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Title: Sensors & Transducers

Format: Journal (print and pdf-format)

ISSN: 2306-8515

e-ISSN: 1726-5479

Publisher: IFSA Publishing, S.L.

Periodicity: 12 issues/12 months + special/thematic issues

Language: English

Addition Special Issues: Yes

Circulation: 170,000+

Published since: October 2000

Geographical Area: Worldwide

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Sensors & Transducers journal description:


Format: Journal; Publisher: International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing, S.L., e-ISSN 1726-5479, ISSN: 2306-8515


Peer reviewed, monthly international journal devoted to research, development and application of sensors and transducers and provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of physical, chemical sensors and biosensors. It publishes reviews, regular research and application specific papers and short notes. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Physical, chemical and biosensors

  • Digital, frequency, period, duty-cycle, time interval, PWM, pulse number output sensors and transducers

  • Theory, principles, effects, design, standardization and modelling

  • Smart sensors and intelligent sensor systems

  • IEEE 1451 standard for smart transducer interface; standardization process and applications

  • Sensor instrumentation

  • Virtual instruments

  • Sensors interfaces, buses and networks

  • Signal processing

  • Frequency (period, duty-cycle)-to-digital converters, ADCs

  • Technologies and materials

  • Nanosensors

  • Microsystems (MEMS, NEMS, System-on-Chip, System-in-Packege)

  • Applications


Editorial board includes 322 members and 9 editors from 47 countries.




Prof. Sergey Y. Yurish


Tel.: +34 696067716 (Europe)

E-mail:  editor@sensorsportal.com

Web:    http://www.sensorsportal.com








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