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Vol. 99, Issue 12, December 2008, pp.102-108





Wireless Pressure Sensor Using Non-contact Differential Variable Reluctance Transducer


K. Prabakar, Usharani Ravi and J. Jayapandian

Materials Science Division, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research,

Kalpakkam 603 102, Tamil Nadu, India

E-mail: jjp@igcar.gov.in



Received: 6 October 2008   /Accepted: 22 December 2008   /Published: 30 December 2008


Abstract: A diaphragm based wireless pressure sensor using a non-contact differential variable reluctance transducer (NC-DVRT) is developed. A NC-DVRT senses the micro displacements of a diaphragm and operates by detecting the change in reluctance of a sense coil with respect to a compensation coil, when brought in close proximity to a highly conductive material. In the present work, a stainless steel (SS) diaphragm was used as a pressure port and a commercial NC-DVRT was fixed behind it at a distance of 140 μm. Output of the NC-DVRT was digitized using PSoC microcontroller and was transmitted using a wireless RF module. The developed pressure sensor can measure the positional movement of the SS diaphragm in both the directions with an accuracy of 2 μm corresponding to a pressure of 0.1 bar and communicate to a remote PC.


Keywords: Wireless pressure sensor, NC-DVRT, PSoC microcontroller


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