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Vol. 58, Issue 8, August 2005, pp. 352-359




Practical Circuits and Interface Techniques for MEMS Accelerometers

 with Quasi-Digital Output


Sergey Y. Yurish


Institute of Computer Sciences and Technologies, National University Lviv Polytechnic

Bandera str., 12, 79013 Lviv, UA

Phone: +380502280003, fax: +380 32 2971641

E-mail: syurish@mail.lviv.ua


Received: 21 July 2005 /   Accepted: 12 July 2005Published: 17 July 2005


Abstract: The application specific paper describes a practical circuits and interface techniques for quasi-digital MEMS accelerometers. This design approach is based on the Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1) working well with any frequency-time domain sensors. Such design approach lets significantly simplify the design process, reduce time-to-market and production price and produce data acquisition and sensor systems with high metrological performances. Practical examples of direct interfacing of quasi-digital accelerometers to the UFDC-1 are given.


Keywords: universal frequency-to-digital converter, quasi-digital output, MEMS accelerometers, PWM, duty-cycle, UFDC-1.


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