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Vol. 45, Issue 7, July 2004, pp. 278-279




International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Supports

 IEEE 1451 Standardization Process




IFSA President, Bandera str., 12, 79013, Lviv, UA

E-mail: ifsa@list.ru



Last years International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) becomes a foothold of international effective cooperation, covering all sensors related area of science, research and development. A standardization process is very important in its activity. We have been covering and disseminating information about IEEE 1451 family of standards (Smart Transducer Interface Standards for Sensors and Actuators) and TEDS sensors near five years (see lists of articles [1, 2]).


IFSA is not aimed at any specific smart sensors technology, even though our members may have their professional or personal preferences. Specific target IFSA aims are to help users understand smart sensors and transducers capabilities based on application areas; improve user confidence and access to solutions; enlarge the entire market; and, in particular, focus on the end user. While IFSA’s members are aware of the variety conversion and processing methods for sensor information, its goal concerning the usage both technological and structural-algorithmic methods for metrological performance improving of smart sensor systems within the industrial area is to represent the end user.

IFSA’s sensors web portal has been up-dated and includes now web pages about all approved and proposed standards from the IEEE 1451 family. Here is a good collection of useful links to full pages articles, papers, references, web resources, official web sites of working groups, etc. [3-10]. Some month ago TEDS sensors section and list of TEDS sensors manufacturers have been started at sensors web portal [11, 12].


Main standardization processes in the sensor world going well (for example, wireless communications and sensors networks), but of course, it is not an easy process. If a standard does not take into account different possible sensors outputs and programmable abilities for self-adopted smart sensors, it should be died even will be approved at first.


Keywords: IEEE 1451 standard, smart transducer interface standards for sensors and actuators, TEDS sensors


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