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No. 2, February 2002



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Sub-Angstrom Resolution Converter for Micro Displacements

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The fundamentally new converter of micro displacements (hysteresis transducer) is built on the basis of interrupted contacts and natural quantizing effect - hysteresis of tunnel current and apparatus hysteresis. The converter is purposed for direct registration of microdisplacements and can be applied in gravitation meters, seismic meters, declination meters, deformation meters, barometers, manometers, hydrometers, thermometers, pyrometers for registration of creeping and dynamic infraprocesses in geology, seismology, meteorology, oceanography, civil engineering, technology and medicine. In addition, the converter can be applied as a component for providing of tactile sensing in Bionic prosthesis, robots and zoo-robots.


Research Group TECHRON 

48-14 Purvciema str., 

Riga, LV 1082, Republic of Latvia

Fax: (+371) 7828369

e-mail: leon.b@parks.lv

Converter model




New Low Cost Non-Contact Position Sensor


Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. announces the launch of a new low cost position sensor manufactured by UK based Gill Technology Limited. Code-named the "Blade", it is designed to provide precision position sensing by using innovative inductive technology. Able to sense arc or linear motion, it is the ideal solution for tough applications where the use of traditional sensors has proved too expensive or unreliable. The sensing system comprises of two parts, the sensor and a simple metallic activator. Uniquely, the activator can be formed as part of your application -saving even more money. Lightweight and small, the sensor is fully electronic with on-board processing providing considerable flexibility of configuration, diagnostic information and assisting in providing system fail-safe functionality. Competitively priced against industrially sealed potentiometers and Hall effect sensors, it is ideal for use in harsh environments where dust, moisture, temperature and vibration cause failure of less robust components. Easy to install and maintenance free, this easy to fit quality product has applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Engineering, Process Control and Manufacturing Industries.

Malcolm Read,

Tel.: 01256 771166, 

Fax: 01256 771616,

e-mail: sales@ixthus.co.uk

Position sensor

Portable Computing and Instrumentation Solutions Guide

This 32-page technical reference guide is stocked with information about TI's high-performance solutions for portable equipment, including amplifiers, data converters, microcontrollers, power management ICs and serial bus ICs. The guide includes system diagrams, application circuits, selection tables and much more. End-equipment areas include: Portable Computing; PDAs; Pocket PCs; Notebook PCs; Portable Instrumentation; Test equipment; Hand-held medical devices. Additionally, these application circuit articles are featured:

- Speech bandpass data acquisition system;

- Gas gauging basics using TI’s battery monitor ICs;

- Reference buffer for LCD source drivers;

- Simple design of an ultra-low-ripple DC/DC boost converter.

This guide from Texas Instruments is now available online. To download your copy, just click <here>

Portable Computing and Instrumentation Solutions Guide

Kistler Instrument Corporation to Market Applied MEMS Si-Flex Accelerometers

HOUSTON, Jan 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Input/Output, Inc. (NYSE: IO - news), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Applied MEMS, Inc. (Applied MEMS), announced that it reached a joint agreement with Kistler Instrument Corporation, USA (Kistler) to market its Si-Flexд analog MEMS accelerometers through Kistler. Applied MEMS offers the lowest-noise MEMS accelerometer that is commercially available. Kistler offers a wide range of accelerometers, force measurement and pressure measurement equipment that they market worldwide though their network of sales centers and distributors.


Jeffery C. Gannon,

Applied Mems, Inc.

An Input/Output, Inc. Company

12200 Charles E. Selecman Drive

Stafford, TX 77477-2409

Tel:281-552-3040 Fax: 281-879-2009

e-mail: Jeff_Gannon@appliedmems.com

S--Flex Accelerometer


Industrial Pressure Sensors


January 15, 2002, Depew, NY - The Pressure Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is pleased to announce a new series of industrial grade dynamic pressure sensors. The Series 121A20/30 industrial, dynamic ICP® pressure sensors are offered in a variety of full-scale ranges from 100 psi to 5000 psi and feature all-welded, stainless-steel construction and a 1/4 NPT pressure fitting (straight metric M14 thread is optional). The units contain built-in microelectronic circuitry to deliver a clean, voltage output signal. Electrical case isolation provides shielding from electromagnetic fields and eliminates ground loop problems. All units conform to CE directives. The series is available with either a 2-pin military connector or an integral, molded, submersible cable assembly. The hermetically sealed stainless steel construction protects against contamination and permits use in harsh industrial applications. The devices offer the unique ability to detect very small pressure fluctuations in the presence of high static background pressures. Typical applications include detection of dynamic pulsations, surges, water hammer, cavitations, and spikes in liquid delivery systems, paper slurry systems, pumps, and compressors.


Pressure Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc.,

Tel: +888-684-0011, Fax: 716-686-9129

e-mail: pressure@pcb.com


Industrial Pressure Sensors


New Protective Coating for Dynamic Pressure Transducers


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - January 11, 2002 - Endevco Corporation announced an exclusive gel filling for its gage and absolute pressure transducers. This gel filling, "option J", resists harsh media, and has been used for measurements of such media as water, refrigerant, and the many contaminants found during oil drilling operations. Reliable dynamic pressure measurements require the use of pressure transducers with an exposed silicon diaphragm. More often than not, metal diaphragms (and other forms of media isolation) reduce the frequency response and cause extreme distortion of fast events. Using a silicon diaphragm without an oil coupling offers the optimum frequency response, but is limited to media such as dry gas and some oils. The gel filling protects the silicon diaphragm in wetted media (5°C to 30°C) for several months while maintaining excellent transient response characteristics.

Endevco Corporation

Tel: 949.493.8181


Pressure Transducer




January 15, 2002, Depew, NY - Read and write to TEDS smart transducers using a Palm™ml05 Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The PCB Model 400A75 TEDS PDA includes a Palm ml05 with 8MB of RAM, special communication hardware that plugs into the HotSync® (serial) port, cable, and installed software to read and write to PCB IEEE P1451.4 compliant TEDS sensors. The PDA has full functionality as a standard unit plus compatibility with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensors. The unit reads the full content of the TEDS memory and displays it on the Palm's LCD display. It also provides write capability to the user accessible fields in the TEDS. TEDS are mixed mode (analog / digital) sensors that conform to the IEEE P1451.4 standard. TEDS, are self-identifying transducers that contain fields that fully describe the type, operation, and attributes of the transducer. The TEDS PDA is back by PCB's Total Customer Satisfaction guarantee.



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