and recall TEDS (IEEE 1451.4 standard) data for the sensor which is attached.


T422 Series In-Line Charge Converters feature a TEDS interface chip which enables the identification, location, sensitivity, and other information relative to the attached sensor to be stored. The devices allow for the use of extreme environment charge mode sensors in typical TEDS applications such as large channel count modal analysis and structural testing.


Bill Andrews, 

Division Manager

Electronics Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc.,

Phone: 800-828-8840 

Fax: 716-684-0987

E-mail: electronics@pcb.com

T422 Series of In-Line Charge Converters



Pressure Transducer Now Offers Protection Against High Intensity Light

and Particle Impingement

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. – August 26 2003 – Endevco’s Model 8515C high sensitivity piezoresistive pressure transducer is now available with a B screen option. The B screen provides protection for applications involving exposure to high intensity light or particle impingement. This rugged transducer is well-suited for blast effect studies, the measurement of surface pressure gradients on helicopter or turbine blades, flex circuit applications on aerodynamic surfaces during flight tests, or small-scale models in wind tunnel tests.


The transducer’s small size (0.030-inch thin by 0.250-inch diameter) enables easy installation on curved surfaces with minimal effect on laminar air or hot gas flow. The Model 8515C and leadwires can also be recessed into the mounting surface for a flush fit. Additional features include high overload capability, high frequency response, very low base strain sensitivity and excellent temperature performance from 0°F to 200°F (-18°C to +93°C). The transducer is available in 15 and 50 full scale ranges.


A rubber fairing is an available option for airflow smoothing for flight test applications. The Model 8515C can be specially ordered with wider temperature compensation or rectangular housings. Endevco’s Model 136 Three-Channel System, Model 4428A, 4430A, or OASIS 2000 Computer-Controlled System are recommended for signal conditioning.


Endevco Corporation

Tel: (949) 493-8181

E-mail: applications@endevco.com


8515C Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer



High Capacity Torque Transducer Transmits Signals via Digital Telemetry


Depew, NY - The Force/Torque Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., announces the release of a new series to the Torkdisc® family of low profile, high-stiffness, rotary torque transducers. Series 5310 offers the same advantages as all other Torkdisc® models which utilize rugged, strain-gage sensing technology and wireless, digital, signal telemetry to transmit measurement signals to an adjacent receiver. Additional features include compact design, high stiffness, low weight, low rotating inertia, RF interference immunity, and low sensitivity to extraneous loads. Either voltage or current outputs are available.


The Series 5310 sensors are offered in a choice of capacities from 150,000 to 225,000 in-lb FS and a speed rating up to 6000 rpm. Applications include large electric motor development and testing, locomotive and ship diesel engine development and testing, gear box development and testing, torque monitoring on turbine engines used for power generation, and torque monitoring on mining pumps. All units are calibrated with NIST traceability in an A2LA accredited laboratory.


Peter Munschauer,

Division Manager

Force/Torque Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

Phone: 888-684-0004

Fax: 716-684-8877

E-mail: force@pcb.com

Torque Transducers, series 5310



Dynamic NIP Width Measurement: a New Breakthrough


EAST HANOVER, NJ (USA) -- Sensor Products, Inc. announced the release of D-Nip®, the first dynamic, electronic, real-time nip profiling system. The system is a valuable process control tool for any web-based production environment as it reveals inaccurate roll alignment, roll skewing and crown deficiencies. Any of these problems can result in uneven processing, wrinkled or mottled products, compacted sheets, excessive sheet breaks and blackening during calendering. D-Nip® consists of a sensor element chain and data collection unit that resides on the roll surface and journal.


Ms. Madeline Glomsten, Nip Products Group manager, says, "The sensor system measures nip width (contact width between rolls) across the length of the press as the rolls are rotating. Dynamic nip measurement tools are the next step in the evolution of nip products and are particularly beneficial for rolls with interlock systems -- when the nip cannot be closed statically or the material on the rolls takes a set from static impressions. The new product enables the user to make adjustments and observe results in real time, accelerating the diagnostic speed of a given section of a paper machine."


Glomsten noted further, "D-Nip® is temporarily physically affixed to one of the roll surfaces. Each revolution of the rolls produces one nip reading that is transmitted via RF signal to a host laptop computer where the data is quickly displayed in a user-friendly graphical format. By virtue of sophisticated circuitry the system actually calculates the time duration the sensor is compressed at the nip point, thereby enabling very accurate and repeatable nip width derivations. Data integrity is ensured as a result of built-in redundancy within the sensor element actuators and employment of validation algorithms."


Gerard E Mayers, 

Sensor Products, Inc., 

East Hanover, NJ (USA) 

Phone: (1) 973.560.4826 


Width measurement system



Accurate Temperature and Resistance Measurement with new USB Device


Designed for accurate resistance and temperature measurement, the Microlink 752 from Biodata also offers counting and output control. Included with the Microlink is the Windmill data acquisition software suite for Windows, making the measurement device extremely easy to install and use. Should anyone need any help, Biodata provide free technical support for life.


The 752 plugs into the computer's USB port and can:

For larger applications up to 8 Microlinks can be connected to one PC.


For precise temperature measurement the Microlink reads RTDs, platinum resistance thermometers and Pt100 probes. When logging and displaying the data, the Windmill software automatically converts the readings to the user' s choice of engineering units, oC or oF for example.


When the resistance to be measured is small, the resistance in the leads to the sensors can significantly affect accuracy. However, different wiring configurations allow the lead resistance to be measured and compensated for. The Microlink 752 gives excellent results for all configurations, including 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire and, most accurately, 4 wire compensated.


The resolution of the measurements is set through software. You can choose from 12 to 18 bits: for fast speeds or high resolution. There are 4 input ranges available, or let the software automatically select the range most closely encompassing the signals.


The Windmill suite also includes data logging, charting, alarm indication, output control and DDE links to other applications like Excel.


USB devices like the Microlink 752 can be unplugged and plugged back in as required, with no need to switch off the computer or even restart Windows. Using USB hubs, the Microlink 752 can be up to 30 meters away from the computer.


Biodata Ltd. 

10 Stocks Street

Manchester, M8 8QG, UK

Phone: +44 (0)161-834 6688

Fax: +44 (0)161-833 2190

E-mail: USB@microlink.co.uk







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