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Vol. 126, No. 3, March 2011





Table of Contents



Journal's CD 2010:


Journal's CD 2010





1. Human Heat Generator for Energy Scavenging with Wearable Thermopiles,

    Vladimir Leonov, pp.1-10

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


2. Fabrication of a Highly-sensitive Acetylcholine Sensor Based on AChOx Immobilized Smart-chips,

    M. M. Rahman, pp.11-18

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3. Development of Pressure-Temperature Integrated Multifunction Sensor Using Piezo-Resistive Element,

    Palash K. Kundu, Gautam Sarkar and Chandan Dutta, pp.19-30

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4. Prototype for Managing the Wheelchair Movements by Accelerometry,

    Daniel Alves Fusco, Alexandre Balbinot, pp.31-41

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5. Design of an Automatic Path Finding Wheelchair with Intelligent Guidance System,

    Apratim Majumder, Niladri Banerjee, Shikha Nayak and B. Chakraborty, pp.42-51

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6. Design and Manufacture an Ultrasonic Dispersion System with Automatic Frequency Adjusting Property,

    Herlina Abdul Rahim, Javad Abbaszadeh Bargoshadi, Sahar Sarrafi Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.52-63

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7. A Fusion Approach to Feature Extraction by Wavelet Decomposition and Principal Component Analysis in Transient Signal Processing of SAW Odor Sensor Array,

    Prashant Singh and R. D. S. Yadava, pp.64-73

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8. Development of a Simple Traffic Sensor and System with Vehicle Classification Based on PVDF Film Element,

    D. R. Santoso, Abdurrouf, L. Nurriyah, pp.74-84

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9. Practical Investigation of an Acoustic Encoder,

    Mohammad A. Alia, Mohammad Al-Khedher, Mazouz Salahat, pp.85-91

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10.A Novel Method to Balance Inverted Pendulum by Angle Sensing Using Fuzzy Logic Supervised PID Controller,

    Sanjeev Kumar, Ashutosh K. Agarwal, Arpita Gupta, Himanshu Tripathi, Prachi Mohan Kulshrestha, pp.92-100

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11.An Integrated Expert Controller for the Oven Temperature Control System,

    Nagabhushana Katte, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, Bhaskar Pobbathi, and Parvathi Sidaraddi, pp.101-109

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12.Implementation of PID Controller in MATLAB for Real Time DC Motor Speed Control System,

    Manjunatha Reddy H. K., Immanuel J., Parvathi C. S., P. Bhaskar and L. S. Sudheer, pp.110-118

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13.Applying Time Series Analysis Model to Temperature Data in Greenhouses,

    Abdelhafid Hasni, Zouaoui Chikr-el-Mezouar, Belkacem Draoui and Thierry Boulard, pp.119-124

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14.Growth Factor Inhibiting PKC Sensor in E-coli Environment Using Classification Technique and ANN Method,

    T. K. Basak, T.Ramanujam, S. Jeybalan, Madhubala Bhatt, Deepali Garg, Richa Garg, pp.125-133

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

Sensors Web Portal









Pressure Sensors EC79 Certified for Use on Hydrogen Powered Vehicles


American Sensor Technologies, Inc. has obtained 79/2009/EC approval for two pressure ranges of its AST Model AST2000 and Model AST4000 OEM pressure sensors. The approval is a necessary European Community Directive for components and systems intended for installation on hydrogen-powered vehicles. “This approval allows AST to serve the growing market of hydrogen powered vehicles. We are the only EC79 approved sensor supplier in the world.” - Karmjit Sidhu, Vice President Business Development and AST Co-Founder ...


Karmjit S. Sidhu

American Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Tel.: (973) 448-1901



AST2000/4000 pressure sensors


Variohm EuroSensor Launch Combined Pressure/Temperature Sensor


Variohm EuroSensor has released a new combined pressure and temperature sensor as part of its competitively priced EPT pressure transducer range. The new EPTT5100, available in a 0-1000 Bar range with other pressure ranges on request, has IP66 sealing and high strength stainless steel construction with 316 grade used for maximum resilience on wetted parts. The combined sensor uses a high level ASIC output circuit and a tried and tested thin-film strain gauge pressure measuring cell that contains no silicon or oil and no internal O-rings for safe and reliable operation ...


Variohm EuroSensor Limited

Williams' Barn

Tiffield Road, Towcester

Northants, NN12 6HP

Tel.: +44 (0) 1327 351004


Pressure transducers EPTT5100



New Dual Axis Inclinometer Based on MEMS Technology


ASM Sensors Inc. has introduced a new dual axis inclinometer, PTAM5, based on MEMS-technology. This inclinometer is fitted with an extremely robust housing that has been designed for outdoor use in harsh environments. The measurement range for the single axis version is +/- 180° while the dual axis version is capable of +/- 60°. Inclinometers that are used in outdoor applications such off-highway equipment, windmills and off-shore locations must be designed to handle severe weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and tough contamination. The new tilt sensor, PTAM5, comes with a robust stainless steel housing to protect it for these adverse factors. The inclinometer is easily and securely installed with four M8 bolts ...


Nicole Manz
Marketing Manager ASM Sensors, Inc. / ASM GmbH

650W. Grand Ave., Unit 205
Elmhurst, IL 60126, USA
Tel.: 1-(630)-832 3202
Fax: 1-(630)-832 3204


Dual axis inclinometer PTAM5



Revolutionary STAINLESS STEEL ZM Series Laser Sensor


The NEW ZM Series from Optex FA Sensors provides increased durability with a SUS316L stainless steel housing and IP69K protection conforming to the IEC60529 rating system. The self-contained sensor has the ability to meet some of the most severe environmental demands such as high pressure, high temperature detergent washing, thus, reducing replacement costs where sensors frequently fail. The anti-static PPSU lens is not only scratch resistant, but also repels water and oil, making this sensor the most resilient in its class ...


Kimberly Kruse

National Marketing Coordinator

Ramco Innovations, Inc.

Tel.: 515-225-6933 x5116



ZM Series Laser Sensor



Temperature Sensors for Building Automation and HVAC Market


Tasseron Sensors and Controls Inc. with USA operations in Williamsport Pa, and headquarters in The Netherlands, enters into the Building Automation and HVAC market with their new Qwik Series™ product line of temperature sensors. Tasseron Sensors has been providing temperature sensors to the OEM market for over 20 years. Featuring a Patent Pending Qwik Connect system which eliminates wire nuts, the Qwik Series™ product line makes installations cleaner, easier and much faster. The duct sensors come in three styles ...


Tasseron Sensors Inc.

P.O. Box. 3652

2401 Reach Road

Williamsport, PA 17701

Tel.: (570) 601 1971 ext. 14, fax: (570) 601 1972


Qwik Series temperature sensors



Low Cost, Spring Loaded LVDT Offers Lower Price Point for General Purpose,
Industrial Gaging Applications without Sacrificing Performance


Pennsauken, NJ – February 24, 2011 - Macro Sensors bridges the gap between price and performance for industrial gaging with its new GPA Series Spring-Loaded Linear Position Sensors. Packaged as a low cost alternative for general purpose gaging applications, these Spring Loaded AC-operated LVDTs maintain the same quality and performance associated with Macro Sensors LVDTs but at a moderate cost ...


Eileen Otto,

Macro Sensors

7300 US Route 130 North, Pennsauken

New Jersey 07828 USA

Tel.: (856) 662-8000


GPA Series Spring-Loaded Linear Position Sensors



AC10 Air Blast Spray Cleaner Reduces Maintenance and Improves Accuracy of HYDRA Analyzers


The new AC10 Air Blast Spray Cleaner from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) reduces manual sensor cleanings, helping to maintain the superior accuracy of the HYDRA Ammonium and Nitrate Analyzers while decreasing technician time and reducing plant operating costs for water and wastewater treatment. The AC10 is an Automatic Sensor Cleaning System that decreases sensor maintenance cycles and helps maintain sensor measurement accuracy in turbid water conditions by preventing the buildup of biofilms and other soft coatings ...


Randy Brown

1681 Kettering, Irvine

CA 92614 USA

Tel.: 909-335-1941

Fax: 949-336-6064


HYDRA Analyzer



New Optical, 6-channel Incremental Encoder IC for the Electronic Commutation of Small Motors


The new optical sensors iC-LTA and the iC-PT series supply incremental and commutation signals in the smallest possible design space. They are based on a flat optoQFN that is a mere 0.9 mm thick with a ultrathin glass lid. The optimized phased array structure of the photochips means that a minimal scanning area of just 1.9 mm x 3.1 mm is enough to generate 2,500 pulses from a code disc measuring only 26 mm across, for example ...


Horst Huse


Scherangerweg 2

D-85465 Langenpreising


Tel.: +40 8762 2850, fax: +49 8762 2805


Incremental Encoder IC iC-LTA



Strain Gauge to USB Converter


Mantracourt has announced the availability of their Strain Gauge to USB Converter (DSCUSB), a compact, high performance digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications requiring high accuracy measurement. The DSCUSB converts a strain gauge sensor input to a digital USB serial output. Having been developed and applied to several specialist applications, Mantracourt's digital strain gauge technology is now available off the shelf, along with a dedicated PC based data logging software package ...


Kelly Voysey

Marketing Coordinator


Tel.: +44(0)1395 232020


Strain Gauge to USB Converter (DSCUSB)



Capacitive Sensor Signal Conditioner Benefits Battery-powered Applications


ZMD AG (ZMDI) has expanded its family of capacitive sensor signal conditioners (SSCs) with the addition of the wide-dynamic-range ZSSC3122 cLite device. Thanks to new design technology, the chip delivers 14-bit resolution and 0.25 % full-scale-output accuracy. A built-in sleep mode lowers current consumption to <1uA for temperatures up to 85 °C, making the ZSSC3122 ideal in low-power battery applications, as well as industrial and rugged environments. MEMS sensing elements, such as pressure sensors for hydraulic control systems, humidity sensors and liquid level gauges also benefit from these features ...



28 01109 Dresden,


Tel.: +49.351.8822-306

Fax: +49.351.8822-337


Capacitive Sensor Signal Conditioner ZSSC3122






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