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Vol. 102, Issue 3, March 2008, pp. I-II




Smart Sensor Systems: Book Review


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Published by John Wiley and Sons, Smart Sensor Systems (edited by Gerard C.M. Meijer) is intended as a reference for designers and users of various smart sensors and sensor systems. This book is based on material presented in the annual EuroTraining Quality Labelled Approved engineering multidisciplinary course of the same name that is given at Delft University of Technology since 1995.


Smart sensors and sensor systems are being used widely in industries, including automotive, medical, industrial, entertainment, security, and defense due to increased usage of process controls and sensing elements in different sectors. According to analytics from the Global Industry Analysts Inc., Europe represents the largest and fastest growing smart sensors market and is projected to reach US $2.1 billion by 2010, while the global smart sensors market will reach US $7.8 billion by 2015. The past few decades have witnessed an explosive growth in sensors and sensor-based applications, which has led to a greater demand for sensor interfacing integrated circuits. Strong growth expected for sensors based on MEMS-technologies, intelligent sensors and sensors with bus capabilities.


Writing by really stellar internationally-recognized team of experts as Johan H. Huijsing, Gerard C.M. Meijer, Paddy J. French, Reinound F. Wolffenbuttel, Michael J. Vellekoop, Radivoje S. Popović, Sergey Y. Yurish and others, the new published book Smart Sensor Systems provides the reader with a deep understanding of the basic principles and concepts of advanced sensor systems starting from main definitions of sensors, smart sensors and integrated smart sensors to handling them all information necessary to develop smart sensor systems (including self-adaptive sensor systems), interface electronics and powerful measurement techniques for such systems. The book provides excellent information about many types of silicon sensors, optical sensors, physical chemosensors, thermal sensors, temperature sensors, capacitive sensors, Hall magnetic sensors as well as universal sensor interfaces, data acquisition for frequency- and time domain sensors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors, A-D converters and universal frequency-to-digital converters for smart sensor systems.


Each of twelve well-illustrated chapters is followed by dozens carefully selected useful references as books, papers, articles, reviews and online reliable Internet sources. Undoubtedly, that the book is useful as a source of references. There are also numerous case studies and problems set at the end of each chapter to test and develop obtained knowledge. Solutions for all problems can be found at the book’s web site: www.wiley.com/go/meijer_smart


Who should read this book ? Smart Sensor Systems will greatly benefit undergraduate and postgraduate students and professors in the any sensors and measurements related areas. Engineers and researchers in the microelectronics industry, including microsystem developers, will also find this a thorough and useful volume. For beginners it is a good introduction to the world of smart sensors. For advanced readers it is a good and extensive handbook with application examples and help. Smart Sensor Systems is one of the titles that everybody, who are working or going to be involved into the modern sensors design, must have on their book shelves.


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