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Vol. 121, Issue 10, October 2010, pp. I-II




Computational Sensor Network: Book Review


Sergey Y. Yurish

International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA)

Tel.: +34 696067716, fax: +34 93 401 19 89

E-mail: ifsa@sensorsportal.com




Sensors Based on Nanostructured Materials book's cover

Sensors networks have received increasing attention over the last ten-year period.


Published by Springer, Computational Sensor Network 228-page book proposes a model-based approach to the design and implementation of Computational Sensor Networks. Author, Thomas C. Henderson, considers Computational Sensor Networks as a unique methodology to exploit models of physical phenomena in order to better understand the structure of the sensor network. As examples, the author describes the use of the heat equation to solve the sensor localization problem, and the sensor bias problem. Such high-level paradigm for the development and application of sensor device networks provides a strong scientific computing foundation, as well as the basis for robust software engineering practices. Simulation and physical experiments are also described in the book.


Building upon a model-based approach the book discusses computational modeling of sensor networks and covers real-time computational mapping that allows for modification of system parameters according to real-time performance measures.


Drawing upon years of theoretical development and practical experience, and using numerous examples and illustrative applications, the author covers the sensor network as a computational science tool.


The book provides excellent guideposts to the future of sensors networks as well as an exposition of the state-of-the-art in computational sensor networks.


Nine well-illustrated chapters of the book is followed by 171 carefully selected useful references as books, papers, articles, reviews and online reliable Internet sources.


Who should read this book ? Computational Sensor Network is a must have book and will greatly benefit sensor network application engineers, computer engineers, computer scientists and those involved in the development, design and building of sensor networks in an industrial, research and an academic environment.


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