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Vol. 144, No. 9, September 2012





Table of Contents






Research Articles

1. Research in Nanothermometry. Part 8. Summary,
    Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Bohdan Stadnyk, Yaroslav Lutsyk, Olena Basalkevych, pp.1-15
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

2. Temperature Measurement and Control Based on LabVIEW and SMS,
    D. Mercy, Ashok M., Karthick N., Rajamanickam M., pp.16-26
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

3. Theoretical Considerations of Fiber Optic Sensors for Thermal Sensing Under Low and High Temperatures Effects,
    Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, pp.27-44
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

4. Effect of Firing Temperature on the Micro Structural Parameters of Synthesized Zinc Oxide Thick Film Resistors Deposited by Screen Printing Method,
    Ratan Y. Borse, Vaishali. T. Salunke and Jalinder Ambekar, pp. 45-61
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

5. Design and Analysis of Bulk Micromachined Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometer for Concrete SHM Applications,
    S. Kavitha, R. Joseph Daniel, K.Sumangala, pp.62-75
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

6. Lumped Parameter Modeling of Absolute and Differential Micro Pressure Sensors,
    S. Meenatchisundaram, Ashwin Simha, Mukund Kumar Menon, S. M. Kulkarni and Somashekara Bhat, pp.76-91
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

7. Geometrical Amplification of SMA Actuator Displacement Using Externally Actuated Beam,
    Elwaleed Awad Khidir, Nik Abdullah Mohamed, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris, pp.92-100
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

8. High Accuracy Resolver to Digital Converter Based on Modified Angle Tracking Observer Method,
    Chandra Mohan Reddy Sivappagari, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, pp. 101-112
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

9. Development of Single Place Multiple Obstacle Avoidable System for Guarded Tele-operated Trolley, a Service Robot Using Single Ultrasonic Sensor,
    Subrata Chottopadhaya and Soumendra Nath Kundu	, pp.113-122
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

10.A Real Time Radio Frequency Field Imaging for Detection of Impurities in Liquids,
    Mohammad Mezaael, pp.123-130
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

11.Design and Simulation of a Microgripper with the Ability of Releasing Nano Particles by Vibrating End-Effectors,
     Hamed Demaghsi, Hadi Mirzajani, Ehsan Atashzaban, Habib Badri Ghavifekr, pp.131-142
     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

12.Linear Resistivity Response with Relative Humidity of Gd Doped Magnesium Ferrite,
    Jyoti Shah, Amish G. Joshi and R. K. Kotnala, pp.143-152
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

13.Quartz Crystal Microbalance DNA Based Biosensor for the Detection of Brugia malayi,
     Thongchai Kaewphinit, Somchai Santiwatanakul, Supatra Areekit and Kosum Chansiri, pp.153-160
     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

14.Recent Advance in Antibody or Hapten Immobilization Protocols of Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Pesticide Residues,
    Ying Zhu, Xia Sun, Xiangyou Wang, pp.161-181
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

15.PSoC Based Blood Coagulation Instrument for the Analysis of PT & APTT,
    Raghunathan R., Neelamegam P. and Murugananthan K., pp.182-191
    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

16.L-Asparaginase Extracted From Capsicum annum L and Development of Asparagine Biosensor for Leukemia,
     Kuldeep Kumar and Shefali Walia, pp.192-200
     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems



Sensors Web Portal









New Flowmeter for Compressed Air and Gases


The EE771, EE772 and EE776 flowmeters enable extremely precise evaluation throughout the pipe network from the compressor through to the end consumer. Even the smallest volume flows are recorded accurately, which is a prerequisite for charging consumers exactly or locating leaks. Measurements can be carried out in pipes of DN15 (1/2“) to DN300 (12“) and with an operating pressure of 16 or 40 bar. During development, special attention was paid to simple, cost-effective and, above all, safe assembly of the flowmeters. In this respect, the patented non-return protection device of the EE776 sets new standards for safety ...


Mr. Robert Mayr

E+E Elektronik GmbH

Langwiesen 7

A-4209 Engerwitzdorf, Austria

Tel: +43 7235-605-0, fax: +43 7235-605-8

E-mail: info@epluse.at

Web: http://www.epluse.com

EE771, EE772 and EE776 flowmeters



Novel TorqSense Non-contact Torque Sensors


Having for many years used one of Sensor Technology’s novel TorqSense non-contact torque sensors as an aid to product development, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, the world’s leading specialist in peristaltic pumping, has now chosen another of these versatile and dependable sensors for production-line testing of its most critical products. The TorqSense sensor was selected for this demanding application because of its ease of use and because of the reliability and accuracy that has been consistently demonstrated by the similar unit in use in the development department ... 

Fiona Braithwaite

Sensor Technology, Ltd.
Apollo Park, Ironstone Lane,
Wroxton, Banbury,
Tel.: +44 (0)1869 238400
Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401
E-mail: stlsales@sensors.co.uk

Web: http://www.sensors.co.uk

TorqSense torque sensor



Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensors


Sensing and instrumentation specialists Vydas International Marketing has released the new Massa M3 and M3is Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensors for tank level and precision distance measurement. Manufactured by Massa Products Corporation, the M3 Zigbee enabled ultrasonic sensor design provides low cost non-contact ultrasonic distance measurement primarily for remote tank liquid level monitoring. The M3 wireless ultrasonic sensor is also available with Intrinsically Safe Certification for Class 1 Division 1 (All Groups) Hazardous Locations ...


Cliff Wyatt
Swan House Passfield Business Centre
Lynchborough Road, Passfield, Hants, GU30 7SB, UK
Tel.: 44 (0)1428 751822, fax: 44 (0)1428 751833
E-mail: info@vydas.co.uk

Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor



Mantracourt Launches Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway


Instrumentation specialists Mantracourt have announced the launch of their T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway as a further addition to their acclaimed T24 wireless instrumentation range. The T24-GW1 is a gateway that provides a simple interface for users to gather data from up to 100 acquisition modules in a T24 network, using either the standard Modbus interface RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol. The T24-GW1 is already being used for process control applications in areas such as confectionary manufacturing but is also suitable for a variety of other applications including industrial processing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and automotive ...


Kelly Voysey

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mantracourt Electronics, Ltd.

The Drive, Farringdon
Exeter, Devon, EX5 2JB, UK

Tel.: +44(0)1395 232020

E-mail: marketing@mantracourt.co.uk

T24-GW1 telemetry module



16 Bit Capacitive Sensor Signal Interface IC for MEMS based Pressure Sensors


Micro Analog Systems Oy introduces MAS6512, a 16 Bit Capacitive Sensor Signal Interface IC primarily intended for MEMS based pressure sensor modules. The device uses a ratiometric AD-converter principle employing a delta-sigma conversion technique, giving very good noise performance. Its current consumption is extremely low (1.9 uA) and it can operate at low supply voltage from 1.8 V to 3.6 V which makes it an ideal solution for interfacing a capacitive sensor in power consumption critical portable applications. The resolution of the ADC is 14-bits ...


Marja Pesonen
Sales Assistant
Micro Analog Systems Oy
Kutomotie 16
00380 Helsinki, Finland
Tel.: +358 10 835 1100, fax: +358 10 835 1119
E-mail: Marja.Pesonen@mas-oy.com

16 Bit Capacitive Sensor Signal Interface IC MAS6512



Vibration Energy Harvesters Increase Update Rates on Wireless Instruments


Austin, TX – September 21, 2012 – At the ISA Automation Week in Orlando (Sept. 25 - 28), Perpetuum will show how their Vibration Energy Harvesters can eliminate the need for battery replacement even at data collection update rates faster than 5 seconds. For a long time harvesters have been recognised as the way to eliminate battery changes thus avoiding the cost, disruption and logistical challenges associated with replacing batteries in Wireless Sensor Networks. This is especially true in hazardous or remote locations where the cost of changing batteries escalates rapidly ...


Keith Abate,

Perpetuum Ltd.

Tel.: 512-280-9776

E-mail: keith.abate@perpetuum.com



SENSOR+TEST 2012 – The Measurement Fair In its 30th Year as International as Never Before:

Final Report SENSOR+TEST 2012


The SENSOR+TEST, in the 30th year of its existence, has again documented its prominent position as the internationally leading trade fair for sensor and measuring technology. The share of foreign exhibitors of one third was as high as never before. Moreover, the results of the recently published exhibitor and visitor polls confirm the continued great satisfaction of all participants. Annette Kehrer, Director of Marketing, Gantner Instruments GmbH, points out that, “Since its merger with the MeasComp, the SENSOR+TEST is the annual platform for measuring technology per se. A large number of visitors come to us with very concrete projects and a great interest in our product novelties. As in the years before, we are very satisfied with the fair” ...


Holger Bödeker,

Managing DirectorAMA Service, GmbH
Tel.: +49 5033 9639-14
Fax: +49 5033 911405
E-mail: presse@sensor-test.de



Sensors & Transducers Special Issues:



S&T Special Issue's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors and Transducers journal's cover

Multisensor Data
and Information Processing

Vol.1, August 2005

MEMS & NEMS: Devices
and Systems

Vol.2, October 2007

Modern Sensing

Vol.90, April 2008

Microsystems: Technology
and Applications
Vol.3, December 2008
Robotics and Sensors Environments: Special Issue, March 2009 Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover

Robotics and Sensors

Vol.5, March 2009

Modern Sensing
Technologies II

Vol. 6, August 2009

MEMS: from Micro Devices to Wireless Systems

Vol. 7, October 2009

Intelligent Data Acquisition
and Smart Sensors Systems

Vol.8, February 2010

Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Special issue of S&T, February 2011 Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Special_Issue_October_2011.htm

Modern Sensing

Technologies III

Vol. 9, December 2010

Sensor Device Technologies
and Applications

Vol.10, February 2011

Devices and Technologies

Vol.11, April 2011

Nanomaterials & their Composites:
from Fabrication to Applications

Vol.12, October 2011

Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover
MEMS & NEMS: Design, Fabrication and Applications,

Vol. 13, December 2011

Physical and Chemical Sensors
& Wireless Sensor Networks

Vol.14-1, March 2012 (SENSORDEVICES+CENICS)

 Physical and Chemical Sensors & Wireless Sensor Networks

Vol.14-2, March 2012 (SENSORCOMM)

MEMS & NEMS Sensors

Vol.15, October 2012

NanoTech,18-21 June 2012, Santa Clara, California, USA





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