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Vol. 46, Issue 8, August 2004, pp. 285-295




Selection of the Most Efficient Sensors for Methanol Detectionin

in Fake Alcohol




School of Biological and Environmental Engineering,

Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, China

*Phone: +86-0511-8780174 *E-mail: zou_xiaobo@ujs.edu.cn



Received: 26 July 2004  /Accepted: 16 August 2004  /Published: 20 August 2004


Abstract: High concentration ethanol was always found in adulteration fake alcohol. And almost all tin oxide gas sensors are high sensitive not only to methanol but also to ethanol. Furthermore, high concentration of ethanol in wine is very easy to saturate sensor responses and mask the response to other aroma compounds. In order to optimize the system cost, speed and reliability and then to select the best sensors suitable for this application, a method called organization feature parameter based on formulae expression tree by using genetic algorithms has been proposed in this paper. It could solve the problem how to getting optimum sensors, and make the genetic algorithm more convenient and straight Three optimum gas sensors were selected, and combination the three sensors feature parameters by the new method could distinguish different fake alcohol samples.


Keywords: Gas sensor array; feature parameters; genetic algorithm; methanol; fake alcohol


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